Chapter 3

This will be the final chapter. Rewrite of episode 24 of code geass r2.

Schneizel's point of view. Its way easier to write from his perspective.



The ultimate aerial fortress. With the Blaze Luminous system as its defense, it was impregnable. With the power to launch multiple FLEIA missiles at the push of a button, it was unattackable. Its final purpose: domination.

And it was mine. It made me…untouchable.

It made me a god.


The battle had begun. When I was a child, wars had seemed so complicated. I wondered if I would ever be able to command people in a fight. But the more I experienced, the more I realized that war is nothing but chess. Sure the board is a bit bigger, and you don't always have complete control over your pieces, but the tactics are exactly the same. And so is the objective.

Lelouch and I had been playing this same game of chess for our entire lives. Always at a stalemate. He was black and I was white. It was ironic, though. While I had looked away it seemed that he had reversed the board. He now had control of my white queen, Suzaku, and I had his black queen, Kallen.

However, it mattered not that Lelouch had turned the tables. Today will end in my complete victory.


"Nunnally," I said softly into the microphone. "The preparations are complete. Fire the next missile."

"Hai." Her voice responded. The screen in front of me lit up as she pushed the button, alerting me of the missile's state and trajectory. It detonated moments later, eliminating a sizable amount of Lelouch's army. He wasn't even ordering them out FLEIA's path anymore. He sent his troops to uselessly attack Damocles while he remained retreating in the Avalon. This game was getting boring. I had expected my feisty otoutou to put up a much bigger fight.

I thought about when Lelouch would finally be mine. When Emperor Lelouch would be on his knees, submitting to my rule. Perhaps in chains. With that face betraying his anger for having been beaten. His mouth in that little pout that said how much he hated to lose. And I would make him surrender himself to me. Every part of himself.

Just thinking about it made me shiver in anticipation and made the heat pool in my groin. I willed myself to think of something else. Honestly, I was in the midst of a battle.

When I looked around the control room, I noticed Kanon standing off to the side sneaking glances at me. He was blushing heavily. Hmph, he must have noticed the problem I was having. Poor Kanon. I imagined he must be feeling quite lonely, for I haven't called him to my chambers for a while now. Yes, the man had a nice body, but as of recently, I desired only my brother. And after this was over and done with, I would have no use for Kanon, nor Diethard.


I stared mutely at the screen in shock. Impossible. It was simply impossible. Somehow, they had discovered a way to stop FLEIA. I furrowed my brow. This battle really was taking a turn for the worst.

Damn that Lelouch. Whenever it seemed I had the upper hand, he always had at least one trick up his sleeve. But this, this hardly counted as a trick. This was Lelouch being gifted the luck of the devil.

I knew I should have locked up the Kururugi brat when I had the chance. Probably should have castrated him as well.

"They crossed the Blaze!" Came Kanon's astonished voice. I felt my lips curl into a snarl. So this is what defeat tasted like. It was bitter. Perhaps it was time to get out while I still could.

Damocles, with its ultimate defense, would now become the ultimate prison.


The elevator came to a halt and the three of us stepped into the secret hanger that held our escape jet. We didn't have much time. FLEIA would soon disintegrate this entire fortress and everyone in it.

As I entered the plane, I heard a voice that made my blood run cold.

"I've been waiting for you, Schneizel." Lelouch's image said on the monitor. He was transmitting from Damoles's central control room. I sat down calmly in the chair.

"I see. So this is your "checkmate" is it?" I asked. All I needed to do was stall him while I made my escape. "How did you figure out my plan?"

"It's not your plan. I read your true nature. You always play your game on fields where you cannot lose." He replied. "But this time, Schneizel, you have been beaten."

"Does this mean you will kill me?" I asked. Lelouch didn't answer. "Your too late, Lelouch. Damocles is set to be destroyed by FLEIA." Then I smiled. "It's a pity." I continued. "I wanted to feel your flesh at least once more before your death."

"I have a present for you." Lelouch said. When he didn't elaborate, I spun around in my chair. Kanon and Diethard stood mutely, their eyes glowing red from the power of the geass. My eyes went wide when I realized that everything on the monitor had been a recording.

Lelouch walked over to me slowly, his gun pointed at my heart.

"Unfortunately, aniue, neither you nor I will be descending the glorious staircase to hell. FLEIA has been disabled. The game is over."

"This isn't a very good present."

"Shut up." Lelouch said, waving his gun. My mind was working rapidly, but so far could think of nothing to help the situation. At the moment, I was at the mercy of Lelouch and his geass. I sighed.

"I taught you well, otoutou." Lelouch laughed at that.

"I suppose… but, I bet you never imagined that your brother ten years younger would best you at your own game." He responded. He extended his arm and pressed the gun to my temple. "Now listen carefully. As the newly appointed Supreme Ruler of this planet, my first order to you is…" He paused and I watched a smirk form on his arrogant face.

"Undress me."

Now it was my turn to laugh.

"You seem to think that I will just accept you as my ruler. Lelouch, you are sadly mistaken if you think that you'll be getting any satisfaction from me under that title." I said. Lelouch's eyes burned. What a spoiled little brat he had become. He wacked me hard with the gun. I felt the cold metal return to my forehead a moment later.

"You dare defy me now, Schneizel? When you have nothing left?" I brought my hand up to my head and felt the stinging gash. Blood smeared onto my fingers. I looked at Lelouch again.

"If you want me to fuck you, then I suggest you use your geass." A pink blush appeared on his cheeks and he scowled. He straddled me in the chair, taking care to slide slowly up my legs and press himself against my arousal. I forced myself not to move, not to give in, no matter how much I wanted to lift my hips and thrust into the small, warm body on top of me. Lelouch smiled again, sensing my struggle.

"It would be foolish of me to waste my geass on something that you are so willing to do." He said. With his free hand, he began to unbutton my pants. With all the clothing pushed aside, he moved the gun from my head to my chest. He looked at me with devious eyes. I narrowed mine, curious as to what he was about to do. It came as a surprise when he got on his knees and took me in his mouth. My jaw fell open and I gasped. His warm, moist tongue slithered along the underside of my length. The movements were cautious at first but gradually got bolder as he learned what felt the best to me. I moaned loudly as he sucked and drew me deeper into his throat.

My restraint was cracking. My hands clenching the arms of the chair had turned white and I was feeling extremely hot under my lavish garments. Lelouch released me and continued to tease me, his hot breath hitting the head of my manhood and his tongue darting out occasionally to lick the droplets of precum. He looked up at me. Oh god I wanted to fuck that grin right off his face. Lelouch noticed my frustrated expression and it only served to fuel his scheming mind. He attempted to fully remove my pants. I wasn't going to let him break me. I lifted my foot and kicked him hard in the chest. I heard the breath leave him and he skidded across the floor, the gun being thrown from his hand.

I stood up as he lay there coughing. Lelouch did not move. His voice drifted over to me.

"You're such a sore loser." He choked. I walked over and looked down at him. He was still smiling. We stared at each other in silence for a moment, our heavy breathing becoming the only sound in the room. Lelouch wet his lips impatiently. My heartbeat sped up. Lelouch arched his body off the floor. "Aniue…" He moaned, lustfully. He really was asking for it. Through the clothes I could see his muscles quivering. What could it be about this particular man that drove me insane? My eyebrow twitched. I was slipping. Lelouch threw back his head, surrendering his pale neck to me. That did it.

Something in me snapped. I fell upon Lelouch and attacked him, pinning his arms and legs beneath me.

"If we're going to do this, it'll be on MY terms." I growled furiously. I began tearing his clothes off, not caring about ripping the expensive fabric. Lelouch cried out in pain as my nails dug into his skin. Lelouch's wide eyes and startled face reminded me just how young he really was. I did not feel sorry for him. He was a naughty child that had to be put back in his place.

Once he was bare, I stopped to examine his body. He shuddered under my gaze. I narrowed my eyes when I saw bruises on his hips and on his lower neck; bruises that were only made during sex.

"Who have you been with?" I asked in a deadly voice. Lelouch refused to look me in the eye. I struck him across the face. "It doesn't matter." I shed the rest of my clothes and slid my naked chest over Lelouch's. His skin was slick with sweat and he panted heavily in anticipation, begging me to do something. "I'll show you how grown-ups do it."

I began running my hands skillfully over that lithe body of his. I felt him wrap his legs around my waist, attempting to bring me closer. While I was distracted with other parts of his anatomy, Lelouch took the opportunity to shyly kiss along my jaw and up to my ear. His timid affection was rather touching and I paid no attention to his advances. However, as he grew more confident, his tongue was replaced with his teeth. I was in no mood for anything above absolute submission. I pinched his pert nipple hard and watched his pink lips part in a silent cry. I sunk my teeth into his neck, adding my mark so that it stood out against the others in the collection that Lelouch was so shamelessly sporting. His soft whimper caused me to grind against him in response, hoping to elicit more of those fantastic sounds from the helpless boy beneath me.

I was rewarded generously. Lelouch moaned loudly and dug his fingers into my back. He stared at me, his violet eyes clouded with desire and his hair in a sweaty, tangled mess, pleading for me to kiss him, to acknowledge him, to make him feel that he was truly wanted.

Tonight I was devoid of all the emotions that Lelouch longed for me to display. Only anger and frustration at my failure were with me. Unfortunately, these kinds of feelings are the best supplements to carnal desire.

I stood up. Lelouch stared at me, confused. I pointed to the table and his eyes followed my finger. He seemed to realize what I wanted and did as I asked. Bending over the polished mahogany, he gripped the edges and looked back at me with longing. I approached him slowly, closing the distance between us. I ran my hands up his smooth thighs and rested them on his hips. Goosebumps had formed on his porcelain skin and he was breathing raggedly. I rubbed myself against his crevice and he arched his body. I leaned over him until my chest was pressed against his trembling back and I whispered huskily in his ear.

"Beg for me, Lelouch." I saw his lips move but no sound came out. I wanted to hear his voice "What was that?"

"P-Please, Schneizel…" Lelouch said weakly. It had been so long since I'd last heard those words. Lelouch's torture would end now but the pain had just begun.

I thrust my erection in brutally, burying myself into his hot, tight body. Lelouch cried out sharply, tensing up and gripping the table so hard that his knuckles turned white. I didn't give him any time to adjust, immediately pulling out and thrusting back in so that I was completely sheathed. Lelouch let out another pained gasp as I ripped through him.

"What's the matter? This is what you wanted, isn't it?" I asked. He didn't answer. I continued to move in and out and eventually Lelouch began to relax as the pain turned numb. I changed the angle of my thrusts and he responded with a low moan as I continually hit his prostate. He bucked his hips back, desperately wanting more of that wonderful feeling. I reached around and began pumping his arousal. We moved together, Lelouch's gasps and whimpers through his labored breathing encouraging me to pick up the pace.

I was in complete control. Everything I did, Lelouch reacted. I grunted and my thrusts turned quicker and deeper. Lelouch's nails scraped at the wood beneath them as he pushed back against me, craving my every touch. He was close. His breathing became erratic and his legs shook with spasms as I plunged in and out of him mercilessly.

After giving him a few hard strokes he tensed as his body reached its climax. His eyes fell shut as he reached the peak of his pleasure and I felt his walls constrict around me tightly. I drove into him a few more times before releasing my seed into his pliant body.

We laid there, attempting to catch our breath. I released my sticky hand from Lelouch's now limp member and pulled out of him slowly. Lelouch's wheezing told me that I was starting to crush him so I straitened up and went over to collapse back in my chair. A moment later, Lelouch stood up. My eyes watched as a trail of blood and semen ran down the inside of his legs. He limped over to where his clothes were lying on the floor and began to dress back up in the damaged garments.

"Just what are you planning to do, my pretty otoutou, now that there is no one left to stand in your way?" I asked.

"All I ever wanted to do with this kind of power was create a peaceful world for Nunally." He closed his fingers on his hat and creased it tightly in his hand. "But I realize now that she didn't want any of this…this mess that we created. It's all too late now." He walked over to me, wincing with every step. He climbed onto my lap and rested his head gently on my chest. "All this time I was always searching for something: revenge, power, friendship. I never noticed that I was already living the perfect life…I already had everything I wanted." It was strange for me to see this regretful side of my brother. So open. So vulnerable.

"Can you…" Lelouch hesitated for a moment. "Do you think you could kiss me, Schneizel? Just this once? I want to know what it feels like to be loved." He buried his head deeper in my chest and tensed, as if preparing for rejection. I lifted my hand and cupped his chin. His eyes were closed and he held his breath as I leaned in and brought our mouths together. Finding no resistance, I slipped my tongue in and let him taste me. His lips were soft and gentle. Although the kiss was innocent at first, Lelouch soon became desperate, vigorously kissing me as if it would be the last in his life.

When we broke apart, I noticed that tears had leaked out from under his eyelids.

"I'm sorry." He whispered quietly. His eyelids flickered.

I knew it had been a mistake to look into his eyes…those cursed, evil eyes that had the incredible power to bend even the most stubborn and reluctant minds into complete obedience. Without the protective contacts they burned crimson like a horrible infection that would soon consume the psyche of my most prized sibling.

I could not look away now. I was hanging in the balance, standing at the edge of the cliff looking into the void below that was insanity. My body could no longer move due to the power of the geass. It was only able to remain still, waiting for the command that Lelouch was preparing to give.

"From now on, you are to serve Zero. You will become his loyal and trusted follower, never question his orders, and protect him for the rest of your life."



I woke up a few seconds later. I was standing in a room. It was wide and tall with a single carpet running up the center until it met a single chair. I had been here countless times before. I was in the throne room of the castle in Pendragon. How had I gotten here? I had destroyed this entire city myself just a few hours ago.

But perhaps even more perplexing was the identity of the person that sat in that throne. Nunnally, not Lelouch addressed me from that covenanted chair.

"Have you returned to us, Oni-sama?" She asked. I noticed Jeremiah Gottwald standing off to the left of the throne.

"The effects of the geass should be gone." He commented.

"What's going on, here?" I asked wondering if I was in a dream. "Where is Lelouch?" I watched frowns form on both of their faces.

"Well…" said Nunnally hesitantly.

Suddenly the grand set of doors behind me opened and I spun around. Zero entered the room, his mask and costume unmistakable. He stopped before me and removed the menacing mask. My eyes widened when I found myself faced with Kururugi Suzaku.

"Lelouch Vi Britainnia has been dead for almost five years."

The room was silent. As the information pieced itself together in my head I forced my anger to subside. Five years had passed in the blink of an eye. And all this time, I had been under Lelouch's geass. Now, to suddenly have my mind back, it was like emerging from a coma. It was…unbelievable.

"I…I see." I said, having no choice but to accept the place that fate had brought me.


The frozen ground cracked under my feet as I walked along through the empty streets. It was hardly dawn and no one seemed to want to be outside in the frigid weather. I pulled my cloak tighter around my head, not so much as to protect myself from the cold, but to conceal my identity until I was out of the city.

It wasn't long before I heard some footsteps in the snow behind me. I stopped and let my pursuer catch up to me. I already knew who it was.

"Where are you going, Schneizel?" Kururugi's voice broke through the crisp air. I turned around. The boy wasn't wearing the Zero mask but he also was forced to hide his face with a cloak similar to mine. I smiled.

"I thought that would be obvious." I replied. We stood there, our breath rising as steam, as we looked at each other.

"So you're willing to drag up memories that everyone has already put behind them? This is what Lelouch wanted. We both agreed that this was what was best for the world."

"I know." I sighed. "But to tell you the truth, I no longer care about the world. In fact, I don't think I ever did." Suzaku bowed his head.

"You know…" he began slowly. "Lelouch told me, when he gave me his mask, to make sure to cancel your geass once everything became peaceful again. I always wondered why…since it seemed that he hated you so much. But I think I understand now." Suzaku turned his emerald eyes to me.

"He was in love with you, wasn't he?" Suzaku said. I didn't say anything. Perhaps it was best if I didn't give him an answer and shatter any last hope he held. Perhaps it was because I didn't know the answer myself. I turned away and resumed my walking. Suzaku stayed where he was but his voice traveled over to me.

"Bring him back, if you can." I listened to our footsteps grow farther and farther apart until I could hear nothing but the wind.


The end. Tell me what you think. If you like my work, I'll probably be writing some bleach fanfiction soon