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Maka sat frozen where she was, staring down at the floor with horror-stricken eyes.

"With his bare hands."

She hadn't even noticed Black Star walk out. All she knew was that when she looked up, he was gone, the door still open from when he'd left.

Was this all true? Had Soul actually killed Kiro for those reasons? Had he really lost control of himself? Had Kiro… really said those things…?

She could never imagine in her life that he would. Ever since they'd started dating, Kiro had been the nicest person she'd ever met. Next to Tsubaki, anyway. He'd always wait for her to meet up with him, even if she was an hour late; he'd always laugh at her jokes, even if they weren't funny; he'd never once tried to kiss her first.

Now this?

Maka's hands cupped her face as she tried to hold back the tears that threatened to roll down her cheeks. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know who to believe. She didn't know what to think. She shook her head and took in a deep breath as she looked up at the ceiling.

She had to control herself, keep her emotions in check. For tomorrow, at least.

Kiro's funeral was tomorrow.

---Miss You---

Maka sat in the front row of seats quietly as the service went on. Her hands were folded together on her lap with her head bowed down. Tears were not flowing down her cheeks. Neither was she listening. She simply sat there, letting the sorrowful event drone on as her own conflict whizzed through her mind.

A booming voice snapped her out of her thoughts. She looked up to see the priest standing at the front, coughing and mumbling under his breath. He scanned over the crowd for a few moments before he sighed.

"If anyone would like to say their last words, please, say them now." And he walked off to the side, leaving the crowd quiet for a moment.

Kiro's stepmother stood up, walking to the front to recite her eulogy. Maka watched as each person stood, one after the other, to give their speech, still paying little attention to what everyone was saying. She caught little words here and there. Words that traveled through her like a jolt.





'… Loved.'

Maka couldn't tell if they were jolts of sadness or of agreement. She didn't know what side her heart was on anymore.

She looked up after noticing that the service had gone quiet. No one was standing up to speak, and no one had left. With surprise, she realized that her legs were moving on their own, standing up and moving to the front of the crowd without her mind's direction.

She turned and immediately ducked her head. Everyone's gaze was set on her, from weeping old women to impatient toddlers. They were all waiting. Expectant. Maka cleared her throat and began.

" I-I haven't known Kiro as long as most of you have," her dry voice mumbled, "but I can say from my experience that… he was a good man. From what I've learned, you could have spoken to him for five minutes, and it would have felt like you'd known him all your life. He wasn't afraid of telling you about himself. He wasn't afraid of showing you who he… truly was.

"He wasn't afraid of… protecting those he cared for…" Maka found herself staring blankly at the floor as she spoke, not thinking about the words that poured out of her mouth. ""He'd tease you… and then feel guilty after a while, and you couldn't help but forgive him. He'd act happy around you… even if it were obvious that something was wrong…" She didn't feel the tears that started dripping down her cheeks, or notice the fact that her hands were starting to shake. The crowd in front of her started murmuring in confusion.

"He'd pretend… he didn't care about you, but then… at that last second… he'd protect you.

"He'd… die for you. And… it's just now… that I realize… how much he cared… Just now that I realize… how much I miss him… how much I want him by my side again… How much…

I love him."

She looked up at the silenced crowd…

And she realized who she'd been talking about.

---Miss You---

Maka's heart pounded quickly against her chest as she ran through the streets in her funeral dress, not caring about the looks people gave her when they realized she was crying.

She couldn't believe what she'd just said. She couldn't believe what she'd just admitted to herself. She couldn't believe that she'd just realized it at a funeral.

Her body collapsed at the end of an alleyway as her realization sank in even more. She gasped and sobbed, tears streaking down her face and soaking into the glove covering the hand that she placed over her mouth. She waited there for at least ten minutes, but her heart still throbbed, the sound echoing through her head.

All this time, Maka had wondered what this feeling was; this feeling that haunted her for so many years. She didn't know what it was, but it hurt her. Hurt her to the point that she'd get tears in her eyes when no one was around. That feeling had gone away when she'd started dating Kiro. She'd been so happy with him, she couldn't bear to leave him.

Now that he was gone, the feeling was back. Only this time, it was worse.

A small ringing sound snapped Maka out of her agonizing state. With shaky hands, she took out her cell phone from the small handbag she had around her shoulder, snapping the screen open and staring at the message.

It was noon.

She found her fingers moving on their own, as if they'd memorized the number themselves. The phone shook violently in her hands as she raised it to her ear, her grip tightening on it in her poor attempt to stop. He told her not to call. She doubted he'd pick up. But here she was, calling him anyway. Calling him with the little hope she had left.

And then the ringing stopped.

Nothing was heard from the other line except for that familiar humming sound. Maka's breathing had stopped, along with her shaking and her crying. It was completely silent. Then she broke the silence.

"I forgive you." She whispered ever so quietly. She new he was there, and that he'd heard it. She'd heard him exhale the slightest amount of breath, as if in shock. Or confusion. The tears had started once again, and she found herself trying to wipe them away as small whimpers escaped her mouth.

"I know everything, and I forgive you!" Maka whispered again. She found herself holding the phone with both hands now. "I-I don't care that you killed someone. I don't care that he was my boyfriend. I-I know I sound cruel, b-but… it hurts more when I think of you than it does when I think of Kiro." She paused to take in a shaky breath, holding her hand over her heart as she did. He didn't reply. "Please, just, come back. I don't want to feel this pain anymore. Please…" her sobs were louder now.

"I-I miss you… I…" The humming from the other end stopped. He'd hung up.

"… Love you…"

Maka didn't move. She simply sat there, the phone still at her ear, her hand still over her heart.

She loved him. So much that she'd never been able to comprehend the emotion she'd been feeling this whole time. She wanted him back. She wanted to see him again. She wanted to see that ridiculous grin of his that always made her smile. She wanted to hear that voice that always made her feel warm. She wanted his arms around her when she needed comforting. She wanted him.

She loved him.

Maka was running again. Not away from something, but towards. She was determined now. She wasn't going to just sit around and wait for something to happen.

She needed to find him.

Find him before anyone else did.

---Miss You---

"Excuse me, do you have any information on a Soul Eater Evans, possibly?"

The woman at the counter stared at her with a puzzled expression, as did all of the people around her. She was still in her funeral clothing, and the faint eyeliner she'd put on had started to run down her face. Clearly not a normal sight.

"I'm sorry, but… all passenger information is classified. Unless you're family…?" The woman questioned, raising an eyebrow. Maka opened her mouth to speak, but it closed before she could say anything. The woman waited for her to answer.

"N-No, but…"

"Then that information is classified. Next!" The woman hissed, looking behind Maka at the line accumulating behind her. Her eye twitched.

"Do you know who my father is…?" Maka threatened through gritted teeth. The woman looked at her with an annoyed look.

"Do I need to know?" With that, Maka leaned over the counter, glaring at the flight attendant with fury in her eyes.

"He is the Death Scythe of Shibusen, and I, my dear, have every right to see this information. If you decide not to show me, I can get him over here, though you'll probably have a splitting headache before he can make it. Literally." With that, Maka pulled out a large book, slamming it on the counter. The attendant looked in horror to see a slight dent in the metal where the book had been slammed. Within moments, her fingers were flying over the keyboard connected to the computer beside her.

"So, wh-what information were you looking for?"

"I need to know what flight he went on, and to where." Maka tapped her foot impatiently as the woman searched through the airport's database. The woman stared up at her with another puzzled expression.

"Are you sure he came to this airport…?" she asked quietly. Maka furrowed her brow, nodding slowly. The woman sighed and looked at the screen again.

"There is no information on a Soul Eater Evans ever boarding a flight."

Maka screamed and walked off without another word, staring at the ground as she pulled at her own hair. Soul knew how to clean up his tracks.

Enough to really piss her off.

"Taxi!" Maka yelled after finding her way outside from the crowded airport. The cab stopped, the driver giving her a nervous look as she got in. The large bearded man looked back at her with suspicious eyes.

"So… where to?" he asked after a minute or so of no answer. Maka looked up in surprise.

"Uh…" she stuttered, her eyes darting around the cab as she thought. She was going to say her house address, but her mouth worded something else.

"Shibusen, please." She sputtered. She was going to correct herself, but stopped. He nodded and started to drive off as Maka sat silently in the back, her hands reaching into her bag for her cell phone. Picking it up, she dialed a number she hadn't called in a while. I hope he's sober…

"Hello?" A familiar voice said from the other line. He didn't sound drunk. Maka sighed deeply.

"Hey, papa? Can I talk to you for a bit…?"

---Miss You---

Maka didn't know how long she'd been talking with him. The sun was setting by the time she'd entered her own home. She let her bag drop to the floor as she dragged her feet through the halls and rooms. Her body started to work on its own as her mind dozed off, washing out her makeup and changing into her sleepwear. Within seconds of entering her bedroom, her legs gave out and she landed on her pillows. Her eyes did not close.

She stared at the picture by her bed for a bit. Her hand reached out, touching the shattered glass that she'd feebly tried putting back together. Her fingers slid over the white-haired figure's face.

"Soul…" Maka mumbled, her voice cracking as she said his name. She blinked, wiping her eye to find tears that she hadn't noticed until now.

How could she get him back here? How could she tell him to come home? She didn't know, and it hurt her now more than before to realize that she may never see him again, despite the feeling that beat against her heart.

Maka let herself sob into her pillow, not caring that the material was wet and that she was spreading her tears even more. "Soul…" she whimpered as her sobs became louder. Her blurry eyes spotted a single star in the sky, even though the sun had not fully set yet. She looked at it, almost desperately.

"Come back…"

---Miss You---

She didn't know what had woken her in the middle of the night. All Maka knew was that her eyes had snapped open abruptly to the dim streetlight shining faintly through her window. She cursed her own mind as she stood from her bed, dazedly walking to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

It felt strange now, waking up without that constant pain in her chest. Now that she'd realized what the feeling was, her mind didn't feel so stressed. But now there was this feeling of want and need that burned her eyes, making them water each time she thought of her missing roommate, the empty room that she never dared to open…

A loud knocking sound made Maka jump from where she was. She looked towards the source of the sound, and her breathing caught in her throat.

The door.

The knock was urgent, almost impatient as whomever it was banged their fist as loud and as hard as they could against the door. Was that what had woken her up? Maka made her way to the door, glass of water still in hand as she squinted to gain focus in the dark. Flipping on a light switch, she turned the knob, opening the door a crack to see what madman would visit this late.

Glass shattering on the floor echoed through the room.

Maka's hand flew to her mouth, releasing the knob as she took a step back. She was dreaming. She had to be dreaming. There was no way she couldn't be. But why the hell wasn't she waking up?

If she'd been tired before, she was fully awake now, staring at the person who stood before her. She wanted to speak, to say something to end this silence. He beat her to the punch.

"I'm home."

His arms were around her before she had time to collapse. Maka hadn't heard his voice in weeks. Hearing it now was like music to her ears, and with each comforting word he spoke as he held her in his arms, the room spun around her even more.

"S-Soul, you stupid idiot… don't ever to that to me again…" she stuttered, her hands grabbing onto his shirt in fear that she would fall. The room was silent for a while as Soul waited for Maka to calm down. She wasn't crying. Her eyes were wide open, her face pressed against his chest as he rocked her back and forth gently.

After about half an hour or so, Maka's shoulder's relaxed, and her eyes drooped into a normal gaze.

"You look horrible. I hope you know that." That familiar voice snapped Maka back into reality, and she looked up into the face that she hadn't seen in what felt like years to her. Her sight was attuned to the dark room now, so she could see his face. She flinched back slightly, seeing the small eye bags that ruined his brilliant red gaze.

"You shouldn't be talking." Her voice cracked ever so quietly. He shrugged, smirking faintly. Maka sighed at him before looking over his shoulder at the door. "Soul… where's all the stuff you took with you…?" she asked, looking back at him with furrowed eyebrows. Her breathing stopped with the look he gave her. "… Soul?"

"Maka… I…" He looked away.

"I'm not staying."

She ripped herself out of his arms, taking a few steps back before staring at him in pure confusion. His arms fell to his sides after a few seconds.

"W-What the hell?" she sputtered, "You come back, bringing my hopes up, and then you crash them down again!? You can't do that! You-"

"You know I can't stay, Maka!" Soul shot back, "I shouldn't even be here right now! The only reason I'm here is because of your stupid phone call!"

"My… phone call?" Maka repeated. His eyes met hers for a split second before he was staring at the floor again.

"You said you missed me… you were crying… I can't stand to hear you cry…" his hand ruffled his hair, a pained expression appearing on his face as he remembered what she'd said. Maka bit her lip.

"But, Soul, I…"

"I can't stay!" Soul yelled, "Shibusen wants me dead now, and if I stay here, they'll find me! And there's the possibility that I'll snap again…"

"Soul, you had a good reason last time-"

"What if I don't have a good reason next time?" Even through the dark, Maka could see Soul's fists clench and start to shake. He took a step forward, but Maka didn't move. He took a few more steps forward, and within moments, he was close enough that she could feel his breath brushing lightly against her hair. A shiver ran down her spine.

"Aren't you afraid of me? At all?" he hissed. Maka looked up at him with a sorrowful gaze.

"Do you want me to be afraid?"

"Yes, I want you to be afraid! I want you to be terrified, so that you'll let me leave before I hurt you! I don't want to hurt you, Maka. I-" His words cut off abruptly as Maka's lips pressed against his. She pulled back within moments, her pained expression meeting his bewildered one.

"I love you too much to be afraid." Her voice whispered through the silence. They stood there for a few moments, neither of them breaking eye contact, despite how odd the moment seemed.

Maka's breath caught in her throat as she felt Soul's hand brush against her cheek. Her eyes regained focus, and she realized that his gaze was no longer bewildered. He was calm… hesitant.

"Maka…" Soul breathed, another shiver running through her spine as she realized what was happening. His lips were barely centimeters from hers. Her heart was racing in her chest, the beat pounding in her head, becoming louder as he got closer. He pecked her lips, and the pounding stopped for a split second. She let out a small breath of air as a surge of want ran through her body. Within moments, his lips were on hers again, but they stayed for a few seconds this time. Maka found herself kissing back, and it surprised her when he pulled away. She moved forward as he did, keeping her mouth close enough to Soul's that she could feel his breath.

"Soul." Maka purred as her hands moved up to his shoulders. His muscles tensed at his name. She heard him take a sharp breath in, and next thing she knew was that his arms were around her waist, his mouth slammed against hers, lips parted. She felt her back press up against the wall behind her as he pushed her forward, his body melting against hers. She moaned at the feeling of his touch, and within moments, her hands were tangled in his hair, her leg latched around his hip.

She'd never had a kiss like this; a kiss full of so much want and need that each insignificant touch and movement made her moan. In fact, she'd never kissed anyone. Not even Kiro. He'd never tried, so she didn't either. That's why it'd surprised her when she found out what he'd said. Even if she had kissed someone before, would it have felt this good? She didn't think anyone else could make it feel like ecstasy ran through her lips.

The sensation of mouth against mouth, teeth against teeth and tongue against tongue felt almost godly. Oh, how she wanted more. Her nails dug into the skin of Soul's neck as she tried desperately to bring him closer. He arched his back and groaned against her mouth, his arms tightening around her waist, her moan echoing through the room. Their breathing became erratic as they refused to part for air, their movements becoming quicker and more needy. They kept going at each other until they couldn't breathe at all, Soul breaking away and proceeding to bite at her neck. Maka's breathing sounded like gasps now, and her vision was almost dizzying.

"Soul…" Maka moaned as he nipped her skin, her nails running against the back of Soul's shirt.

"Run away with me." He huffed into her throat as he arched his back against her nails again.

"We don't have to run away…" she sighed. Immediately he stopped, his face in front of hers again.

"What?" he asked plainly, his eyes wide. She blinked at him for a second before frowning.

"I wanted to tell you, but you kept getting angry at me. I talked to my papa today. I told him everything that happened and, being the daughter-obsessing person he is, I persuaded him to get rid of all of your charges. I guess being the child of a Death Scythe has its advantages…?" Soul stared at her blankly for a few seconds, taking in what she'd just said. And, with the most desperate, innocent eyes, he asked,

"Run away with me, anyway?" Maka giggled ever so quietly, and he flashed that stupid grin that always made her smile.

"Where to?"

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