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To: The Faithful of Altman

The time has come. The prophet is about to awaken. Our destiny is at hand. The arks made by your hands shall now bear you to the holy land. Go forth now, and prepare for the future.

From: High Abbot Cargland

* * * * *

Audio Link Online

Director: You better have a damn fine explanation for all of this.

Marks: Ah, so you noticed.

Director: Military movement is hard to cover up these day. Now explain.

Marks: Its Issac. I did a double check on the blood and DNA scans. Its the necro virus. Only its a sub strain only the hive mind could snynthesise. It overwrites the bodies functions steadily over time, as the person is still alive!

Director: Good god.

Marks: Gets worse, checked brain scans. Somethings taking over his mind and I have no clue what it is.

Director: Worse and worse. We just transferred the next piece of project EDEN over to area 97.

Marks: Thats where Issac's being held!

Director: Exactly! I am authorizing anything up to a class-2 military or black ops action. Get this under control!

Sturnn: Sir.

Marks: General, whats going on?

Sturnn: This. (Link)

Marks: ...

Director: ...

Marks: We have a code Black Omega Wildfire.

* * * *

Recording active

(Issac is strapped to an operating table, shaking violently as doctors work about him.)

Doctor: Terrazine, 35 ccs.

Nurse: No effect.

Doctor 2: Hes dead!

Doctor: Hes still moving, prep crash cart!

Nurse: Ready!

Doctor: Charge 200!

Nurse: Charged 200.

Doctor: Clear!

(Issac jerks suddenly and a spike grows out of his right hand.)

Doctor 2: What the?

(Issac breaks free of the restraints and lunges at Doctor 1)

Doctor 1: (Screams)

Nurse: Security!

(Issac rips Nurse's head off and knocks recorder away)

Recording terminated

* * * *

Marks: ...

Director: ...

Sturnn: ...

Marks: ....Sturnn.

Sturnn: Yes Sir?

Marks: Signal every ship in the quadrant. Make a quarantine blockade over Area 97. I need military, marine, and HAZMAT forces on that Area. As many as you can.

Sturnn: Yes Sir.

Director: May god save our souls.

* * * *

Last transmission from Area 97 prior to military blackout

???: Its the beginning of the end for you all. Your sins shall be punished. Your misdeeds shall be put right. Your creations are now loose. Your works are your undoing. You have damned your race to oblivion by your own selfish acts of corruption. Prepare for the Unbeginning.

* * * * * * * * *

The series will be continued in Dead Space: Consequences