Title: Drunken Secrets
Rating: R
Prompt: drunk
Pairings: Tom/Doug
Disclaimer: I don't own 21 Jump Street or the characters; I make no profit, etc.
Warnings: m/m, language, it's pretty much a PWP.
Summary: Doug's stomach is irrisistable. Along with the rest of him, of course.

"Doug?" Tom mumbled, raising his head lazily to gaze at Doug with blood-shot eyes. He was utterly wasted, and Doug was equally as intoxicated.

Not bothering to look down at his partner lying between his legs, he answered with an uninterested, "What?"

"You wanna know a secret, Dougie?" That caught the other man's attention, making Tom grin and giggle amusedly when Doug lifted his head to stare at him, captivated.

"Secrets are fun."

"So," Tom said as he raised his torso off of the sticky, naked body under him and struggled to prop himself up on his elbows, "You wanna hear it?"

"Yeah, I wanna hear it."

"Okay. Shhh….shhhh….I'm gonna tell you, I'm gonna tell you." The next words came out slowly as if to add emphasis. "I love your stomach."

Doug burst into a fit of laughter.

"No no! I'm serious. Really serious. It's so soft, but hard." He began to rub his hands over his lover's abdomen and chest, keeping his seductive eyes fixed on the older man's. "Big, though small. Sensitive-" He lowered his head to lick a path from the other male's waist to his neck, making Doug groan with renewed pleasure. "-Yet tough. It's the perfect pillow. And….You have no idea how freaking hot I get when I touch, kiss, and bite it."

"Oh god, Tommy," he whispered breathlessly. The words had gone straight to his hardening member.

Tom's smooth lips attacked the exposed territory, occasionally dipping his tongue into his partner's navel. Doug emitted a sound of bliss, his toes curling when his lover slid lower to be near the place where Doug so badly wanted him.

"I know a better way you can use that mouth of yours," he said in a low, lustful tone.

"Mm, I'm sure. Maybe just maybe, baby. I guess it has been….too long since you got done fucking me. Half an hour at least."

"So let me defile your small, desirable mouth."

"Only for you will I let you do that. I love pleasing you."

The younger man combed back his sweaty hair with his fingers and moved farther down his lover's body. His hand clasped around the base of Doug's shaft, and unhurriedly, he enveloped the tip with his lips and started taking in more of the man's erection. After a minute or so, he began sucking diligently, inching his mouth quickly up and down every now and then, and Doug threw his head back, moaning uncontrollably. As he shut his eyes tightly, he thought about how rough and wild and uninhibited they both had been the moment they had stepped foot into the apartment, becoming even more undone and insatiable when they got to the bedroom. The sex that had ensued was nothing like any of the many times before. For one, Tom had taken control, forcing Doug onto his back and lowering himself down until the older man's cock was completely inside of him. He maintained the dominance by setting the pace and stopping every once in awhile just to hear Doug whimper his name and beg him to start moving again. For another, neither of them had cared whether they were being too loud; they didn't worry about how "dirty" they were and would be from the sweat, semen, and saliva of one another; and neither bothered thinking about how sore they would be the next day from slapping each other and the bruises caused by numerous bites and strong grips on one another's hips, legs, and arms. There was only one conclusion Doug could come up with for all of this.

They had to get entirely drunk more often.