Title: Nirvana

Author: Letting The Rain In

Disclaimer: As always, sadly, I only own the order that the words are written in.

Challenge Phrase: All of a sudden.

Word Count: 100.

Fellow Players: Including, but not limited to: PADavis, Mad Server, Onyx Moonbeam, Iheartsam7, Orange Autumn, NC Girl, Nana56, Muffy Morrigan, mahtalie, Sherry Darling, supernaturalsammy67, TCB 0.5, twinchaosblade, InSecret, vanessa sgroi, Supernoodle, moonlight80, Chailyn, Dream Painter, Enkidu07.

A/N: Took a leaf out of PADavis's book and couldn't resist posting two this week!

Dean thinks he might have died. Without fear or bravado, he neither hates the Raw Head, nor loves his task. Detached, Bobby says. John says nothing.

They've not adjusted to working as two, which is why when John isn't where Sammy would have been, Dean gets slammed into the wall with enough force to rattle his teeth.

All of a sudden, Dean can feel.

Agony tastes sweet, a tidal wave of pain that floods his senses. As Dean drowns, he feels alive once more. Laughter echoes as he lets it out in a harsh burst, edges razor sharp with hurt.