Title: Visitor

Author: Letting The Rain In

Disclaimer: As always, sadly, I only own the order that the words are written in.

Challenge Phrase: All of a sudden.

Word Count: 100.

Fellow Players: Including, but not limited to: PADavis, Mad Server, Onyx Moonbeam, Iheartsam7, Orange Autumn, NC Girl, Nana56, Muffy Morrigan, mahtalie, Sherry Darling, supernaturalsammy67, TCB 0.5, twinchaosblade, InSecret, vanessa sgroi, Supernoodle, moonlight80, Chailyn, Dream Painter, Enkidu07.

A/N: Went for a change of pace with this one, not sure if it works that well. It's all a learning curve, right?

"I swear to God, Sammy, I've never seen her before!"

"Dude - she's in your bed!"

"Yeah, but …"

"What, she followed you? Crept in through the window?"

Dean looks from the supine form to the window and from the window to his brother.


"What if she's a runaway? Or a fugitive?"

Dean snorts. "You gotta lay off the caffeine, little brother."


Dean tucks her into his embrace and glances up, hope bright in those green eyes.

"Can I keep her?"

Sam can't deny that look and all of a sudden, he is Dean Winchester, responsible pet owner.