Tony watched as the elevator doors shut, separating him from Ziva. He let out a light breath, by tomorrow she would be 10,000 metres in the air, flying first class to do something, to see someone.

He made his way to the window & leaned against the wall. The rain pattered and slushed at the glass and all the world outside blurred together.

"See you next week," she had said

What if he'd asked her why she was going? What if he told her: "Ziva, don't go," and he got up, walked over to her, trapped her behind her desk, clutched her bag out of her hands. "I didn't know..."

"Didn't know what, Tony?"

"My feelings..." he looks at her brows, her hair, her face, her eyes, "I think I..." He looks down at her hand.

Ziva waited for the elevator doors to close before she allowed her thoughts to run. She closed her eyes rubbed her headache. "Tony." She didn't know how where to start.

She could've told him something...he'd been digging around her desk all day long. But all she said was "I will make it up to you."

She could've told him the truth. But she'd need time to think it out, what she was going to do in Israel? She'd need to sort everything out before she could face him.

But, what if she couldn't? What if it turned out like: "Tony, I...I killed my brother, did you know that?"

And then he stared at her, she'd betrayed him. He turned away from her. How could anyone kill their own brother? She was cold blooded. None of the family at ncis would see her as a friend.

Only Gibbs understood. But that was Gibbs.

Abby wouldn't talk to her, ever.

McGee would rationalise it, but the evil she was capable of would always be in mind.

And Tony...could never want her.

It was 0600 and Gibbs walked into the squad room. What the-?

DiNozzo was sleeping in Ziva's chair. He held something in his hands.

Gibbs leaned over to look and saw it was a photo of Ziva. Seeing this, he decided against waking up his senior agent.