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Maka couldn't sleep.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't. She was way too nervous, and way too worried to sleep.


It was the middle of the night, and Soul hadn't come home yet.

They were both nineteen now, so it wouldn't be odd if he'd gone out with a girl, but this late? Did he get into a fight? Did something… bad happen to him?

Maka knew she was probably just being paranoid, but she couldn't help but care for someone she'd known for over five years.

With a shaky sigh, Maka looked out of her bedroom window, in hopes that Soul would be there, despite the very unlikely odds. The streetlights were on, but nothing moved. The cool night air was still. The single tree that grew desperately through the pavement across to street did not even ruffle its leaves. It was almost as if time itself had stopped.

That was, until a figure started making its way down the road. With a breath of relief, Maka watched as the white-haired figure strode towards the house. Soul, no doubt.

But… there was something odd about him. Even from her window, she could tell something was wrong.

She could see, when he walked under the streetlight, that his eyes were wide and darted frantically. His fists clenched and unclenched rapidly, and his walk seemed… uneven.

The biggest thing she noticed, though… was that she could see him shaking even without the streetlight. There was definitely something wrong.

As he stepped in front of the house and clicked the door open, Maka hid herself under her covers, closing her eyes as if she was asleep. She could hear footsteps walking up the stairs, and for some reason, her heart started to race.

"Maka?" Soul's cracked voice whispered from her bedroom door. Her eyes squinted open to see him standing at the door, his hand still resting on the knob. She yawned quietly to show that she was awake, and immediately, he was at her side. She stared up at him with a worried expression, though she doubted he could see it.

"Soul…? Did you just get back?" she breathed, trying to act surprised. The room was silent for a moment.

"Y-ya. I was… out, and lost track of time." He replied with a stutter.

"Oh…" Again, it was silent. Nothing was heard but their steady breathing. As Maka's eyes adjusted to the dark, she froze. Soul's eyes…

She could tell he was trying to hide it, but she could see through it anyway. His eyes were filled with something she hadn't seen in a long time. Was it…


"Soul, what's wrong?" she blurted out. His eyes opened wider, and he looked away for a second before making eye contact again. That's when he did something Maka wasn't expecting.

He placed his hand on her cheek, and he forced a smile. "Nothing's wrong, stupid. You're tired, ne?" he chuckled lightly. Maka furrowed her eyebrows into a concerned look. She saw him bite his lip and look away again. She felt his hand slipping from her face, and on instinct, she grabbed it, pressing it closer to her cheek. He looked back at her.

"Soul…" Maka mumbled, giving him a hurt expression. They stayed like that for a few moments before Soul let out a deep sigh. He looked away, slipping his hand out of hers and walking to the door. He looked back at her from the doorframe, and with the light from the hallway, his face was easier to see. Maka's breath caught in her throat.

"Good night, Maka." And the door shut behind him, leaving Maka with an expression close to horror. That last look… it was full of… agony. Regret, sorrow…

There was definitely something wrong, and Soul was hiding it. Would he tell her in the morning, or was he hiding it from her to protect her? She didn't know if she wanted to know or not.

Her mind was spinning with worry and concern. She lay her head down, knowing she wouldn't get any sleep for at least a couple hours.

As time passed, Maka could hear rustling coming from outside her door. Soul was awake and moving, but she didn't want to see what was happening. Her eyes were still rather droopy, despite her racing thoughts.. Every hour felt like ten minutes, and by the time her mind had processed half an hour, it was three in the morning.

She was on the very verge of falling asleep when Soul creaked her door open again. The light shone into her room for a few minutes while he stood there. Her fading senses picked up a sigh and something that Soul mumbled, but her brain could not process the mumble into words.

Little did she know that those words were a warning of what would happen in the morning.


---Miss You---

Maka stifled a yawn as she woke up, rubbing her eye as she turned to look at her clock. The numbers displayed 9:00, but it felt like six in the morning. She pondered about why she felt so tired before the memories of last night poured into her head.

Her brain was finally able to process those last two words, and her eyes widened with fear.


Before her mind could think, her body was already moving, whipping the covers off of on top of her and rushing out of her room. Every second felt like minutes as adrenaline rushed through her mind and legs, guiding her to Soul's room, which felt like miles, not a hallway, away from hers. This couldn't be true, could it? Maybe she misunderstood what he said. Maybe he'd just said goodnight again. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

"Soul!" she screamed through the house as she bashed through his bedroom door. And then the adrenaline stopped. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Her hands covered her mouth as she fell to the floor, muffling the sobs and gasps that escaped her mouth. She could feel tears welling up at the sides of her eyes, but she didn't wipe them away. They spilled over and covered her cheeks as she leaned against the doorframe. "Soul…" she cried.

His room was completely empty except for the bed and desk on the other side of the room. Nothing was scattered on the floor or hung from the walls anymore.

Everything that belonged to Soul was gone.

Soul was gone.


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