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Honeymoon Hilarity

Chapter 1: Love Panic

"Oh jeez, what are you doing?" Riku slapped her hand over her face in embarrassment over what she was seeing. How had this happened? Why did she marry the playboy prince in front of her anyways?

It was all because of a simple and stupid game that she should have never started.

Riku tried not to cry over her loss, but because of what she was seeing, it was almost impossible. Dark, the playboy prince of the Western lands, was not only handsome and romantic… he was—an idiot

Dark looked like some kind tourist dressed in extremely warm clothes even though they were headed for an island not too far off from the Western lands. It was his definition of a disguise. He quieted Riku, "Shh! Do you know what'll happen if they know I'm—…?"

"…an idiot?" Riku finished Dark's sentence with sarcasm, slapping a hand over hi mouth to keep him from arguing back. "Look, I doubt anyone is even going to recognize you. I mean, there are only like—10 people on this boat anyways…" Riku pulled back, allowing Dark to speak again.

"You don't understand! Even though there are only 10 of them, they could all tell 10 more people when we get to the island, and then they could all continue to tell 10 more everywhere over the island! I don't want us to be scouted on our honeymoon… well; actually it wouldn't be too bad if they got a picture of us in bed…" Dark smirked and Riku's face flared.

"Okay, fine! Keep your stupid disguise," Riku muttered, crossing her arms and walking off toward the front of the boat. Her auburn hair swayed in the wind, and her eyes glittered in the warm sunlight. It was a perfect day, especially with the ocean looking so smooth. The boat was practically sailing on liquid glass.

Riku focused on the target island though, thanking the heavens that they would reach their destination within moments. She was sick and tired of spending time on the boat with only Dark as actual company…

When the boat came to a stop at the harbor, she turned around to check if her husband realized that they had arrived. As she expected he was staring off into space… "Dark, hurry up," Riku poked Dark and snapped him out of his daydream. He quickly followed her to the exit ramp and they were both safely off the boat… until Riku lost her grip on the railing, almost falling headfirst into the ocean.

A gloved hand swung around her waist and she could feel the strength of the arm pull her up into a standing position. A young man who looked to be the same age waited for her to speak, as he slowly withdrew his hand, allowing her time to regain her composure.

"Ah," Riku blushed, and Dark watched the scene in slight jealousy, almost giving the boy a death glare. The boy had slightly spiky, yet soft looking pastel brown hair and piercing eyes of a slightly darker color. He wore a red and white jacket, both hands clad in gloves. "Um, may I ask your name?" Riku's attempt at being polite sounded almost awkward, but the boy seemed to disregard it.

"It's Argentine," Without waiting for her to say anything more, the boy turned and left without another word.

"Brat," Dark spat, watching the kid run off. Irritation radiated off Dark, but Riku knew it would blow over eventually. "How could you let him talk to you like that?" Dark looked down at his wife, and she seemed to be caught in a momentary daze.

'His eyes… his presence—it seemed almost ghostly…' Riku continued looking at the space Argentine had occupied just seconds ago before snapping out of it and listening to Dark repeat his question in an even more irritated tone of voice. "He helped me, so I was in no position to be rude," she huffed, crossing her arms and shoving one of her bags into his arms. "Come on, let's go," she commanded, pulling Dark along with her towards the fancy car he had managed to get as transportation.

A female driver stepped out of the car and opened the door for them, bowing and speaking politely, asking them to put their seatbelts on. She was quiet but kind. After delivering Dark and Riku to their hotel, she smiled as if she knew everything and drove off.

The couple grabbed their keys from the front desk and took the elevator up to the 12th floor suite, almost throwing their bags down before throwing themselves onto the bed. "How exactly was this supposed to be a honeymoon? I'm too tired to do anything…" Riku groaned and rolled on the bed, careful not to roll into Dark.

"Like… this…" Dark rolled over toward Riku and pulled her to him, placing a kiss on her temple and smirking seductively at her as she blushed furiously. "Come on sweets, lighten up," he said, massaging her forearm lightly as he pressed closer to her soft figure. "We can't just sit around on our honeymoon…" Dark whispered, brushing his fingers upward until his hand rested over Riku's eyes, blinding her.

Riku's face reddened, feeling Dark's warmth encase her and the loss of her sight combined made her temperature skyrocket. She could feel excitement and tension build within her stomach; her voice was lost somewhere in a jumble of suddenly meaningless thoughts and at some point Dark had changed positions. Almost instantly, Riku felt as though she had been magically swept away by the charming antics and seductive smirks of the playboy prince, and she could tell she was panicking over love…


"Shh…" Dark pressed his index finger to her lips and his messy violet hair gracefully swept over his shoulders and framed his face as he did so. He gazed down at his innocent wife and his electrifying eyes effectively silenced her as he continued to brush his hands over her shoulders while she looked away from his intense gaze timidly. "Riku…" He buried his face in the crook of her neck and inhaled the faint scent of strawberries.

Riku's body pulsated so much that she could hear her own heartbeat, and she felt how her skin absorbed Dark's every touch, tingling with warmth wherever his fingers traveled… Over her shoulders, beneath her ears, and to her every curve—his hands slid over her entire body, and she gasped softly as he began to place butterfly kisses from her collarbone upwards, "Dark…" she gasped, placing her hand at the back of Dark's head, grasping his silken hair between her lithe fingers.

Dark pulled back to look once more at his innocent wife before being tugged into a passionate kiss. His lips pressed gently against hers, and his tongue swept over her lower lip, asking for entrance. She gasped at the action, and he allowed his tongue to dance with hers in a fiery waltz.

An electric current coursed through both their bodies and Dark felt the intensity of it all go straight to his head. He felt as if he were in a dream, and so he pressed more forcefully towards Riku before withdrawing from the kiss, leaving Riku dazed and confused, feeling the need for more of his delicious touch.

"Riku, don't close your eyes…" Dark's voice held a power that Riku couldn't go against and she followed his instructions, keeping her eyes on his as he drew closer, brushing his hand upwards from her ankle until his hand rested firmly on her hip. His other hand began its adventure beneath her shirt, caressing her curves and snaking its way around to her bare back as he molded his body to hers, still gazing at her heatedly with want—need

It was undeniable… the fire, the passion, everything… Riku couldn't deny any of it, and so she pressed onwards, allowing herself to explore her lover in a way she never had.

Her arms wrapped around Dark and her small hands raked over Dark's thinly clothed back, he forced her to continue watching as he kissed her more fervently than ever before and the coils in her stomach were winding tighter and tighter… she could feel what was coming next…

End of Chapter 1

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