"Alice," I called.

I hadn't moved from my spot on the piano bench for a week straight. It doesnt help that everyday so far has been sunny. Its the middle of December for christ sakes. Isn't it supposed to snow in December, especially here in Forks?

"Yes, Brother?" Alice asked, popping up next to me.

"Is there any reason we should be worried that its so abnormally sunny?" I asked anxiously.

"Not that I know of, But then again. I havent been able to see any of our futures this whole time. I think something is coming into our lives soon." She stated cryptically.

"You... You haven't been able to see anything, And you didn't let me know?" I yelled at her.

She had been doing this all week. Shielding me from her mind. And now she tells me that she cant see anything. I don't know why its so important to her that shes keeps her mind from me especially when it could be something dangerous like the Volturi or some other coven that is out to get us.

"I didn't want to worry you. Besides. I have a feeling that your going to be happy in.... 2 hours?" She said as if she was guessing slightly, but still knew what was going on.

I sighed and stood up. My joints didn't feel any pain or stiffness from the position I was just sitting in this past week. Being a vampire, we almost never feel physical pain. But mental, and emotional pain, (or annoyance, Alice) that's still there.

"I'm going for a run." I lied smoothly. I just wanted to go to my meadow and be alone till everyone came back. They had all been hunting this weekend. Enjoying the sun and free time to hunt, till Carlisle goes to work, and us "kids" go to school. I should have gone too. Then I wouldn't be stuck with the stupid little pixie that's by my side.

"Alright, Have fun in your Meadow." She said with a sly grin.

God, I have always hated when she just tells you were you already know your going. Even though I just lied to her, Its still nice to keep it to myself.

"Yeah, Sure." I sighed.

As I walked slowly out the front door, I glanced back. Our house was perfect, And I hope we can stay in it a bit longer. I hate to think what It will look like in 50 years, when we can come back, and start the high school all over again. That, is one of the few things I hate about being a vampire, you have to pretend to be your age. And you cant do anything really constructive. Like open a business, or invent anything to sell. You have to be just... There. Pretending that your life goes on forever. We cant even really make friends. Because once we leave. We never talk to any human from that place again.

I fell into an easy pace. Still faster than all my siblings. But slower than normal. Running helps me think about all the things that I have forever to ponder. Piano is another thing that helps me think. While playing, you don't need Jasper there to tell you my feelings. It comes out in the tone of the song. Lately I haven't been very happy. Everyone has been very cryptic and hiding there thoughts. I know its an invasion of privacy but I am so used to it, that its just hard to understand why they want me out. I don't mean to hear there thoughts, but when they hide them, I'm really really curious.

I arrived at the meadow now. Its still as perfect as it has been the past 67 years. It was still perfectly round, Emmett took the opportunity to measure everything 20 years ago. I didn't know that Mother nature was capable of making anything so perfect. The wildflowers were a rainbow of colours. Reds and blues, purples and oranges, And my favorite. White and yellow freesias. But there is one spot, that smells the most of Freesias. Right in the middle. I have never understood why. There's nothing in the middle besides a round ring of grass. As I walked to the middle now, waiting for the sun once again to burst through the clouds, I was very quiet. As if my voice, or footsteps would ruin this beauty.

I layed down in the grass. Loving the feels of the crisp blades melting at my weight. Grass has always smelled amazing to me. Its just so clean. And, out here. I didnt have to hear any minds. There were no dirty thoughts, no gossip of the day. No family problems, and eating disorders. It was just peaceful...

And then I heard this tiny tinkling of bells. It was so quiet I doubt even I would have heard it if It wasn't so quiet up here. As I listened closer, It was singing. A human? No... I didn't smell a human here. But it was English.... I strained my hearing to catch the words. I couldn't hear them. I tried to listen closer. And felt my body turn slightly to the right, were the sound was coming from.

Oh! Its not singing. Its humming. It was very light, and airy. A beautiful song if it had words. The way this person, or thing was making out the tune, it sounded very happy. But also lonely. I tried to read the mind of this person. Because that's what I thought it surely was now. Nothing. Just... Colours? Coming from the mind of this person. There was just bright flashes of colours. They were beautiful. It was almost as if I had never seen these colors before. As if they... were a different kind of beauty. I needed to find this person. To ask why there song was so lonely. Why there mind was so... wonderful.

"Hello, Is anyone by any chance there?" I whispered very quietly. The person who was making these sounds, had to be very small. A child perhaps.

I strained my hearing again. The humming had stopped. And now that there were no other sounds, I could hear a tiny heartbeat. Fluttering like a bird, but a thousand times faster. What heartbeat could possible be that fast?

"Yes," Said a very, very quiet voice.

I was magnificent. Exactly like the ringing of bells. Purely, and utterly amazing. My dead heart was longing to see who this voice belonged to. Who could create such a wonderful sound. One that was so beautiful that it just should not exist. Me, wishing to hear this voice forever, and make it laugh. I imagined how brilliant it would seem.

"Are you lost?" I asked in the same whisper.

"Yes." The voice stated. Sounding so very sad. Their mind also flashed blues and greens. Sorrow.

"Is there anyway I could help you?" I asked, hoping this person wouldn't object.

"Let me see you." She said in a breathy ring of bells. I could tell it was female now. No male on earth, no matter how they wished, could sound like that.

"Where are you?" I asked timidly. I would finally see the girl who made this voice. It was as if a life long dream was going to be filled. But it had only been, 15 minutes perhaps. But it didn't matter. I want so very much to see this girl. Aching, to see.

She giggled, "Look at the poppy to your right, see that flash of orange, thats not supposed to be there? Yes, Thats me." She said. She sounded frightened. Like she didnt know what would happen.

I did see that orange. How tiny was she? How could she possible be that small? To fit inside a flower. Even though, Poppies were slightly large. No human could be that small. But by her voice, I could tell she wasnt of that species. I sat up slowly not wanting to scare her or anything remotely to that. I saw the flash of orange again. I stalked toward it slowly.

"I thought vampires were fast" The... thing giggled.

Her laugh was so pretty, but how did she know I was a vampire. And why wasn't she afraid. Everything is our prey. I would have thought someone that knew about us would be frightened. But she didn't seem to be. She laughed.

"I wouldn't want to frighten you, now would I?" I said outloud. I dont think I could stand talking in whispers anymore.

Even if I did talk in whispers, I don't think it would matter. With tiny ears, she could be able to hear anything. She should get used to it being loud.

"I think its me, you should be frightened of." She said. You could hear the smile in her voice. And I was suddenly wanting to see what that smile looked like.

I sat down next to the poppy. Making sure not to look at it yet. It was like a surprise, a kid with a present on his birthday. I was going to wait, till she said I could look. Shes the one who wanted to see me first. It would be gentlemanly of me to wait, till her consent.

"What colour are your eyes?" She asked even more quietly. My ears were getting used to the strain, and now that I was closer to her, it was easier to hear.

"Would you like to see?" I mumbled.

"Yes, please." She stated politely.

Most women these days aren't that polite. Not to be rude. But from there minds, almost every one of them is slightly mean. Or, disgusting, With there thoughts. When I walk by them, they think of me in disgusting ways. I've never thought of anyone like that. But these women and girls, they seem to do it with anyone, all the time. Picking at their problems, or flaws. Or figuring out how perfect they look. Not that it matters, You don't have to be beautiful on the outside, to be on the inside. I wish someone was both. Beautiful, inside and out.

I looked down at this creature. And froze. I thought Alice was a pixie? No... This girl sitting cross legged in the poppy, was a pixie. She was about 1 and a half inches tall, with very long, slightly curly rusty brown hair. It went down to her knees and was at the moment fanned out around her. It was a waterfall of colour. Brown, prominent, Red slightly there, and gold. There was Gold sparkling in her hair. It was beautiful. But the most thing that got me, was her eyes. They were so deep, and full of emotion, that it was hard to look away. They were brown like her hair, and also like her hair, had flecks of gold neat the iris. There were the most pretty eyes I had ever seen in my lifetime. Her face was heart shape, but also fierce. Her cheek bones were soft, but somehow sharp, and angular. Her lips were full and softly rounded. She had a lovely pink blush on her checks and on her tiny, graceful neck. Her arms were long, and muscled. Her long legs, that were folded with each other, were also muscled and toned. She was very pale almost as pale as my family and I. I looked slightly to the back of her and almost gasped. She had amazing Orange and gold wings sprouting out of her shoulder blades. They had Celtic designs and curlicues running down the sides, and ruffles on the edges. Any butterfly would be envious of her wings. She, was beautiful.

"Your eyes," She said slowly, "You don't feed from humans, do you?" It took me a second to comprehend what she was say, I was watching her lips move with each other, entranced at how gracefully she talked.

"No, My family and I don't drink from humans. Animals, actually."

"Thank goodness for that." She said with a smile. I almost grabbed her right there. Her smile, that was the most breath taking thing about her. I would spend a lifetime figuring out ways to make her do it again.

"Why are you here all alone?" I asked, curious to why she would be in the middle of the forest by herself.

"I got separated from my family in a war a 100 years ago. I have always been here. But, I think this is the first time I have ever seen you." She said with a slight laugh.

"Well then. Formally, I am Edward Cullen. And you are?" I asked, grinning in anticipation to learning her name.

She stuck her tiny hand out, "Bella Swan." She giggled towards the end.

Her name suited her perfectly, Her voice like bells, and her name meaning beautiful, just like her. Hmm, she wants a handshake? How absurd.

I slowly reached out to take her hand in my finger tips slightly shaking, " Well Bella, it is very, very nice to meet you." I said with an easy smile. She gripped my middle finger in her tiny hand, and I felt an electrical shock, then I was surprised by her immence strength, it was like arm wrestling with Emmett.

"And you, Edward." She then let go of my finger and stood up, smiling.

And I thought she couldn't get anymore beautiful. Bella's body along with face could rival Rosalie. Her hips were perfectly shaped, and her waist was slim, but very soft. And oddly, though I don't know why it was odd, she had full breasts. She defiantly was more beautiful than any model on this earth. She was wearing a blue baby doll dress, it hugged her chest, and flowed to her mid thigh. It matched her skin perfectly, and brought out the gold in her hair and wings. She was magnificent.

"Where do you live?" She asked suddenly.

"23 miles to the east."

"You live in... a house? Is that what they call it?" She asked timidly, like she didn't know what she was really talking about.

"Yes, I live in a house." I said with a laugh, "Would you like to come meet my family, I'm sure they would be delighted to meet you. And Carlisle, my father, would love to learn more about... your species?"

"I would love to meet Alice again too!" She said with sudden enthusiasm.

"You've met Alice?" I asked. Since when does Alice come to my meadow?

"Oh yes. I met her on Monday. She wanted to find what was causing the sun. I am terribly sorry for causing this odd weather. She just told me I would be meeting you sometime soon, So It just got worse over the week. I can turn it back." She rambled, as if she was in trouble.

So, Alice did know what was causing this weather change. It wasn't that I minded. It was just that it was odd. Now that it was explained, I guess I know Alices' reason from keeping this from me. It was a wonderful surprise.

"Ah, So this is what she has been keeping from me. Shall we go now? Esme would love to speak to another girl, I have a feeling that after all these years, she's a bit tired from Alice and Rosalie's opinions." I said laughing, and was slightly shocked to hear her tinkling laugh along with mine, they went together seamlessly.

"Yes! Can we please go?" She was jumping up and down, making her dress sway, and her chest bounce. God, she was going to kill me if she kept doing that.

"How would you like to go there? Can you fly, or do you wish me to carry you?" I asked, wishing she wouldn't object to the second option.

"Oh, If its that long of a distance, would you mind terribly if you carried me?" Looking up with distressed eyes.

"Of course not. Come on." I stood up from the sitting position I didn't know I was in and looked down at her.

It surprised me with she shot into the air and fluttered around. She was amazing in flight, more graceful that a butterfly, and swifter than the fastest bird. It also sent an electrical shock when she landed in my hair.

I chuckled "Is there something that you like about my hair?" I asked as I felt her shuffle around, trying to find a comfortable position in my unrully mop of hair.

"You know, its a very pretty colour, If you dont mind me saying its pretty. I know how guys dont like "girl" words." She said with a smile in her voice.

"Well, its not every day you get a very beautiful girl saying that your hair is pretty." I said laughing.

"Edward, shush. I am not beautiful. Come on, start running. Unless, you cant go fast enough." She said taunting me.

I didn't comment on her not thinking she was beautiful, hoping that I had a lifetime to show her that she was. I shot off into the forest, heading to my home. Where everyone would be waiting to interrogate this amazing creature sitting atop my head.

Bella laughed loudly, the loudest I had heard her this entire time, yet it was still just a tiny noise, "Edward, This is so much fun! Although it still is not as fast as flight." she said still giggling.

"We are almost there Bella. Just 15 more seconds." And true to my word, 15 seconds later, we stood in front of my house, walking up the stairs to were I heard my family talking to each other, and Emmett playing Halo 3. I opened up the door, and stepped inside, with Bella still sitting firmly atop my head.