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Title: Embracing you

Summery: The aliens have gone into heat and they want to mate with Gwen. Ben's suffering, and Gwen wants to help anyway she can... even if she doesn't know why he's sick.

A/n: This is a Ben/Gwen story. If you don't like it... I don't really care. I like this couple and I don't really care what anyone says. Now. Please enjoy. -bow-


The weather was scolding hot. His vision was blurred and his mind felt numb. He kept walking, not paying attention to the mirages his mind created. He didn't pay them any attention until he tripped into an ice-cold pool of water. He surfaced and looked up at the sun and palm trees that towered over him. He felt ice cold hands strip away his cloths, leaving his body exposed to the water, sun and all others who might have existed at the spring.

Cold hands slid up his thighs, causing him to look down at the water. Bright green eyes looked up at him from an angels face, rust colored hair spread out in the water. The face rose from the water and two sensual arms slid around his neck, soft peach lips met his and naked legs slid around his waist. He lost himself in the sensation of her body.

"Ben… Ben,… BEN!" said boy fell off his bunk in shock. A thirteen year old Gwen glared at him from her 'your in trouble stance' as she looked down at him. Ben Tennyson quickly sat up in a cross-legged position, yawning and rubbing the back of his head. Gwen tapped her foot in annoyance, "Get up. God, you are so lazy! I thought you'd be out of bed early. We are visiting Kai." Gwen said Kai's name like curse, as though Ben would die if she said it.

Ben looked at his cousin and felt his chest slowly cave in. He quickly ran into the bathroom and puked into the sink. Gwen, out of pure concern, followed. Ben had opened the toilet by then and was throwing away what was left of his dinner and his whole desert into the bowl. Gwen quickly moved to kneel next to him. She gently brushed his bangs from his face and felt his forehead. Ben pushed her hand away and threw up yet again, "D-Don't… n-not right… n-no-now." Gwen started to rub his back gently, he threw up ever so often, but didn't move. Gwen tried to make him talk between his spews, but it was all in vain.

Max Tennyson stepped in and looked at his grandchildren, "What are you up to?" Gwen looked at him.

"I think Ben's sick, but he won't let me check to see if he has a fever. He's just dry heaving right now, but he threw up everything else." the older man nodded and walked into the kitchen. Moments later he handed Gwen a glass of the water. Gwen looked at Ben, "Ben, can you drink some of this? Just a little?" Ben leant back slightly and let Gwen give him water. He was too weak to hold the glass, he was shaking and sweating an looked like he was ready to puke again. After five painful sips, Ben pushed the glass away and groaned in pain.

Max reached down and touched his forehead. Ben leaned into the touch, that cool, cool touch. Max shook his head, "He doesn't have a fever. I don't know what's wrong with him." Gwen ruffled Ben's hair and was disgusted as sweat shook off and drenched her hand.

"Grandpa… I think we should take him to that lake I found. He might feel better. He's sweating up a storm." Max couldn't understand why the boy was sweating when he wasn't hot at all.

Max looked at his Granddaughter, "That's a good idea, Gwen." he looked at Ben who was panting and glaring at him, "Can you walk, Ben?" The boy stood, slowly, but he got there. He walked carefully around Gwen and then stopped next to Max. Max looked at the boy and realized he was about to fall over. Max scooped the boy into his arms and tucked Ben back into his bed. He turned on a fan and slid an ice pack into the bed with him.

Gwen waited for her grandpa to leave before she climbed up and sat next Ben. She slowly stroked his hair, like her mother would do for her. And she slowly sang a song her mother had sung to her so many times before, "No one to harm you or fill you with fright. No one to wrong you whilst I hold you tight. This mother's child, safe in my arms, free from harm.

"Daylight the sun will shine down on your face. At night only moonbeams will share my embrace. No one to harm you or fill you with fright. No one will wrong you tonight." Ben opened his eyes and smiled gently at her.

"Thanks, Gwen." she nodded and brushed bangs from his eyes. He rolled over and seemed to drift off to sleep. Gwen moved to leave, "Gwen…"

"Yah, Ben?"

"I love you. No matter how harsh my words are, I love you. Okay?" Gwen clutched her chest and let a few tears slid down her cheeks. She didn't know why, but they did.

"Okay." and she fled.


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