Later Light Yagami would wonder why he did it. He would wonder why he had followed L so quietly and compliantly. Why he had been so inclined to be obedient. Why everything had been as it was down there, so strange and unusual when upon his return to the fresh crisp day everything was so familiarly real. He had walked home silently, his usual route, and everything was normal. It was all as just as he had known during his eighteen years upon this earth. He had arrived home and greeted his mother and sister, unbuttoning his coat and hanging it up, smiling at his family and then going up to his room. The third step creaked in a way he was so accustomed to and he could feel the wood banisters so coarse and real underneath his fingers. His hands were steady, his movements perfect.

He entered his room and with a soft click locked the door behind him. Then, carefully, he unwound his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. With everything unfastened he let his clothes fall to the floor. Then he had stood naked in front of his mirror, turning round to examine the harsh red marks that were imprinted upon his skin. As he traced the lines that the detective had made he had wondered, again and again, why he had done it.

A mute understanding was there though, somewhere beneath the layers that made up this brilliant academic young man. The detective's words were all true.

When L had requested that he remain in the building his thoughts and reasons for accepting had been so controlled, so meticulous, so tight and cruel. Kira had constructed a thousand logical forecasts and theories about the invitation. He would never have declined it. He had to be there, he had to know what L would do, what he wanted. He had to be in control. He had to hold all the strings.

As L had lead him down and down and down into the dark and dense basement levels of the building he had become less certain. The usually rapid pace of his mind had slowly stalled. His thoughts became heavy and unresponsive as the time passed and he continued to descend. Then his sight came to fail him entirely, the darkness was so absolute. He perceived nothing anymore. There was nothing to consider, nothing to know, nothing to analyse.

There was only darkness and the steps under his feet as he walked on and on…

He couldn't be seen either, he was becoming invisible. His identity hinged so terribly on his appearance; Light Yagami was disconcerted by the power of the darkness. He felt that he was becoming nothing but a severed spirit. He was floating on the air. He had lost all perception of up and down, right and left. He was suspended. He was gone.

He couldn't see L either but L was there, right there, by him. He could feel his presence, just a hand's breadth away.

Then he felt warm pressure on his back, the sensation of that small gap being breached. L was touching him, pressing down upon his spine. They both were still; their progress had come to a halt. The steps were gone and Light felt that they were in an abyss, just the two of them.

'Can you feel my hands on your back, Light?' L's voice murmured, right up against the back of the young man's neck, 'please answer just yes or no.'

'Yes,' Light replied. He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck standing up and he was frozen, anticipating the next words from the detective.

'Good,' L said quietly, 'now do not speak unless I tell you. There must be no words here. Do you understand? Reply yes or no.'

'Yes,' Light replied once more while his brain had shuddered.

'There is no Investigation here, Light. There is no Kira, no L. What happens here is separate from everything. Suspend all thought of the outside world and external influences.'

L pressed his hands down further into the small of Light's back, finding the young man's most vulnerable pressure points.

'When you leave here we shall not speak of this but it should be on your mind. I want you to think about what happened here all the time, for it to be a factor that underpins every thought you have. It should run through your brain but never appear upon your face, never pass from your lips. It does not belong to the world. It is something that only you and I should know. A secret.'

There followed a silence. L's hands went up to Light's hair, his fingers ran up and down over the fair, neat strands, in a strange caress. Light wondered, numbly, whether the man meant to intimidate him psychologically and what form of torture might transpire, in time.

'Don't wonder, don't think,' L murmured in a low hiss, 'don't speculate. Don't calculate. You are mine now, Light. You are mine.' The words were whispered quietly right into Light's ear, and repeated many times.

'You are mine Light Yagami,' he told him whilst his fingers stroked at his neck.

L drew away leaving Light alone for a few moments. The isolation was suffocating. Light stood still, however, in silence. He waited, dumbly, until the darkness slowly began to retreat. L had turned a dial and he was bringing the light up.

Light saw a dull grey wall just before him, gradually becoming illuminated. Up against the wall there was a mass of iron chains, manacles hanging down and a thick leather harness. The straps and buckles were entangled in the metal chains and the combined mass met the sterile grey floor in an ugly knot.

Light's nerves pricked in a tight, blistering wave of shock and alarm.

'Turn around Light,' came L's voice from behind him once more. The other man's hand wrapped around his arm and pulled forcefully. Light stood motionless, only his shoulder jerked by the force upon him.

'You will look at me Light,' L demanded, 'You are free here but you will look upon it wide-eyed and know it. Turn around.'

The grip upon Light's arm tightened, pulling at the tightly-packed muscles and tendons. Light's body complied and he was twisted round to stare into the clear black eyes of the young detective. The man's features both contrasted with and blended into the shadows. He stood staring straight into the younger man's wide eyes, an eerie look upon his face. He stared, silently, for a few moments then reached out to carefully unbutton Light's shirt.

'Raise your arms,' he told him. Light complied and slowly he found himself being stripped bare. In a matter of moments he stood in the cold gloom of the basement room completely naked.

Then L turned him round again once more and pushed him hard down upon the cold stone floor.

'Kneel,' he told him. Light pushed his knees forward until they were pressed right up against the wall. L's hand continued to push right down, the knuckles hard at the small of his back, forcing him right down until he could go no further.

He breathed hard against the rough surface before him, his forehead pressed right up against the wall, his muscles all buckled. The breaths coming from him rattled in his throat and condensed wetly on the cold metal chains that hung down against his cheek.

He felt L grasp his wrists then pull them up and tighten metal cuffs about them, bringing them into place with a sharp click. He attached no less than four chains to each of Light's arms until Light was strung up entirely; wrapped in cold, bitter iron.

Then Light felt the rough leather straps of the harness being tightened around his thighs and abdomen. When all the lengths were tightened, all locks in place, all fastenings buckled, Light hung completely suspended, leaning toward the wall, his calves smoothly pressed against the floor.

'You are by no means a simple person Light,' L said quietly behind him, his voice low and distorted by the dimensions of the dimly-lit chamber, 'but you are actually quite a distinctive personality type, one that is easy to profile. You possess a high intellect, cultivate an immaculate appearance and, most importantly, you have a pathological need for control.'

Light breathed deeply, letting the word wash over his brain in a smooth, easy stream of communication. In his position strung up against the wall he had already consented to bearing silent witness; to being a compliant victim in whatever game L was currently playing.

'However,' L continued, smoothly, 'It is that desire for absolute control that consumes you, that corrupts you. Your mind runs in an excessive manner, analysing everything. You may not realise yet such a thing is damaging for your psyche – the strain is far too much to bear…'

There was a strange, swift noise as L handled something in the darkness beyond Light, where he could not see.

'What you truly need,' L told him, his voice now lowered to a whisper, 'what would really soothe and calm your senses is for you to relinquish all control.'

The swift noise slid through the air once more, 'what you truly desire, down in your subconscious, is to be dominated, to lay yourself in the complete and utter hold of another. It would make your world become still, it would make you…safe.'

Then there was a silence in the chamber before there was a sound of the unseen instrument sliced through the air again - and then Light felt the hard and sudden sting as the whip smacked against the smooth skin of his back.

Light gasped. He recoiled from the point of injury as he felt the tingling pain disperse through his nerves and then fade almost completely to only a slight warmth. He felt his body relax once more only to receive another blow that pushed him forward once more with another swift exultation of breath and flexing of muscles.

The whip that L was using was sharp and coarse but it did not inflict a vast amount of pain, only in the first instance in which Light felt it slice across his skin did it bring all the nerves up in raw retaliation. After that the pain always dispersed quickly and then there was only a hot tingling in the skin.

L always waited for Light's body to respond after each blow, for him to arch his back and clench all his muscles. He paused to regard the reaction in the flesh, to hear Light gasp, and then waited for the pain to settle before throwing forth another blow, and then another. The whip whistled in the air as he lashed forward with force.

The force increased gradually, escalating the rhythm. L paused again while Light leant forward, trying to catch his breath and panting against the wall. The pain continued to throb through his body, violently.

'You can't fake this you see,' L said softly, 'you can't hide it and you can't avoid it. The body's reactions are beyond your control. Everything is beyond your control. You are in my power entirely and I shall deal with you well.'

Then he lashed again and the series of blows began again, this time delivered far more powerfully than before.

Still, the pain was not so terrible. He felt every hit acutely, that was true, he felt it perfectly, but it didn't cause him distress. His back felt like it was burning and he liked to feel every little tingle, all the little needles of shock along his muscles.

He liked the brief moments of quiet when all he could hear was his own breathing and the tightening of chains and he knew that L was there, standing to one side looking at him in silence. Then he liked to hear the sound of the air parting around the whip as L threw it back once more and down upon his bare flesh.

With the next lashings Light caught a rough groan in his throat and gritted his teeth as true and deep waves of pain washed over him. He moaned as he felt his back become wet with blood and knew that his skin had been cut right down deep. It was then that L stopped.

He heard L withdraw, his bare feet brushing against the stone floor as he moved, and he knew that it was over. He knelt forward in the darkness, his face against the wall, holding back a tight whimper in the back of his throat. He could feel his eyes watering, the tears marking his face.

He felt L kneeling down beside him then, setting something else down upon the stone floor before beginning to undo the restraints. The chains clinked and Light slid down, his arms released. L carefully undid all the remaining clasps and buckles and then Light felt the other man's hands at his side pulling him back. Light let L guide his weight until he was seated awkwardly upon the floor, away from the wall of chains.

Then there was the sound of water splashing slightly and L pressed a wet cloth to Light's back. He proceeded to clean the wounds thoroughly and then dried the tender skin. Light sat still and let him do all that he needed to.

Then L pulled Light up off of the floor, bringing him up to face him. He dressed the young man carefully, addressing his whole attention to each piece of clothing until he was tightening the younger man's tie into the perfect shape that he usually adopted. He did up every button, folded every cuff and ran his hands over the smooth material.

Straightening Light's collar he addressed him, in hushed tones.

'You're perfect Light,' he whispered and moved his fingers to smooth down one stray strand of hair, 'you're the neat and brilliant young man you always were. Everything is as it was again.'

'But,' L continued, tilting his head to lean in and speak right into Light's ear, 'I want you to remember this place and what I have done. I want you to remember that I stripped you to the core and that you were raw and chained. I want you to remember this dark place that is a part of you now. It is a memory that you cannot remove, not ever. I want you to remember this Light, all the time while you force down every little detail, as you live so meticulously…'

His voice was a low whisper that spoke straight into the cells of Light's brain, and he leant in even closer to speak his final words, his lips touching the skin of Light's ear.

'You're my bitch, Light.'

He drew away to regard the young man and then added softly, 'say it.' Only a brief silence elapsed before Light responded.

'I'm your bitch.'