I got the idea for this fic after that heated chess game at the wedding celebration. I started thinking "what if Lelouch had lost?"

Rewrite of episode 9 of code geass r2. Warnings for Yaoi, incest, and sexual content. If you don't like that stuff then fine. Go Away. Or try it out. You just might like it.

written from Schneizel's point of view

Oh and just pretend that lelouch is wearing his contacts so he cant readily use his geass.


There he was, standing as if he owned the world. I was expecting him to make an entrance. And there was no chance that he hadn't already figured out my obvious attempt to control the Chinese Federation by marrying off my older brother to their empress.

"Schneizel, a game of chess, if you please." The man in the mask declared. The room went completely silent. How odd it must be for a masked terrorist, instead of proposing to fight on the battlefield, would rather settle his differences with his greatest enemy on the chess board.

I, myself, am rather good at chess. In fact, I've never lost a game in my life. So really, who am I to say no to a fight where I am sure to win?

"If I win, I get your pilot." Zero arrogantly continued, pointing at the knight with the brown hair. I consider for a moment. I care nothing for my father's precious "knights of rounds". It certainly would be no loss for me if that half blood were to be taken by Zero. Of course, I would not be so stupid to say that aloud and decide that what I want most out of this deal would be to see the face of this man who has been a continuous obstacle in my rise to power.

"If I win, you will take off your mask." I respond. Surprisingly, he agrees right away. His overconfidence will be his downfall.

We are told that our game will take place in another room so as not to disrupt the celebration. Yet, our game will be displayed on an enormous screen for the entire congregation to view at their leisure. I'm sure that this terrorist's petty challenge to me will be the only significant event this entire evening, and most likely is being recorded in the history books as it happens.

We begin, and immediately I am forced to admit that it was I who was doing the underestimating. My opponent is very sharp, indeed, hardly allowing me to draw my eyes from the game for even a moment. At the same time, I can feel somewhere in my heart that this is not the first time I have honored this person with a game of chess. His strategy is so familiar. Déjà vu strikes me with every move he makes and I feel as though I have played this exact game before. Then it hits me.


Although no such emotion was visible on my face, I was shocked by my own realization. I had believed him dead for all these years. I cursed myself for my inability to see that if Nunnaly was still alive, then it only made sense that Lelouch was as well. I was suddenly very angry with my father. There was no doubt that he had known about this. Obviously there was some underlying plan of his going on and I was conveniently left out of the loop. What a mad man the Emperor was if he thought he could get away with hiding something like this from me.

There was a chance that I was mistaken with the identity of the person in front of me, but it was slim. After all, it was I who taught Lelouch how to play chess in the first place. Now, I was much more determined to win this game. If not for my pride, then to sate my own curiosity.

Perhaps, Zero has no weaknesses. Lelouch, on the other hand, does. And I know every single one of them.


The game drags on and it is clear that I now have the upper hand. With my renewed confidence, Zero is becoming frustrated. I can tell by his impatience and his inability to remain still. I find myself wondering how hard he must be sweating under that mask.

A half hour later, and I have effectively cornered his king, and it is clear who the winner will be. I decide not to humiliate him by ending the game.

"Why don't we call it a draw?" I ask. Zero is furious but I know he has no choice to accept.

"No." He answers. "I don't want your pity." He reaches up and prepares to remove his mask. The room holds its breath. I stop him before the mask is halfway off.

"I believe that the terms were, upon my victory, you were to reveal you face to me. I did not say that you would have to show everyone here." Zero pauses. I can almost feel how relieved he is, even if he will now pretend to be angry.

"Very well."


After much arguing with my personal guards, I persuaded them to leave me alone with Zero in the room. I also made sure that the numerous cameras placed on the ceiling had been disconnected.

I am a selfish person. I would be the only one enjoying the spoils of war tonight.

"Go on." I said, turning to Zero. For the second time, black, gloved hands reached to remove the ominous mask. As it slid away from his face, dark hair appeared, freeing itself from its tight prison and falling back into place. His beautiful skin was pale and unblemished, the mark of a person of Britianian blood. I noticed his eyes next, deep amethyst pools still almost as wide and innocent as I remembered them to be.

As I stared at him, I noticed him becoming increasingly uncomfortable under my gaze.

"You've grown up, Lelouch." I said quietly. His eyes never left mine.

"Don't think that this changes anything." He spat at me. "I will kill you with my own hands."

"Why are you doing this, otoutou?" I asked.

"You are no brother of mine." He snarled. I sighed.

"What you are doing is wrong, Lelouch. You shouldn't involve the world in your personal grudge." I said, stepping closer. "Who are you angry with? Is it me?" I took another step. Lelouch backed up. "Is it father?" I guessed. Lelouch's fists clenched at his sides. He was panting slightly.

"I see." I was close enough to him now that I was able to reach out my hand and touch my fingers to the soft, fair skin of his cheek. He closed his eyes for a moment, but then came to his senses and slapped my hand away.

"Don't touch me, Schneizel. I'm not your whore anymore." He said. I was offended by that comment. My voice took on a much darker tone.

"Don't lie. You enjoyed every minute of it." I whispered as I leaned in closer. Lelouch stiffened.

"You're sick. How could you do that to me when I was only a child?" He breathed against the skin of my neck. It sent heat coursing through my body.

"I only did to you what father did to me." I brushed my lips against his ear and he shivered violently. "Do you deny all of the pleasure that your body experienced?" I felt Lelouch's breath catch in his throat. I gently bit down on the delicate skin of his neck and a whimper escaped his lips. When I looked back up, his face was flushed and his eyes were half closed. It was an arousing sight. I felt Lelouch bring his hands up and roughly push himself away from me.

I watched as he stood there for a minute, chest heaving, cheeks bright red, and I wondered what it would be like to taste him again. He was older, more muscular, more capable of sexual activity. My mind went into overdrive and I suddenly saw myself between his legs while he moaned and writhed underneath me.

I reached down to put some friction on my aching erection. Lelouch's wide eyes followed my hand.

"Don't you dare get off to me, you bastard." He said venomously. Suddenly, he tackled me and sent me falling into one of the chairs with a loud crash. His small body was straddling me a moment later as he punched me hard enough to make me see stars. The combined sensation of pain and pleasure as his thigh brushed against my erection was quite overwhelming.

Lelouch prepared to deliver another blow to my face but this time I caught his wrist and twisted it sharply. He hissed in pain. I got up and drove my fist into his stomach. He stumbled over to the wall and before he could collect himself I slapped him across the face. A stream of blood dribbled from his lips as he looked at me with defiant eyes.

"Check." I said, pushing the boy further up against the wall. He fought me silently, arching up against me. I quickly unfascined his cloak and threw it aside. He looked much smaller without it, only in his vest and white shirt. His hands were clawing at my neck and chest, scratching up anything they could reach. I growled and kneed him hard in the crotch. Lelouch jerked and grit his teeth. I could see the hatred burning in his eyes.

"This is what you do to me, otoutou." I said huskily, rubbing my hardness against him. Lelouch went rigid and I took the opportunity to open the buttons on his shirt and slide it off his shoulders. My hands explored my younger brother's body, traveling over his small chest and down his sides. Lelouch's attempts to push me away had turned feeble, continuing only because of his own stubbornness.

I brought my hand down to cup his erection. Lelouch gasped and threw back his head, the heat from my hand no doubt causing him to grind against me. I began kissing his beautifully pale and exposed neck, sucking hard on the spot just above his shoulder. His breath was coming in short, irregular pants.

I stopped to admire the delicious scene before me. Lelouch, with his hair a mess and face flushed, refused to look at me.

"Don't you remember when we used to play this game?" Lelouch closed his eyes and shook his head. "You don't remember? Or you don't want to remember?" I gently bit down on one of his pink nipples. From Lelouch, there was a sharp intake of breath followed by a low moan. "It doesn't matter" I said. "Your body remembers just fine." Lelouch's hands stopped fighting and wound themselves tightly in my blonde hair as I trailed my tongue along the contours of his chest. I continued to thrust my clothed hardness against his warmth.

Suddenly, there was a soft knock on the door and all thoughts of devouring the boy in front of me were interrupted.

"I terribly sorry, your highness," came Kanon's voice from the other side, "Although I'm fairly certain that it is nothing of great importance, your honored older brother is demanding to speak with you."

Odysseus, that half-wit. Can't even handle things alone for five minutes.

Yes, I was angry that my total domination of both the masked terrorist, Zero, and my long lost brother had to be put on hold, but the more I thought about it, the more I decided that it was a good thing. Better to leave Lelouch frustrated and wanting more, lusting for me late at night and never being able to shake the thought of me from his mind. Yes, that would do nicely.

I removed my hands from my brother's waist and took a step back. With all support lost, Lelouch crumpled to the floor, his body still shaking with unfulfilled desire. I walked over and picked up the fallen chair. When I turned around, Lelouch was standing there, his swollen lips set in a snarl. He grabbed a fistful of my jacket and brought my face closer to his.

"You cruel beast." He panted. "You foul, disgusting, man. How could you possibly bring me lower?" My gaze did not waver.

"Well I could have just as easily taken you in front of the whole party, couldn't I?" I answered. Lelouch let out a hysterical bark of laughter. His fingers twisted the fabric of my jacket.

"You can at least finish what you started." He said, tilting his head farther up to meet my eyes. God, it was tempting. I shoved him away and he fell back to the floor. I picked up his mask and cloak and threw them at him.

"Put these back on. I don't want my reputation defiled." I said, looking at him through the corner of my eye. He had just barely gotten his mask on when I opened the door.

"This isn't over, Schneizel." Zero announced loudly.

"It's certainly not."


so whacha think? If I remain obsessed with Code Geass I might decide to continue this. There definitely needs to be more Schneizel/Lelouch stories out there.