Sometime ago, over in the digital world, many digimon had constructed an amusement Park like the ones the humans always made. But for them, it isn't about money. Not that they had any of course. But still, they built it for fun. News flowed pretty fast for a big place like the digital world. Of course, with news like this spreading across the world one very evil digimon was bound to find out about it. That evil mon just so happened to be Myotismon.

When he had heard of the digimon constructing something big, he sent out his two top notch servants. Gatomon and Wizardmon. They had been sent out as soon as word had reached Myotismon that construction had finished. Gatomon and Wizardmon walked side by side on the way there. It had taken some time to get all the way to be even somewhat close to where their destination lay.


Wizardmon floated off the ground a bit as he followed next to Gatomon. It had been at least 3 days since they had left Myotismon's castle. Myotismon wanted them to see what the digimon had built was beyond him. And possibly even beyond Gatomon.

"Come on, Wizardmon, stop flying. Ya cheater." Gatomon mumbled the last part. But that didn't stop Wizardmon from hearing her thoughts.

Wizardmon laughed half heartedly. "Okay, Gatomon. I'll walk."

Wizardmon touched the ground and walked next to the cat. They continued on in silence. Sweet, comfortable silence. Not awkward at all. Pretty soon they made it to the once construction site. It had a banner that said 'Carnival' in bright multicolor.

"THIS is what they've been building?" Gatomon said doubtfully.

"I believe so. We should check it out." Wizardmon replied calmly.

They continued again at the same pace. Taking in the sights and sounds as they walked. They actually ended up walking around the whole place at least 2 times before decided to try out some of the things they had. They played at some of the booths and even went on a ride or two. But when it was nearing the end of the day, Wizardmon decided they had to ride the Ferris wheel.

Waiting in line was worse than having to clean the entire inside of Myotismon's castle. But they managed to finally get onto the ride. Once on the cart, Gatomon tried to act as calm as possible. This didn't work to well. As soon as the door closed and the ride got going again, she immediately went too looked out the window. She watched with excitement as they went higher from the ground. Wizardmon was pretty impressed to say the least.

"I see you are enjoying the view?" Wizardmon asked in that gentle tone he always used with Gatomon.

Gatomon nodded in reply. Too busy with the view to say much else.

"That's good. Maybe we should come back some day." Wizardmon suggested.

Gatomon's face brightened and she nodded quickly.

Once the ride was over Gatomon was filled with adrenaline. They went on two other rides but Gatomon just couldn't get the Ferris wheel out of her head. By the time they had gotten back to Myotismon's castle she had calmed down considerably. But still held that beautiful glimmer of happiness Wizardmon loved seeing in her eyes.

That was the night she had gotten whipped on her paw and Myotismon burned down the amusement park.