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Ben held her close, inspecting the new body carefully. It was his Gwen, her hair was longer and her skin was perfectly clear, but there was a difference he didn't see before. Something he didn't know, or see, or even understand. Gwen pressed her forehead against his, "Where to now?" it was soft, a whisper of a song.

The living omnitrix cocked his head and glanced at where Verdona and Max were talking, "I don't know. Hex is home, safe and sound, Kieli's safe and free and your forever in my arms. Where else do I need to go?" Gwen bit her lip and ran her fingers up and down the back of his neck.

"We have a world to save, Ben. I can't believe that Ghostfreak is gone. He's been brought back so many times… what's the chance he won't come back this time?" Ben bit his lip and looked into her green, green eyes.

"If he comes back, we'll beat him down. He can come back a million times, and I'll always be able to win."

Gwen laughed, "Your being lame."

"And you love that."

A man watched as the young couple kissed and laughed. A true romance that was as old as time. It had been seen millions of times. His black eyes were stony as a young woman put her hand on his shoulder, "Let me-"

"You've had your chance. Hush now, Fata Morgana, rest. I believe our friends should have their chance. Vilgax?" the villain stepped forward, "Remember, the point is to get a sample of his blood. If we're lucky, we'll destroy the serum Ben 10k used to fuse the watch and Ben 10."

Vilgax clicked his nails and smirked, "As if that's all I'll bring you." the man chuckled and tipped back. He could hear the violent alien leaving. It wasn't uncommon for Vilgax to make such threats, but this man knew the alien was nothing compared to the power of the omnitrix.

"Lord, what do we do next?" Fata Morgana rested a petite gray hand on her master's shoulder. The man kissed her knuckles and thoughtfully watched the scene before him. Ben swung Gwen in a circle as their grandparents said something his drone hadn't picked up. The child, Hex, was standing away from them with the girl by his side. The man touched his red lips before pointing to a cage in the far corner.

Fata Morgana flinched, "Take the dogs for a walk. I sense someone is not in their appropriate time." the witch bowed.

"As you wish, Lord."

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