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Chapter 2

Gunfire was not something uncommon in the great metropolis known as New York City. Especially if you were in a notorious section that was known for its hard streets and people who would kill you for only a few dollars just so they could get their fix for that night. Those who were not involved with deteriorating their hood did not want to get involved with the police for fear of retaliation from their neighbors. The streets had eyes and ears, you had to be careful about getting involved and sticking your nose into other people's business.

Anthony had been standing over the unconscious woman, having no second thoughts about killing her and leaving the bodies to rot. Putting pressure on the trigger he was ready to shoot the woman and be done with it, but when the sound of a police siren went off it caused him to flinch. The gun went off vibrating the walls of the small building making it sound louder then usual. The bullet he had fired had not even come close to Stella's head, embedding itself into the wall above her.

Spooked that the backup the woman had claimed she had called was going to come through the door at any second, he decided to get his ass out of there. Turning on his heel he took off leaving Stella at the foot of the stairs. He was going to come back, but this time with help. That is if the place wasn't crawling with NYPD.

Stella Bonasera was floating in and out of consciousness and had no idea of the immediate danger that was upon her. To her it seemed hours in between when Anthony was standing over her and when he had left; when really it had only been a few minutes. Her grasp on reality was so close, she could almost touch it but by the major pain in her skull made it seem further away and not worth trying to come back to. It seemed as though the better solution was to just stop resisting the urge to fall back asleep and leave the troubled world behind her, but deep down something kept her from doing that. On an internal level Stella knew she had to get up, had to get moving before it was too late.

Opening her eyes she quickly shut them for fear she'd lose her stomach contents from the way the world was spinning around her. The light streaming through the windows was not helping her sensitive eyes at the moment either. When Stella felt she had a better grasp on her senses, she cracked open an eye open and saw that she was lying at the foot of some steep stairs. 'What the hell, why am I.' It was like a ton of bricks combined with a semi truck hitting her at full speed as the realization had dawned on her as to why she was lying on the ground in a heap. Anthony, the warrant, the car ride, Flack! 'Oh god, he was stabbed.' Her mind began racing, 'how long had she been out, was he even alive, Anthony had Flack's gun, where the hell did Anthony go.' To many questions and not enough answers. 'Phone, backup, they needed backup!' She began to roll over enough so she could reach her phone, but found excruciating pain ripping through her entire right arm. She had to squeeze her eyes shut and bit down on her lip in order not to start screaming bloody murder. There was a distinct possibility she had broken it when she tried to stop herself from taking the tumble down the stairs.

When the pain finally subsided enough into a dull pain, she than was much more careful in order not to jar her arm and grabbed her phone. To her utter dismay and disgust it was very obvious her phone was not going to be of any help. "Dammit." Most phones are durable and are meant to take a beating. Not to mention she had dropped that phone on many occasions and it didn't even appear to have one mark on it. Take a fall down a flight of stairs, that seems to seal its fate. Looking up at where she had fallen from she realized there was still Flack's phone if Anthony hadn't taken it off him. But for once in Stella's life, she was afraid she wasn't going to be able to make it up the stairs before she blacked out in the process.

But it wasn't an option to quit. Flack's life depended on her and her alone. With that last thought Stella became determined. She was going to get up those stairs, and she was going to call for back up and Flack would be okay and they were going to catch the man responsible for this whole mess.

Using her good arm Stella slowly pulled herself up, already feeling her head pounding more intensely for even daring to try and move. For a split second she felt her stomach drop, and she thought she'd lose her breakfast right there. But when nothing happened she continued on with her quest. It felt like it took an hour to reach her full height, but only took a mere minute or two. Stella felt at any moment she was going to lose her balance. It took everything in her not to keel back over from the dizziness that was washing over in full force. The wall became her support as she begun her long climb, and as every step became harder Stella prayed she wouldn't pass out and take another fall down the stairs. That would be her luck, she never had the best fortune when it came to a staircase. Next apartment she was going to avoid having stairs, that way she would never fall down a flight ever again in her lifetime, or so she hoped.

When Stella reached the top she suddenly realized her hearing had gone completely. To her horror she found it increasingly harder to walk, and she knew as to why it was happening. Her body was beginning to shut down, she had used too much energy to get up the stairs. Stella couldn't believe that her own body was fighting against her, and no matter what she did, it was a battle she could not win. By the time she reached Don she was crawling. Sheer determination kept her going, her mind screaming at her to not stop, their lives depended on it.

But there is only so much your body can do for you before it has to save itself, to make sure you survive. Stella's body had no more energy to give and therefore it turned on her. She was an arms length from Flack when she lost consciousness once more.

(CSI Building)

Danny Messer was finishing up his paperwork from processing a body earlier that day. He was waiting for Stella to get back with any more additional information. Taking his glasses off he rubbed his tired itchy eyes. Staring at the computer for hours on end could make your eyes feel a hundred years old. Deciding then he needed a drink he pushed himself away from the desk and put his glasses back on as he made his way towards the break room. He saw Lindsey Monroe sitting at one of the desks. "Hey, Montana." Looking up she gave a soft smile, "Hey." Watching him for a second she went back to what she was doing, paperwork and eating lunch. Danny grabbed a drink from the coke machine and sat across from Lindsey. Taking a sip he looked down at what to be the remaining paperwork on a case.

"So looks like you finishing up." Leaving his sentence hanging hoping Lindsey would cure his curiosity. He had heard she had been on the case with Mac and wondered how it had turned out. Lindsey glanced up shaking her head, "I've was a bit surprised on this one. I'd heard it of," stopping trying to find a word in order not to be disrespectful, "them being territorial. I didn't think they'd actually get violent."

Danny was trying hard not to be a smartass but it was getting increasingly difficult. It was more then likely why he didn't pull the case, and Mac gave the case to Lindsey. Mack apparently didn't trust Danny not to be making a bunch of wise cracks at the situation. "Guess you don't get a lot of experiences with hookers in Montana. Makes me wonder what your boys be doing for fun," shrugging "guess you always got cattle or is it buffalo I hear?"

Lindsey rolled her eyes, "Very funny."

Danny had a shit eating grin on his face, "I'm sorry, so what happened?"

Shaking her head and looking down at the paper, Lindsey looked back up, "Apparently one had been on the streets longer, and a fresh face showed up and was," she cut herself off trying to figure another way to say it without sounding cheesy, but Danny helped her out.

"Taking all the action."

"Right, so when the older one confronted the new girl, the new gal basically called the other one a dinosaur and told her days her were over and to get off her street. That wasn't taken lightly and the older woman pushed the new girl into oncoming traffic. A bus dragged her for a good fifty feet; the sad thing was she continued trying to work the street as though nothing had happened." Lindsey concluded her story, looking down once more at her paperwork and feeling sympathy for anyone who chose that kind of line of work.

"Well what have you learned today, Montana? Don't mess with a hooker and her street. See, you learn something new every day. " Danny spoke, lifting Lindsey's spirits up.

Lindsey took a sip of her drink clearing her throat, "So how's your case going?" Knowing changing the subject would also help.

Danny shrugged, "About as good as you can get, Stella and Flack were following up on a possible suspect." Danny was going to add to that but his phone began ringing, he looked down to see who was calling, "speak of the devil." Answering it and then putting it to his ear, "Got something for me, Flack?"

Lindsey went to take another drink but she stopped short when she noticed the body language of Danny. "What's wrong?"

Danny put his pointer finger up, wanting complete silence. Suddenly he than put his hand over the phone to muffle his side so no one on Flack's end could hear him. "Call and get a track on Flack's phone right now."

Before Lindsey could even place her hand on her cell Danny sat up with complete urgency in her voice, "we have to get to that suspect's house right now." Not even waiting for Lindsey to even comprehend what was going on, he took off like a bat out of hell. Though she wanted an explanation on what the heck was going on, she knew it had to be something bad or Danny wouldn't be reacting this way. Grabbing her paperwork she ran to catch up with him.

(Few minutes earlier)

Don had been regaining consciousness slowly. He had heard someone coming back up the steps and fear was ripping through him, wondering if Anthony had come back to finish the job. When he saw Stella in a haze collapse in front of him he wanted nothing more to get up and check to see if she was okay. But he couldn't move. He knew he was bleeding to death and he couldn't do a damn thing about it.

His body wanted nothing more than for him to fall into a deep sleep, but a sleep Flack was scared beyond belief of visiting. Afraid that if he allowed himself to succumb to the sweet surrender of darkness, he'd never wake from it again. That would be his destiny to die in an apartment with Stella only a few inches away from him. Definitely not how he expected himself to go, but he knew one thing, he'd at least go down fighting. He would not just bleed to death when he could at least help Stella. Maybe at least get some help for her.

That's when he heard the back door open and slam shut. 'Oh, God. He was back.' Flack's state of panic went into overdrive. He didn't have his gun, and he was pretty sure he had taken Stella's as well. 'Phone, he had his phone.'

As he reached into his pocket her heard another voice and it did not belong to Anthony. They had reached the stairs and any moment they'd be come flying up them. He had a few people on speed dial, not having to mess with his phonebook or even having to glance at it, knew it by heart. The only one he could think was his best friend, Danny Messer.

Just as he sent the call Anthony and the unknown man had reached the top of the stairs and had come into the room where Flack, Stella and the woman lay. "God damn Anthony, make enough of a mess."

"Come on just help me move the bodies so we can get this over with."

As Flack felt them near Stella, it took everything in him not to try and kick at them. He didn't want them anywhere near Stella or himself. But that would blow his cover and the fact he had the phone on. 'God, he hoped Danny could hear what was going on.'

"You didn't tell me they were still alive," the unknown assailant spoke.

"Yea, but not for long, that one pig is bleeding to death and I bet that bitch won't be able to swim when we throw her ass over the bridge."

Flack was surprised when they moved him first and intense pain ripped through his entire stomach reign, causing him to gasp. The phone was too lose in his pocket and slid out hitting the floor. As it collided with the floor, it sounded deafening to Flack, knowing he had just lost his only connection to the outside world.

Anthony heard the sound of the phone and immediately dropped his hold on Flack and went over and picked up the phone. "Son of a bitch," he took the phone and wailed it as hard as he could into the wall smashing it to a million pieces. "He was calling for help, but that's fine, we'll be long gone before they get here, ain't that right." Anthony glared down at Flack who had opened his eyes. He never had a chance to respond as a foot came into his field of vision and Flack was thrown into the world of blackness.


The dreaded words…till next time!