Chapter 5: Family Time?

"Is everyone ready?" Esme called waiting by the door. I came down after everyone else. Everyone was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt, that Esme set out. Even Carlisle. "So Esme. Where are we going any way. For 'family time'?" Jasper asked. Alice just giggled.

She'd gotten over her rampage last night while her and Rose went shopping. "You don't want to know Jasper." Edward winced.

"You know Edward you could pick Bella up on the way." Edward shook his head. "Oh-no. She would die if I took her." Esme shrugged. "Oh, well." Esme, Jasper, and Alice piled in my Jeep with me.

Carlisle, Edward, and Rosalie piled into Edward's Volvo.

Once we got to the building everyone got out and Esme walked us in. The waiting room was crowded. Jasper quickly held his breath. "Hello, we're the Cullen's. We're here for the 8:20 class."

"Yes just go right in there." The women pointed to a door behind her desk. "Ok, thank you." Esme walked us into the other room. "Why do we have to do this Carlisle?" Edward whispered.

"Because Esme wanted us to spend some more time together."

"But we have forever to do that."

"Just do this Edward. For Esme." Edward sighed and followed us all in. We walked into a room that was about the same as the Ballet room, but it didn't have mirrors. There was about ten other people in the room with mats set down under them.

There were some empty mats by the back that Esme led us to. We sat down like the other people and waited for this other girl that came in.

"Hello everyone. Today we will be starting our new class." Edward slapped his hand on his head. "Why did you sign us up for this Esme?" He wined.

"Welcome to Yoga!" I leaned in toward Jasper. "At least it's better then Ballet..."

(Well everyone that's the end. I never really planned to make this a long story. It was just a little idea I came up with. But I might make some short stories about all the videos Edward made of Emmett's mistakes. Anyway hope you liked it. -Alicefan1)