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The Summer Vallux

"The older man," Rosalie muttered, "is Carlisle. The woman next to him is Esme, his mate. The little girl is Alice and," Rosalie swallowed once, "the other man is my brother, Jasper."

Emmett nodded. "And they're supposed to help us?"

"Yes," Rosalie said, a small smile rising up on her face as Jasper raised his hand to wave. "They're going to help us."

Jasper came running up to greet us, Alice leaping delicately after him. Rosalie carefully released Bella from her back. As I caught the fragile girl in my arms Jasper seized Rosalie into a crushing hug, both of them looking overjoyed and as if they would cry if they were able. Bella watched the meeting intensely, then looked up quickly at me with a questioning look in her eyes.

"Jasper is Rosalie's twin brother," I explained, unable to take my eyes from Bella's face. It had a healthy, sun-kissed look to it and I noticed a sprinkle of freckles on her nose that hadn't been there before. The brilliant shine which had been radiating off of her was slowly beginning to fade to a gentle glow of warmth which I could feel through my hands. Her chocolate eyes were laced with gold and her hair shimmered with sunlight. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.


I tore my eyes away from Bella's face at the sound of Emmett's hoarse voice. As I looked at him I noticed his eyes were fixed on Bella in an entranced way. My first instincts were those of jealousy and rage until I remembered something very important…Rosalie thought Bella may be Emmett's sister…

Bella turned to look at Emmett, her face lighting up with the most amazing smile I had ever seen.

"Emmett," she gasped. "You're alive?"

Before I knew it, Emmett was at my side, seizing Bella from my arms and pulling her into a tight hold. I immediately feared for Bella's safety until I realized that she seemed to be handling his pressure quite well for as fragile as she seemed…

"I knew you were real, baby sister," he sighed, his breath tickling her neck, sending pieces of it fluttering. "I've been going crazy my whole life, taunted by images of you, my little sister…and now-" he paused, his voice cracking with emotion. "…and now you're here, in my arms…safe…"

Bella's face was flooded with tears. "I thought you were dead. They came through town, killing everyone and when they dragged you away Charlie and I were convinced you were being taken back for…for leftovers..."

They embraced for a second longer before I noticed Bella suddenly clutch her head and stomach, backing away from Emmett, the glow turning to a red thrum under her skin.

"I don't feel so well…" was all Bella was able to get out before she leaned over and regurgitated everything in her stomach. Instantly the leader, Carlisle, was at her side and leading her away.

"Now now, child," Carlisle said calmingly. "You need to lie down. This process is very complex and you've already jeopardized yourself enough by coming here. Go with my wife, Esme-" the beautiful woman who had been at Carlisle's side earlier stepped forward to take Bella from him, "-and go rest at the house. It's just up that hill," he said, pointing to the small dirt path that led up the hill behind him. "In fact, let us all go up to the house. I'm sure you all have many questions and we'll be safe to talk up there."

The procession of vampires headed up the hill toward the house in silence. Inside, however, my mind was racing. What was happening to Bella? Was she even still human? And what about that strange dream I'd had?

"Never fall asleep, you won't wake up. Destroy the guillotine before he does…"

As we came to the crest of the hill our eyes fell upon a large house whose walls seemed to be made of purely of glass. Inside I could Esme laying Bella down on the couch while the small one, Alice, lit candles to fight off the growing night. She kept glancing out the windows at us, watching Jasper, who had his arm around Rosalie. Alice smiled, but it was sort of a sad smile, as if whatever happiness she felt watching Jasper be reunited with his sister would soon bear some ill against her. She shook her head a moment later and began to close the blinds.

"Come," Carlisle said, pulling the door open. "We have much to discuss and you must all be hungry. There is a store of blood in our refrigerator. Help yourselves and make yourselves at home. I'm sure you'd all like to rest for a while."

"No," I hissed, shaking my head and firmly grabbing Carlisle's shoulder as he began to walk toward the kitchen to fetch us some dinner. "I want answers now."

Carlisle turned to me, his face stern and almost as sad as Alice's. "I'm afraid I don't have much I can explain to you. I only have what I've gathered throughout the years. The real person you should ask, Edward, is Bella."

"Bella?" I asked, turning to look at the glowing young women on the couch. She stared at me with her shimmering eyes, her face contorted with pain and confusion. Shivers wracked her body and Esme was piling blankets over her in an attempt to warm her up.

"Yes," Carlisle said, also turning to look at Bella, frowning as he also watched her shake. "Every Vallux is born with the history of their people etched into their brain, isn't that right my dear?"

Bella nodded softly. "It's all been coming to be. It's still rather a jumble."

"A Vallux?" I asked, lowering myself down to sit beside her on the couch. "Is that what that man made you when the Volturi took you away?"

Bella nodded. "The Volturi were going to either make me a vampire or kill me. I guess it depended on how they would have felt once they got their teeth in me. So Basilius chose me to be his new Vallux."

Carlisle said, "We'd all very much like to hear your story. I myself only know the story of the first Valli, and my knowledge in even that is lacking."

Bella nodded in agreement, her eyes lowered in concentration. "It's all rather confusing…and horrifying. I'm nearly sick to my stomach just thinking about it….

"In the beginning of the world there were 4 Valli. Each controlled the seasons, one for each. Zare was the fall Vallux, gentle to the touch yet cold in nature. He was the instigator, always causing fights between Summer and Winter. Seta was the spring Vallux. She was the peacemaker of the group, the opposite of Zare. There was Hewa, the summer Vallux. She was fun-loving and volatile, yet the most compassionate of the group. Then there was Rogoue, the Vallux of winter. As you would expect, he was the opposite of Hewa. He was calculating and serious, possibly the most dangerous of the group, besides Hewa.

"The four of them were constantly locked in a battle for the dominance of their season. More often than not Hewa and Rogoue would dominate the year, leaving a small portion for the other two. Tired of the constant fighting, Basilius, the Rex Regis of Seasons, bound the seasons."

"Basilius?" I asked. "Isn't that the man from my visions, the man that helped us escape?"

"Yes," Bella said while nodding. "He is my Protector and Creator. He used you three to save me, and he used me to save you, Edward. And he's the man who created peace between the seasons.

"Each one would be granted 3 months of their season on earth. During each season the Vallux of that season would have superior powers over the rest of the seasons. After those 3 months, the next season in the cycle would be given control through the passing of an amulet. The amulet was the vessel for their power, a portal to the human world. A season cannot be expressed into the human world without the amulet, thus preventing any other Vallux from attempting to interfere.

"This worked well for about 345 years. Then a great clash came about. Hewa began to realize Zare's role in the constant feud between herself and Rogoue. In her anger, she unleashed a blistering heat wave onto the earth before handing the amulet over to Zare. Zare was unable to overcome the heat of the summer and was weakened in the process of attempting to cool the earth. Rogoue, who considered Zare a friend, took his revenge upon Seta, who he knew was Hewa's alliance. Seeing the destruction the four Vallux's had caused the earth Basilius was very angry rage. He decided they had been corrupted by their indestructibility. That was when he bound them to their Guardians.

"Each Vallux was tied to a human. The human, their companion, was to become their vessel in place of the amulet, their gateway to the human world. The Vallux would pool their power through the human into the world. The job of the Guardian, the human, was to control the flow of power into their world. If a Vallux became angry or vengeful it was the job of the Guardian to shut off the gateway. The Vallux depended on the human to express their season in the world they'd been given to maintain.

"But that wasn't the only way the Valli had been tied to the humans. Seeing their confidence in their own immortality as a flaw of the workings of the Valli, Basilius sealed their fate to their Guardians. A Vallux's life was tied to their Guardians. If a Guardian fell, so did it's Vallux.

"A Vallux is indestructible, except to one another. And in order for a Vallux to be destroyed the majority of the Valli must deem the outcast unfit to remain a Vallux. And in the centuries they'd been together never had all three Valli sought the destruction of a single Vallux. And if a Vallux falls, a new one is always selected to replace them. Hewa, Zare, Rogoue and Seta saw no need to destroy one another when the possibility of a new Vallux frightened them. All they'd ever known was each other.

"Seeing this confidence as a weakness was what led Basilius to bind the Valli to a temporary immortality. And as long as that human continued breathe, the Vallux would remain as indestructible as always. However, there was nothing special about the human. They were unprotected by spells or magic or the immortality of their Vallux. And when they died, so did their Vallux.

"After this last decree from our Rex Regis the world fell into peace. Sweet Seta was their first to pass, her sweet companion mauled by a bear awakening from hibernation. The next to go was Zare, whose Guardian died by accident, swimming in a river which Zare iced over, not knowing his Guardian swam below. Hewa and Rogoue were the last to go, their Guardians as stubborn as they. But in the end, all of the original Valli fell and were replaced by humans selected by the Rex Regi, and the cycle has continued on until about 100 years ago, when Aldabella became the winter Vallux."

"Aldabella is a Vallux?" Rosalie gasped.

"Yes," Bella sighed, her head dropping. "She is a Vallux, the most ruthless of all the Valli, even the original Winter King, Rogoue himself. She is the reason the world has been cold, each year growing colder and colder. She destroyed Spring and Summer. At least, she had until today." Bella said this last remark with a bite in her voice, raising her hand to gaze at its golden glow.

"But, we still have Spring and Winter," Jasper blurted. "Carlisle, how can Aldabella have destroyed two of the seasons and yet we still see them come every year?"

"We have reached the end of my knowledge," Carlise said, watching Bella survey her increasingly glowing skin. "My knowledge extends as far as the origins of the Vallux. How Aldabella came to be for 100 years is a mystery I have yet to solve. A mystery I believe our Bella can solve."

Bella sighed. "It's not a pretty story. Not at all. It's the ultimate crime a Vallux, what Aldabella did.

"Aldabella became a Vallux in 1893. Thomas, the fall Vallux, had reached the end of his 3 month claim to the crown. The Winter Vallux before Aldabella had died, his companion dying in childbirth the previous year. Basilius choose Aldabella, who was attending school in England at the time, to become the next Winter Vallux. I'm not sure what events transpired between her departure from school and her arrival in the home country of Italy. But I know by then her mind had fully processed the history of all the Valli before her and she knew she was meeting Basilius for her Binding. They met at a small, out of the way town on the outskirts of Rome, where he introduced her to Benjamin Markley, her Guardian. There they were bound and Aldabella became a fully-fledged Vallux.

"Aldabella was compliant at first, accepting her 9 months of indolence with grace and relishing in the freedom of her 3 months of power. However, after several years she began to notice the effects of aging on Markley's face, saw the grey hair beginning to appear in his hair. She began to panic, feeling she was too young and beautiful to be killed by the mortality of a weak human. In her panic she began to plan her permanent immortality. Knowing she was too weak to overcome Basilius's powers and remove her bond with Markley she began to realize to create her own immortality she must create the same gift for Markley. She would make him immortal, thus ensuring they both would never die. Searching for the knowledge needed to obtain such a goal Aldabella began to use meditation to search through the thoughts and history of the Valli that came before her. And so, several months later, she created a plan. Not only would she be able to ensure Markley's immortality, but she would also be able to ensure a constant rein of Winter. When it was Aldabella's turn to rule the earth for her 3 months she made a deal with Thomas, the fall Vallux at the time. In exchange for his services, she made a deal to split the year into two halves, one for each of them to rule. All he had to do was help her convince the Summer Vallux that the Spring Vallux, Shada, needed to be replaced.

"Between the two of them, Thomas and Aldabella made up a fantastic lie, a lie which led Adalbert, the Summer Vallux, to agree with the two Valli. With the three seasons against her, Shada was deemed unfit to be the Vallux of Spring and they destroyed her. I can still hear her screams in my head…"

Bella shook her head for a moment, a golden tear falling down her cheek for a moment before she firmly wiped it away and continued.

"Immediately following the 'removal' of Shada, Aldabella and Thomas began their attack on Adalbert. With his alliance, Shada, gone Adalbert was weakened and overcome easily by Thomas and Aldabella. He was locked away in a cage of ice. He was quickly overwhelmed by pain, unconscious for Aldabella's next unspeakable act.

"Even Thomas had not been aware of what Aldabella was planning to do next. After watching her only threat, Adalbert, succumb to the slumber of ice, she turned again to Shada's body. Before Thomas could react Aldabella produced a knife and goblet of ice from the air, slit Shada's cold throat and collected a full goblet of her blood. Thomas was immediately outraged but with Summer and Spring defeated Aldabella's strength was growing and she easily overcame him. Aldabella summoned Markley. When Markley appeared Aldabella dipped her finger into the goblet, stirring the blood with her finger, filling it with Winter. Aldabella handed the goblet to Markley, who downed the contents of the entire goblet. He handed the goblet back to Aldabella and shortly fell to the ground in pain. When he finally arose again three days later he was immortal, and he was the first vampire."

"The first vampire?" Emmett growled, snapping his teeth. "You're trying to tell us that vampire's were created by Markley?"

"Vampire's were created by the blood of an immortal infused with the power of Winter. Markley was the first. When Aldabella wished to have an army to worship her, she set Markley out to change humans into vampires. They were all as equal to Markley in many ways, beautiful and terrible, but none as powerful as he who had been created by Aldabella. However one vampire sought to claim Markley's throne over them and attempted to kill him. He very nearly succeeded, which frightened Aldabella. Fearing for Markley's safety, she created three new vampires with the remnants of Shada's blood. You know these men as the Volturi. She set them in a position of power in her home country, Italy, where they were to rule over the vampire's as they saw fit. They kept the world of vampires in control and Markley was able to remain at her side in the safety of her shadow.

"But in her confidence she forgot Adalbert. She believed him to be safely locked away. Adalbert knew the best hope of defeating Aldabella was to fight ice with fire. However, instead of sacrificing another to seek his goal he sacrificed himself instead, setting in motion a spell which transferred his life force into his Guardian. With Adalbert's passing his Guardian was set free of his bindings to the Valli, however his body was filled with the powers of the sun. He, Chale, became the first werewolf. But unlike the vampire's, who were created by greed and are constantly frozen in time, the werewolves were created by a desire to protect humans, and so age as though they are. The werewolves, however, are controlled by their emotions just as Adalbert had been. Their transformations are triggered by powerful emotions, as you all know."

I nodded, my mouth open in amazement. "So, how did the werewolves spread? Did Chale run around and bite people at Adalbert's orders as well?"

Bella shook her head. "No. Adalbert's gift of protection was not only for Chale, but for several other people of Chale's clan, the Quileute's. Two of his fellow council members were given the gift of Adalbert on separate nights and were told this same story by Chale. Over the years these three original werewolves had families with babies, which then turned in to pups. My friend, Jacob, is a direct descendant of Chale's. He told me a story very similar to the one I've told you, but over the years of story telling the details have changed some."

"So Bella," Alice jumped in. "If you're a Vallux, who's your Guardian?"

"I am to know him when I see him," Bella said softly. "It is to be an instant bond, created at first sight. In the past it has been people the Vallux knew before they were Changed, but there have been a few times where a Vallux has met their Guardian after they are Changed."

"There's just one thing," Rosalie huffed as she crossed her arms, "that I'm just not buying. We were taught in school that vampires have been around for centuries. But you're saying they've only been around for a little over a hundred. How is that supposed to make any sense?"

"There have been stories about people rising from the dead and feeding on the living for years," Bella said. "They're all called different things. Every 'mythical' creature has, at some point, been accused of killing humans. Werewolves, zombies, vampires. They are spurred from human fears of things from their past coming back to haunt them. I supposed when Aldabella changed Markley she gave him the title of "Vampire" to fit a creature humans had already created. If you notice, Vampires are given a very different appearance and characteristics today than they had centuries ago."

"So, you're trying to tell me that vampires were created by the blood of an immortal chick, who was killed by another immortal chick, who killed the other immortal chick because she didn't want to die because her boyfriend was a human?" asked Emmett. "Talk about messed up."

Alice frowned and walked from the room, patting Jasper softly on the shoulder as she walked out. He stared after her for a second, a look of concern on his face, and then turned to look back at Bella.

"You didn't answer a question earlier. Why is it that we still experience Summer and Spring if the Valli who control them are dead?"

Bella frowned. "Aldabella is not willing to give up her control of the seasons. She does not want to risk Basilius finding out about her treachery. So she backs off of her cooling of the earth for a couple of months every year and allows the earth to slowly reheat itself. It is never a true Summer as can be brought by the Summer Vallux, but it has been enough in the past to fool Basilius.

"She's begun to slip up recently, letting Winter hang on a little longer than usual, causing cooler Summers. And Basilius began to take notice. When he went to check on the Valli he became suspicious. When he discovered Aldabella's treachery Basilius was horrified. But Basilius is not allowed to destroy a Vallux. He's only allowed to shepherd and balance them. So he has created a Summer Vallux is hopes they will be strong enough to destroy Aldabella."

"And that's why you're glowing," I stated, my eyes wide. "You're Summer."

Bella nodded. "I am. But I cannot truly be Summer until Winter is destroyed. After I beat Aldabella I will be a full Vallux. Until then, my fate lies in the balance. Basilius risked a lot creating me. Summer and Spring had been mutilated in Aldabella's only reason he was able to create me was the werewolves. They are the last link to Summer. They bind me to the earth. Without them, all hope would have been lost. But because of them, I exist. And now it's my job to kill Aldabella."

We all sat there, still as stone as Bella's last statement hung in the air until Emmett broke the silence.

"Well, you're not going to have to go up against her alone," Emmett said, moving to stand behind Bella and put his hand on her shoulder. "I'm going to help you."

Bella shook her head. "You can't, Emmett. Only a Vallux can destroy her."

"That's right, Emmett," Rosalie spat from her seat on the couch. "Strong Bella is going to save the world now. Imagine, a human as the savior of the vampires?"

"Bella is going to need some help," Carlisle said from his spot in the corner of the room. "She is not a full Vallux yet and is Guardian-less. She is still vulnerable. Our first task should be to locate her Guardian and make sure they're safe. We can provide that protection. Then, she'll need our help getting to Aldabella when the time is right."

" There's one problem," I pointed out to the group. "You need a majority to kill a Vallux. How will you be able to get rid of Aldabella if Thomas is still on her side?"

"Thomas will go first," Bella said, her voice hard and unforgiving.

"But how?" I asked. "There's no way Aldabella would side with you. She'll take one look at a Summer Vallux and won't even talk to you about destroying Fall."

"She doesn't have to verbally say it," Bella said. "And she certainly doesn't have to admit it to me, or anyone else for that matter. She merely has to have the desire for Fall to be dead."

"So we just have to convince her to hate Fall and want him dead?" Emmett asked, rubbing his knuckles.

Bella shook her head. "No. She's already decided to kill Fall. She's decided years ago she wants him dead. She's just waiting to the most convenient time to kill him, which hasn't happened yet. But once that happens, she'll try to kill him."

"When will that be?" Esme asked.

Bella turned to look out the window at Alice, who was standing on the porch, staring into the forest. Bella heaved a deep sigh, and then turned back to our group.

"He's her sword in the destruction of werewolves. She knows they are the link to Summer, and that through them I could be created. After they are destroyed, she will kill Thomas and become the only Vallux. And she'll send her ice into the world and destroy everything in her path."

"So," Jasper said, massaging his temples with fingertips, "let me get this straight. We need to kill Thomas in order to kill Aldabella. But we need her to want him dead too. So we have to kill all the werewolves. But if all the werewolves are dead you'll die and Aldabella will be queen of the world."

Bella nodded solemnly. "Yes."


"I'm sure we can figure something out if we think," Carlisle said.

"Carlisle? Bella?" Alice called from the porch. "We have company."

Everyone stood immediately and made for the door. Bella fumbled to her feet, still weak from the transformation. I hauled her to her feet and wrapped her arm over my shoulder then helped carry her to the porch. She looked down at her feet, a look of frustration on her face.

"I should be stronger than this," she mumbled under her breath. "A Vallux is indestructible."

"But you're not a full Vallux," I pointed out. "It's something that's going to take your body some time to get used to."

"Well it'd better hurry up," Bella grumbled, "because I don't have much time left to be weak. I have plots to formulate and evil Valli to kill."

I laughed for probably the first time in days. "I'm sure you'll be ready by then."

"I hope so, because Aldabella isn't going to wait until I'm strong before she tries to destroy the world. In fact, the instant she finds out I exist her and Thomas will try to kill me."

I tightened my hold on her waist. "I'm not going to let that happen."

I think at that time was when the resentment began to form for whoever her Guardian would be. Who could protect her better than me? I was faster than most vampires and I could hear their thoughts before they even realized they were thinking them. If I'd known then who here Guardian would be I probably would have put myself in a trance again and had a long conversation with Basilius as to his selection for my Bella. But now…now I've come to accept him for what he is. He's the reason the love of my life lives…and also the reason she can never fully be mine.