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Hey everyone, I decided to write the lemon after all the OK's I got in my reviews, so hopefully you'll like it. This is my first lemon, and being that I'm only 14 years old, it probably isn't written as well as a lot of the other older and more mature authors, but any creative criticism is welcomed. This entire chapter is basically a lemon, but since this is a threeshot fanfiction what do you expect? xD Anyways, the final chapter will be posted wither this weekend, or next weekend depending on the smount of schoolwork I have. Thanks for reading!

Honeymoon Hilarity

Chapter 2: Sacred Maiden

Night falls upon the world, and the darkness overtakes the light, yet within the suite of a fancy hotel, heat is still abundant… "Dark…" she whispered, breathless from her prince's actions. His hands roamed her heated flesh, and his breath ghosted over her neck, and into her ear. She nearly shuddered, barely containing herself as he pressed closer, silently urging her to touch him—make a move.

Her trembling hands rest on his thinly clothed back, his simple dress shirt the only thing keeping her skin from making contact with his. She shyly kept her eyes locked with his and her face burned red as she slowly dragged her hands down his back. She let them rest at the hem of his shirt and Dark saw the uncertainty in her eyes, "go ahead," he urged, smirking.

She swallowed and let her hands travel beneath his shirt, along his bare back. She could feel his muscles react lightly to her touch, and she squeaked when he caught one of her arms in his hands and brought it to the front of his unbuttoned shirt. Her hand was pressed to his chest, directly over his heart; he smiled.

He took his other hand and shifted his weight onto his legs as he pressed his other hand to her heart, "I can feel it," he said, "your heart is beating for me." He removed both hands and fell back over her, hands on either side of her head as he pinned her down. Her hand was still pressed to his chest, and he smirked at the contact before kissing a trail of butterfly kisses down from her cheek all the way down until he was right above her chest. Riku watched him out of curiosity, face completely red in embarrassment, "may I?" he asked, his voice delightfully rich as his fingers danced over the button to her shirt.

She nodded and tried to avert her eyes as he chuckled at her shyness, undoing the buttons to her shirt in a matter of seconds. He pulled the material over her arms and threw it aside, his gaze resting on the last piece of clothing blocking his way. He reached around and unhooked her bra, slowly pulling it away from her body and reveling in the sight of her perfect breasts. Her arms moved to cover herself, but Dark wouldn't allow it.

"You're gorgeous," he breathed, pressed his face against her chest.

It was such a strange feeling to her, having someone resting their head on her bare chest… calling her gorgeous, encouraging her to take action—it was all so strange; foreign. "Dark I—" she stuttered, feeling a spark traveling through her body. "I don't think—"

"Shh, don't think about it," he said, raising his head to place a kiss on her rosy lips. "Just let me handle things tonight," he smirked, resting his hands on her chest, lightly squeezing. For a moment, her body went rigid, and suddenly she began melting under his touch. His fingers brushed over her breasts, squeezed, kneaded, pinched, all in the right places, and she moaned his name in pleasure, eyes beginning to cloud.

Her mind, so clouded with the feel of Dark's hands and his kisses, barely registered that one of his skillful hands had gone missing, and had ventured further down, tugging at the zipper to her skirt… He pressed his knee upwards, to her panty-clad core, and the friction had Riku biting her lower lip to keep from screaming out in delight. Finally, he had the zipper down and the fastener off, he wasted no time in pulling the garment away and looked down at his last obstacle.

He was enjoying himself far too much to rush things, "Riku," he began playfully, hands dancing over her chest, massaging lightly. She looked him in the eyes, and she could feel the tingle going up her spine, the strange and slightly pleasurable feeling of being so exposed causing her body to shiver. "Tell me… what do you want me to do?" he whispered seductively, rubbing his knee up against her with a little more pressure, smirking when she wriggled beneath him.

"I…I want you to…" she trailed off, swallowing hard as she mumbled incoherently the last of her words. She kept her gaze to the side, hoping that she wouldn't have to bear the embarrassment of making the request Dark was waiting for. She hoped he would give in—would just do something to soothe the crazy ache… but no, he wanted her to say it. He wanted to hear her whisper those naughty words into his ears for him and for him only. He wanted to hear her trip over her words and lay there beneath him innocently as her words betrayed her actions. He needed to hear those words.

"C'mon Riku… unless you want me to stop?" he teased, pulling his knee away, catching her chin between his fingers to force her to look him in the eyes. "What do you want me to do?" he asked, brushing his thumb over her lips.

"I want… please I—" she stuttered, "please Dark, just—don't make me say it!" she pleaded, her hands moving around to grasp at the front of his shirt. She tugged him forward, but he stayed where he was, waiting for her to say the words he longed to hear. Her brows knit in frustration, and her fingers wrinkled his shirt, "Dark please… make it go away… this ache," she whispered, her eyes locking with his, "Dark, touch me..."

He smirked and felt how tight his pants were beginning to feel, "where?" he asked, unbuttoning his pants and pulling her hands away to remove his shirt. Her hands found their way to his strong shoulders and she pulled him closer for a kiss, "here," she whispered, guiding his hand to her most intimate place. He squeezed, feeling the dampness of her panties as she let out a sigh of pleasure at his touch.

"Excited, aren't we?" he teased, yanking away the final barrier and tossing it off to the side with the rest of their clothes. He marveled at her completely naked body, the creamy expanse of her skin seemingly endless and perfect in his eyes. He smirked and brushed his fingers over her skin from her neck, slowly over her breasts, and lower, resting on her thighs as he brought his hands inward, massaging her inner thighs.

"What about you?" she asked, feeling her embarrassment slowly fade. He raised a brow at her question and stopped his ministrations. "Your clothes, I mean," she said, her gaze falling on his half undone pants with a light blush dusted over her cheeks.

He chuckled, "seems I've made a pervert out of you," he joked. She blushed furiously and covered her face with one of her hands. "Why don't you help me with it?" he asked, taking her hand away and guiding her fingers around the metal zipper to his pants. He watched as she stared at her hand, slowly pulling the zipper downwards to reveal his black boxers. She began to sit up, and Dark moved backwards, leaning on his hands as she crawled over him, her fingers tucked into the waistband of his pants. She clumsily tugged the garment downwards and tossed it to the side, and then she stared at his boxers, blushing madly and waiting for Dark to speak up.

"I got it," he said, giving in to her for once. He moved off the bed and pulled it off, crawling back onto the bed with a sexy grin plastered on his face. "Never seen a naked man before?" he teased, pinning her back down and letting his hands resume their massaging.

"Pervert," she gasped, feeling one of his hands on her core. He trailed his index finger over her nether lips and kissed up her thigh. Riku moaned softly and her hands tangled themselves in his violet hair, "stop teasing me…" she gasped, tugging at his hair.

"Calm down," he whispered. She felt his breath over her thighs and she sighed out in pleasure once again. His finger continued to trail, and when he finally kissed up to his destination, he pulled his finger away, suckling at the digit before positioning his head in front of her dripping center, "watch," he commanded. Her lust-filled eyes watched him as his tongue laved, licked, and prodded her entrance.

"Dark…!" she gasped, trying to push her hips forward to feel more of him. "Don't stop…," she begged, bringing him closer to her. She was panting and her body was glistening with sweat in the moonlight that filtered through the curtains. Dark stared at her hungrily and continued his ministrations, delving deeper into her core with each thrust of his tongue.

Her body was completely on fire, his hands on her thighs sending chills down her spine, his hungry gaze filling her with need, and his tongue… it was sending waves of pleasure throughout her entire body, slowly tightening the coils in her stomach and building pressure in an almost unbearably pleasant way. She breathed sharply when she felt his tongue swirl and then immediately thrust deeper, "Dark...!" she moaned, finally feeling her climax take over as she was sent into her blissful oblivion.

She shuddered in pleasure, her body in complete sensory overload as he finished, lapping away her natural fluids. The room was filled with the sound of her pants and Dark still felt the need to release, but he kept himself under control, allowing Riku to rest. When he was finished, he pulled away and looked down at his work. She was stunning.

"Dark…" she whispered, pulling him down to her. She brought him into an embrace, and he almost lost control.

"Riku," he began, pulling away from her embrace, kissing her on the lips. "Sleep," he said, brushing his fingers through her hair and smiling down at her. She looked slightly sad, and he frowned, "what's wrong?" he asked, worried.

"What about you?" she asked, trying not to look at his noticeable erection. "I'm the only one who…"

"Don't worry," he interrupted, "tonight was for you," he replied. She blushed and then smiled, "pretty soon red is going to be your natural skin color," he joked, brushing his thumb over her cheek. She grinned sheepishly and then tried to sit up, pulling the pillow from beneath her head in front of her chest, "how can you still be embarrassed?" he laughed.

She sat quiet for a moment, "I'm going to take a bath," she said, standing up and rushing to the bathroom. Dark watched her and chuckled as she turned to face him and close the door.

"I love you," he said, watching her close the door.

She opened the door and peeked out, "I love you, too," she smiled.

End of Chapter 2

Okay, so my first lemon... I think it went prettty well, though that could just be me. Anyways, writing a lemon between Dark and Riku was a little weird at first, especially since it's pretty hard to find other lemons between them out there. I was trying to find more Dark and Riku fanfictions to look at and kind of get a better feel for the more intimate moments between them, but eh, I failed. Well, moving along, I've been looking at my fanfiction visitors and hits chart and even after an update the numbers are pretty low compared to before. I'm starting to think the popularity of DNAngel has gone down quite a bit, so I hope you guys will stick with me! Anyways, as always, thanks for reading, please review!