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Kabuto could feel his heart nearly jump up into his throat at the command, his face darkening several shades as he shifted his weight awkwardly. He wanted this, he knew he did. But his mind was racing, struggling to keep up. The medic found himself still having trouble coming to terms with the fact that, all this time, Orochimaru had wanted him as badly as Kabuto had wanted the older man. It was a heady feeling, the thought that someone like him had managed to captivate a God like the snake lord.

Slowly, he let one hand drop from the other's shoulders and brought it to the simple fold of the towel around his waist. His whole body was trembling, his usually unshakable hands worse off than anything else, long fingers twitching in both anticipation and nervousness. He'd have been lying if he'd claimed to have done anything like this before.

"Let me help you," Orochimaru's smooth voice offered, shattering the sexually charged silence between them with its own restrained lust. The hand that had been busy in Kabuto's hair slipped away, tracing deft lines down the younger man's chest before it came to rest on top of the medic's hesitating one. Tangling their fingers together, the San'nin manipulated every gesture, using the oto'nin's own hand for the slowly drawn out removal of the soft cotton towel, dropping it to the floor with little more than a muted gasp from the platinum haired boy. Smiling against Kabuto's face, Orochimaru flicked his tongue out against the shell of the other's ear, muttering hungrily, "Mmm…yes, that's much better."

Kabuto gave a soft whimper as he felt the slick muscle brush past his flushed earlobe, instinctively moving his arms to encircle his master's waist. The feeling of the snake lord's clothing pressed up against his over-sensitive skin caused the medic to shiver, his eyes sliding shut. He was quickly losing all hold on coherent thought, his otherwise logical mind slipping away as a part of him he hadn't known existed came to surface. A very hungry, demanding, part of him. With borderline desperation, Kabuto's talented fingers began to work at Orochimaru's absurd purple belt, working the knot free to have it finally fall satisfyingly to the floor.

The taller man smiled wryly, pulling away just enough to look his right-hand man in the face. As he tilted his head in mock curiosity, stray locks of ebony hair slid across his flawless pale face, enthralling golden eyes peering through as if impossible to obscure. "So impatient, Kabuto," Orochimaru teased, tracing slender fingers down the younger man's spine, clearly enjoying the impulsive and submissive noises he managed to extract from the other. "I'm going to take my time with you."

Groaning low in his throat, Kabuto arched his back, pressing more of his heated body against the older man. Orochimaru's touch was electric, sending sparks of sheer pleasure through every nerve the medic possessed. He could feel the heat pooling in his lower stomach, his sex responding quickly to every caress, every word, every movement. He was rapidly approaching full arousal and the snake lord had barely even done anything yet. Soft, dry sobs tore from him throat, Kabuto clutching pleadingly to the man's robes. He needed something, anything, and all the other could do was tease.

Orochimaru lowered his head, nuzzling in against the boy's shoulder, nipping and licking the skin there in fleeting, haphazard kisses. Kabuto responded by tilting his head back, the pleas fading into breathy gasps for more. The snake lord purred his approval, happily attacking the presented skin with the same shameless hunger. Kabuto's toes curled against the floor, his knees threatened to buckle, his jaw fell slack and his eyes were shut tight. This was far too good to be true, and the oto'nin was afraid that should he make a single, unwanted, move, the powerful San'nin would let him go and leave him embarrassed and longing like he had before. And so he contented himself - albeit barely - with merely holding on, tightening his hold around the other as best he could.

Powerful arms swept Kabuto up and off the floor as Orochimaru's mouth hungrily covered the medic's, swallowing the short sound of surprise the younger of the two made. Instinctively, the boy wrapped his legs around his master's waist, his arms having relocated themselves to encircle the snake lord's neck. He could feel the San'nin's mouth on his chest as the kiss was broken off, the older man ravaging the flushed skin with a combination of teeth and tongue. The oto'nin was quickly unhinging, losing all sense of self and control. All that was left of him was a trembling, hyper-sensitive, bundle of hormones, longing for everything and anything the other man would give him.

"Mmm, Kabuto." The exquisite man's lust thickened voice caressed the boy's name like cold, silk, sheets, the sound alone dragging a breathy moan from the medic's tightened throat. That frighteningly long tongue swiped down Kabuto's chest, drawing a slick line across the heated skin. "You're a virgin aren't you?"

The oto'nin nearly stopped breathing, his eyes snapping open to stare at the ceiling. How was he supposed to answer that? He was going on twenty-two years old and he'd never touched another human being, at least not in a way that even came close to this. He'd never felt the desire to before, had thought himself beyond such carnal human properties. But now…now that's all he could think of ever needing from Orochimaru. And the idea of his own inexperience mocked and haunted him. Yet the lilt in his master's question was anything but disappointed. In fact…it sounded almost…pleased.

Swallowing hard, Kabuto took in several deep breaths and leaned forward, nuzzling his face against Orochimaru's. "Y-y-yes, Lord Orochimaru. I…I'm still a virgin." He could feel the heat rising in his face as the words left his lips, brushing past soft strands of black hair. He was surprised the slighter man was still holding them both upright, the medic having wrapped himself around the snake lord with near desperate dependence.

The sound that rumbled from Orochimaru's chest was near predatory satisfaction, and in a surprisingly smooth motion, the snake lord had maneuvered both of them to his large bed, dropping Kabuto almost roughly. His brilliant golden eyes were alight with frightening desire, raking over every inch of the boy's exposed flesh. The medic simply lay there, the heat rising in his face at the other's disarming stare. He felt like he was being devoured, like his master was picking him apart with his gaze alone. Awkwardly, he squirmed and ran a shaky hand through his hair, using the opportunity to finally break eye contact with the other. He still felt more than a little embarrassed over his lack of experience.

A long, tapered hand cupped the inside of Kabuto's right thigh, drawing a sharp and startled sound from the younger man. Orochimaru's fingers were cold as they languidly squeezed and released the firm muscle, slowly moving lower and inadvertently raising the boy's leg from the bed. A low string of whimpers broke through Kabuto's tightened throat as soft lips joined the teasing fingers, tracing feathery soft kisses along the smooth skin.

"Hmm, Kabuto, you taste good." Orochimaru muttered the words between kisses, smoldering golden eyes sliding shut as he nuzzled in against Kabuto's leg. The older man tightened his fingers just above the medic's knee, shifting the younger man's ankle to rest on his shoulder.

Kabuto had turned to look up at his master once more, the sensation of those barely-there kisses sending electric waves of pleasure with each fleeting moment of contact. He wanted to say something, wanted to utter his own praise and thanks, but his mind was lost, any words he could find slipping away as Orochimaru's soft hair brushed against his skin. All he could manage, though, was a low, groan from his tightened chest and the subtle shifting of his hips, all in hopes that Orochimaru would realize just how badly Kabuto needed him. The heat was pooling in his stomach and groin, his sex having already hardened to an almost alarming state. He'd never known the San'nin would have such an immediate effect on him, that he would be so completely at the control and whims of the other's touch.

The pale man laughed breathily at the other's actions, moving his hand to gently take hold of Kabuto's ankle and guide it back down, slowly slipping his fingers away when it rested comfortably on the bed once more. Orochimaru then lowered himself carefully, planting a hand on either side of the medic's face as he straddled the younger man's lap. He leaned in, nudging the heated skin of the other's face with his own, humming soft sounds of approval as Kabuto feathered kisses along porcelain cheeks. The feeling of the snake lord's clothes against his bare skin was driving the oto'nin mad. He wanted to feel Orochimaru, wanted to be able to trace the perfect lines of the other's body with his eyes, memorize every flawless inch. He wanted to know how it would feel to have his master pressed against him, sliding over him, buried inside of him.

Bringing his hands up to tangle in the addicting mass of his master's ebony hair, Kabuto pulled the other down so he could whisper in Orochimaru's ear, flicking his tongue out to hungrily trace the shell of the snake lord's ear. "Ahh…my lord, please. I can't take much more teasing. I want you, need you." He then moved one hand down to take a fist full of the other's robe and shirt, giving a short sound of frustration. "At least take this off. Please."

"You are horribly impatient," Orochimaru scolded, the words losing some of their strength from the sharp sound of pleasure he made as the oto'nin teased his ear. He then moved one hand to take hold of Kabuto's hip, stilling the younger man's writhing body, the other tangling into Kabuto's hair. "I want you to remember this, want to make this so damn good for you that you never even consider another." The San'nin easily prevented the other from responding to his promise, sealing his mouth against Kabuto's in an almost forceful kiss, pressing his tongue in to stroke and taste every inch of the medic's warm orifice.

The possessive tone in his master's voice drew a strangled groan of pleasure from the medic's throat, the sound getting lost in the heat between their mouths. How could Orochimaru even say that? Only the San'nin had ever drawn such reactions and feelings from Kabuto. Only this man could ever make the usually chaste medic willingly throw his clothes to the floor and wrap himself around another body. Yet, at the same time, that the powerful San'nin wanted Kabuto all to himself, that he desired him that much, made the boy's heart skip a beat. He arched off the bed as best he could, pressing more of himself against the other's solid form. He wanted Orochimaru to know just how much he was willing to give him.

Orochimaru broke the kiss off roughly, breathing heavily, a faint color in his cheeks. The medic's heart nearly stopped; he'd done that. He was the cause of his master's beautiful disheveled state. However, Kabuto wasn't given much time to admire the older man's flushed appearance as the snake lord dipped his head down, ravaging the oto'nin's heaving chest with an aggressive combination of teeth and tongue. A sharp cry broke from the younger man's parted lips as his master's mouth closed over one of his hardened nipples. He groaned shamelessly, writhing desperately as that sinfully talented tongue brushed roughly against that sensitive nub. This was torture, every sensation one of pure sexual agony. Every touch, every kiss, practically burned on contact, desire running like fire through his veins. The faint sound of the San'nin's ragged breathing acted like a poison Kabuto couldn't get enough of, fogging his mind and reducing him to little more than a mess of desperate need. He'd never felt so helpless; and he loved it.

The snake lord hummed soft sounds of approval at the younger man's reactions, hands moving to trace languidly down the boy's sides as his mouth moved across the span of smooth chest, easily and hungrily finding the other nipple. Kabuto's mind was slipping from him, finding itself caught up in what to think, where to focus. He adored Orochimaru, served him mind and body. That the older man wanted him like this…it was more than he could ask for. It didn't matter to him that this was just sex to the other, didn't matter that this moment of intimacy and total surrender meant more to him than it ever would to Orochimaru. All that mattered to the oto'nin was that his master wanted him.

As Orochimaru continued to kiss, bite, and lick every inch of his flushed chest, the man slid one tapered hand back up the boy's body languidly, soft fingertips tracing through the smooth spots the snake lord's tongue had swiped over. The powerful San'nin was being surprisingly gentle, all things considered, was seeming to make a point of drawing every sensation out for the younger man. And so, when those long fingers gently slid into the medic's mouth, Kabuto hungrily took them in, closing his lips around them. He groaned low in his throat, his tongue sliding over the digits, desperately and liberally coating them with all he could. He could hear the older man's soft chuckle, no doubt as a result of the submissive mannerisms the oto'nin was taking up. After all, the boy was a naturally stubborn and independent individual, acting out with subtle insubordination and backhanded remarks. The snake lord hadn't held this much sway over the younger man's actions since Kabuto was a child.

The long digits were removed abruptly, however, drawing a short, whimpered sound of protest and surprise from the medic's suddenly empty mouth. His own hands, which had been frantically and mindlessly groping his master's body dug into the other's hair, another acquiescent noise falling from Kabuto's slack lips. He was blinking rapidly, his mind racing as he tried to keep up. Orochimaru's mouth was still working wonders on his torso, the man having moved on to kissing along his stomach and hips. For all that the boy was now pulling at the silken ebony strands, the San'nin seemed to take no notice of it, using his own tapered extremities to slowly, if not carefully, maneuver Kabuto's legs. The silver haired boy moaned softly, feeling the other's breath ghosting across his erection, the soft strands of hair brushing against the joint where his leg met his hip. It was all he could do not to buck up, his body craving friction, movement, touch, anything.

"P-Please, Lord Orochimaru…" The words were panted, breathy, barely audible. Kabuto couldn't be sure how many times this was now, couldn't be sure if his pleading was even getting him anywhere. But it was all his hazed mind could think of. Did the man want him to beg? Hadn't he done that already? God, he was losing all sense of time and place, all sense of anything aside from the immediate, aside from the electric pleasure that raced through him at every touch his master graced him with.

Orochimaru chuckled and flicked his tongue out, swiping it across the boy's stomach. "You are so adorable when you plead with me like that," the older man teased, nipping at the tight muscle. "I suppose I should stop denying you."

Opening his mouth to thank the man, to let out a sound of relief at the other's admission to stop this agonizing teasing, Kabuto wound up, instead, crying out sharply. A combination of surprise and burning pleasure stained his voice, his whole body bowing against the bed before he pressed his hips down. One of the snake lord's long, crudely lubricated fingers was pressed against his entrance, lightly pushing in past the first tight ring of muscle. The oto'nin practically screamed, biting his lower lip to keep the sound to a minimum. Sparks flew behind his eye as he felt Orochimaru press in deeper, felt the slender digit slide into his body. The younger man could swear he felt something snap, felt a part of his very life torn from his body with every subtle shift and movement of the San'nin's finger. His chest heaved, his head thrashed on the pillow, his body trembled. If this was how a single finger could feel…A long, low, groan escaped Kabuto's slack jaw, a shudder of anticipation rolling through him like a cold wave.

As soon as his body relaxed, grew accustomed to the feeling of the invading finger, a second one was pressed in unexpectedly, stretching and probing deeper into the young man's wanton body. The feeling drew another sharp, uncontrolled cry from Kabuto's tightened chest, his hands moving to the bed sheets beneath them to keep from tearing out his master's hair. He writhed and begged for more, desperately panting and gasping. At this rate, there was no way he was going to last long enough to get what he really wanted. The young oto'nin had only lasted as long as he had thanks to his medical chakra's control over his body. But that was quickly slipping, alongside any logical thought in his mind. It was far too tempting to simply hand himself over to the experienced control his master was so happily demonstrating.

A low, feral growl rumbled from Orochimaru's chest, the man sitting up from where he'd been nuzzling against the boy's stomach. Kabuto could feel those golden eyes on his body, could practically feel the heated desire and lust that would be captured there. And he wanted to see it. Lifting his head as best he could, the medic managed to get his dark eyes open, staring up and meeting a nearly predatorily possessive stare. The sexual tension and overwhelming sense of need for one another seemed to peak at the eye contact and Orochimaru added a third finger, earning a hoarse, dry sob of a cry from the younger man as he proceeded to remove his pants with his free hand.

Kabuto blearily watched the San'nin fumble with his pants, watched the older man's broad smile as he succeeded with the harried removal of his own clothing. The medic's breath hitched in his throat as his hungry eyes fell upon Orochimaru's impressive engorged member. Yes, he'd seen the man naked before, but seeing the object of his obsession naked and aroused was a whole different experience. A much, much, better one. The silver haired boy gave a soft, pleading whimper, his mind battling with itself over where to focus. He could still feel Orochimaru's wonderful fingers pressing and stretching him, every shift tearing another frenzied sound from the boy's lips. But at the same time, he wanted to focus on his master's freshly exposed skin, wanted to touch.

However, just as Kabuto had worked up the sense of will, the appropriate control over his body to even lift one of his hands from the bed, all his motions were ceased once more. Orochimaru had wrapped his own free hand around his daunting erection, long pale fingers tightening around and stroking the thick organ. The medic swore his heart stopped. His master was…touching himself? A low, strangled groan broke past Kabuto's lips at the sight, his body still arching and writhing under the other's fingers' movements.

"Mmn…so beautiful, Kabuto." The words were little more than a breathy exhalation, the man's tapered hand slowly beginning to work the hardened flesh over, stroking the shaft, eliciting rumbled sounds of pleasure from his own body. Those long fingers worked with what seemed like practiced ease, sliding and caressing in languid movements.

Kabuto couldn't take anymore, the combination of sensations bombarding him snapping his control like a twig. As Orochimaru's fingers brushed against his prostate, as he watched the man's thumb rub across the head of that stunning cock, the oto'nin's whole body snapped upwards. A rush of heat swept through his veins as his first orgasm tore his body apart. The sound that had escaped his tightening throat was nothing short of a scream of unrestrained carnality, the angle that his body bowed up at nearly unreasonable. His whole, slender, frame trembled, his master's probing digits dragging the boy's release out for what seemed like an agonizing amount of time.

He came down from the feeling slowly, his mind a dull haze, muting the world around him as if a pillow was being held over his face. Long, whimpered strings of broken praise and muttered affections fell from Kabuto's parted lips, his body still twitching and shifting, Orochimaru yet to pull out of him. As the medic's body hummed, his mind drifting absently, it dawned on him that his master was still sitting there, hard and fondling his own erection. Heat ran through the boy's body full force, his mind settling on the resolution of recovering enough to please the older man. More than once, the oto'nin found himself thankful for his prodigal skills as a medical ninja.

Propping himself up on his elbows, his weight seeming almost leaden and causing his arms to shake at the exertion, Kabuto fixed pleading dark eyes on hooded, lust fogged golden ones. He licked his lips absently, shifting his weight enough to be able to reach out, wrapping his own hand around Orochimaru's. The snake lord looked at the boy in mild confusion, the steady motions having been ceased by a gentle squeeze. Smiling faintly, the smaller man breathed his words quietly, barely audible due to the hoarse condition of his throat. "I want you inside of me, Lord Orochimaru. Please…make me your's."

The man in question groaned shamelessly at the other's submissive posture, at the softly pleading tone. Forcing Kabuto back onto to the bed, the snake lord sealed his mouth to the younger man's, their tongues sliding languidly but hungrily against one another. Orochimaru moved his hands back to the medic's body, tracing over every subtle curve and contour, devotedly committing it all to memory. With his hips, the older man rubbed his throbbing erection against the boy's inner thigh, the whimpered sound of subservience caught up between their mouths.

Orochimaru broke off shortly, panting softly and running his tongue along his own lips, eyes locked on Kabuto's. The man smiled slowly, rapaciously, humming under his breath. Eventually, he leaned back in, nipping and worrying the younger man's ear with his teeth, muttering his words between ragged kisses. "I'm going to take you as I am now. I'm going to drive into you hard and fast. I want to hear you scream again, Kabuto."

His master's silken voice brushing past his ear, the exquisite feeling of the man's teeth and lips, combined with the direct and honest words went straight through Kabuto's body, settling in his already hardening sex. Why did Orochimaru have such effects on him? Why was he so easily aroused by the man's simple, delicious promises? No one had ever prompted such reactions from the medic before, not even those who would openly try. Only the San'nin held this kind of power over his mind, his body, and he couldn't help but wonder if he was somehow caught under another form of spell after Sasori's, charmed by the serpent itself.

However, as Orochimaru wrapped one slender hand around the boy's thigh, lifting it off the bed in means of preparation, there came a loud, demanding knock at the San'nin's door, an all too familiar voice snapping irritably. It was Sasuke. The stupid Uchiha had chosen now of all times to come and bitch about needing his training. Kabuto swore under his breath, moving to wrap his legs around his master's hips in an attempt to keep the older man there when the San'nin had curtly brushed him off. The fury captured in those golden eyes cautioned the medic against trying again, causing the younger man to fall still on the bed.

"…the Hell have you been?!" the impertinent boy's voice snapped from behind the twin wooden doors, fist still pounding against them. "You said you'd train me, you bastard!! You're already two hours late!! Do you want the Sharingan or not?! I can go elsewhere you know!"

And so the ranting carried on, earning a frustrated and irate growl from the snake lord. Without even bothering to slip his pants back on, storming over to the door in nothing more than the off-white portion and deep green turtleneck of his usual clothes. Before he pulled the double doors open, however, the snake lord paused and looked over his shoulder at Kabuto, regarding the flustered medic curiously. A wry smile spread across the San'nin's stunning face and he licked his lips, purring under his breath, mouthing words that the boy understood all too well. "Touch yourself."

Kabuto's face flushed at the barely spoken command, debating with himself as to whether it was really the right thing to do when Orochimaru had given him the most pointed and smoldering look the medic had ever seen. Groaning softly, the boy brought a hand down along his body, fingertips brushing against the flesh of his own hardened member. He tossed his head back at the sensation. Why had he never done this before? It felt so damn good…No wonder people spoke so highly of sex.

Across the room, the oto'nin heard Orochimaru throw the doors open, could hear the Uchiha's voice clearer without the large slabs of wood between the brat and his ears. In spite of this, the words that Sasuke had been shouting died almost immediately, the irritable punk reduced to stammering and sputtering out pathetically. This had clearly not been what Sasuke had been expecting.

"What did you want, Sasuke-kun?" The San'nin's voice was level, nonplussed, the man clearly taking a dark sense of pleasure from the boy's flailing countenance. "I was in the middle of something."

Kabuto almost wished his could muster the state of mind and strength of will to look up, to see the horror that was no doubt plastered across the Uchiha's face. What he wouldn't have given to see the boy broken and flustered, lost for words and finally put in his place. But the effort that he was putting in to following Orochimaru's orders, to steadily and teasingly touch himself, was successfully occupying all functioning corners of his mind. All save for his desperate desire to at least listen.

The boy seemed to be struggling to find the words, broken sounds and choked off syllables all he could seemingly muster. And then, in a sudden burst of indignity and disgust, Sasuke snapped out with clipped fury, "You two are SICK!!" The outburst was followed shortly after by the loud slamming of the doors and his master's quiet laughter, the man's frustration having clearly died at the flustered way Sasuke had reacted.

The soft sound of Orochimaru padding across the floor and back over to the bed caused Kabuto to finally raise his eyes, meeting the snake lord's hooded gaze. He moved to still his hand, to cease in his own toying with himself, when the San'nin shook his head. That feral smile was still firmly on the stunning face, the hunger still evident in those captivating eyes. He was watching Kabuto, just as he had been earlier, wordlessly dictating that the boy continue in his ministrations.

Groaning softly, the medic slipped his eyes shut, let his head fall back against the bed, and continued to feather his fingers along his own erection. It felt odd, playing the exhibitionist for his master. He'd always been the one to watch before, the one to monitor the base's occupants, the movements, the goings on. But now, under Orochimaru's direction, he was displaying himself, opening himself to the other's consuming gaze. The thought made him burn.

"Ah, Kabuto, stop." Orochimaru's normally smooth voice seemed harsher, seemed to catch in his throat as he uttered the short command. And when the medic glanced up towards the other man, he was surprised to find his master skinning out of his remaining clothing quickly, tossing it aside before crawling up onto the bed. Brushing his lips against the younger man's teasingly, the snake lord smiled almost absently. "You are far too tempting," he scolded mockingly before sealing his mouth to Kabuto's.

The boy arched up sharply, pressing his body against Orochimaru's and nearly losing himself in the feeling of that smooth porcelain skin against his own heated flesh. The man was like a marble statue come to life, the image of a God carved in stone and gracing the world of the living with his presence. And yet the faint heat Kabuto could feel as his hands desperately groped his master's body clearly told him otherwise. The San'nin was human; he was simply divine at the same time.

A low, rumbling sound of pleasure and desire rose from the San'nin's chest, sending tremors of anticipation through the medic's body. Something had changed, if only a touch, since Sasuke's interruption. Orochimaru seemed more demanding, more eager, almost desperate. As the thoughts were crossing the young oto'nin's mind, though, the snake lord wrapped his arms around the boy's middle and flipped him over, burying his face in against the back of Kabuto's neck. The pale man shifted his hips, rubbing his daunting erection against the boy's rear, earning a soft, submissive, sound from the younger man.

Kabuto could barely take it anymore, his head already spinning and Orochimaru was just moving against him. Pressing his hips back against his master's, the medic panted heavily, his words falling distractedly from his slack lips. "P-Please, my lord, I need you. Have to feel you - unn - i-inside of me. Please!" He could feel tears of desperation pricking at the corners of his eyes, could feel his body trembling. If the snake lord stopped now, the oto'nin was sure he would die.

Chuckling darkly against the boy's shoulder, Orochimaru moved his hands to take hold of Kabuto's hips, fingers tightening until the nails bit into the young flesh. The San'nin didn't say anything, didn't utter a single word. He simply nudged the medic's legs further apart, feathering light kisses across the smaller man's shoulder and neck before driving himself into the tight confines of Kabuto's body. A sharp cry broke the air, the sound easily hiding the snake lord's strangled sound of pleasure. Orochimaru pressed in slowly, the man's lips moving in comforting gestures as the younger man trembled under the foreign sensation. As he pressed in to the base, filling Kabuto completely, the snake lord took a pause, letting out his own shaky exhalation as he felt the boy's tight body wrapped around him.

"Lord Orochimaru," the flushed oto'nin cried out hoarsely, "Please, move! I…I'm not going to…God, you're so hard!"

The San'nin growled fiercely, the other's frenzied pleas and dry sobs causing his erection to throb with its own painful need. He'd been holding out, had been dragging this out for the boy as it was his beautiful medic's first time, but with the younger man begging so desperately…Another sound that was more animal than human brushed past Kabuto's flushed ear and Orochimaru began to move, pulling out until only the thick head of his erection remained buried inside the tight ring of muscle before thrusting himself back in. The pace began slowly, gradually, both men growing accustomed to the new feeling of the other. However, the snake lord was quickly losing all hold on coherent thought, and his hips soon took up a fierce pounding against the other.

Kabuto was forced to put one hand out against the wall, steadying himself as his body was rocked and impaled, sharp cries and moans falling shamelessly from his lips at every thrust. With every demanding stroke, the boy saw sparks behind his eyes, his heart pounding loudly in his ears, practically drowning out all other sounds around them. It felt too good, felt overwhelming. Kabuto's word had been narrowed down to the single point of contact, his entire being focused solely on the feeling of Orochimaru moving against him, into him. This was what he'd wanted all along, this feeling of domination, of helplessness, of belonging to his master.

Reaching around Kabuto's waist, one tapered pale hand fisted the boy's weeping sex, pumping it roughly in time with his heated thrusts, dragging another strangled sound from the medic's raw throat. The oto'nin was losing his mind, sweat having slicked across both their bodies. And as Orochimaru shifted his hips, adjusted the angle of penetration in the slightest, the slighter man's head snapped back and he practically screamed, his voice trailing off painfully as his master's vicious thrusts hit his prostate. He came, hard, his whole body shaking violently with the force of it. It took all he had not to collapse forward onto the bed.

Orochimaru finished shortly after the medic, though, riding out his orgasm with a rumbling sound of satisfaction. The feeling of his master's hot seed flooding his body drew another string of sobbed and whimpered sounds of acquiescence from Kabuto's spent body. The two collapsed promptly on the bed, a messy tangle of tired limbs and sweat dampened hair.

"Mmn…L-Lord Orochimaru…" The medic was still panting heavily, his mind still fogged over by the rush of emotions and physical assertion he'd just undergone, but he needed to say something, anything. "I…thank you…"

The older man snorted, eyes closed as he lazily wrapped himself around the tired oto'nin. He buried his face in against the sticky silver hair, his ragged breathing coming down easier than Kabuto's. "Will you stop complaining now?" he grumbled irritably, though his voice was now thick with exertion and spent desire.

Kabuto blinked quietly for a moment, not quite sure of just what his master was talking about. Complaining? He'd been…? Oh, right. Laughing hoarsely, the boy curled in against the snake lord, nuzzling his face against the man's chest. "On one condition," he muttered, swallowing heavily in an attempt to get some moisture back in his throat.

"What?" The San'nin sounded unimpressed, tired, but sated. He was clearly humoring the boy, if only for the opportunity to fall asleep.

Smiling and kissing Orochimaru's chest lazily, Kabuto purred softly, "You give me a raise. I don't get paid enough for what I do around here."

Orochimaru grunted and frowned, dislodging Kabuto just enough to look the boy in the face. "You don't get paid at all…"

"I know," the oto'nin quipped, a teasing smile on his face. "But I want a raise."

Rolling his eyes, the snake lord pulled his personal medic and right hand man up against his body, shaking his head and grumbling irritably. "Fine. You can sleep here from now on. Is that good enough for you, you spoiled little brat?"

Kabuto laughed softly, nodding as he settled in more comfortably, allowing exhaustion to wash over his body. "That would be perfect, thank you."