Title: You're Kidding Right?

Fandom: Naruto

Summary: A collection of ObiKaka one-shots. Chapter 1: 'I guess even Kakashi has to be scared of something,' Obito thought as Kakashi shied violently against him in an attempt to get away from the thing.

Pairing: ObitoxKakashi

Ratings: PG

Warnings: Slightly OOC Kakashi.

Status: Active


Obito was angry. Hell, he was more than angry, he furious! Kakashi had, for once in his life, been curtious enough not to grace them with his annoying presense, and yet here was Obito, trudging to his house, in the middle of a hot summer day, a perfect day for training, not fetching teammates. He had tried to convince Rin and Minato-sensei to just carry on with out Kakashi, but Rin was fussing and whining the whole time, while Minato-sensei had been trying to assure her that Kakashi was fine. It was when she started to cry that Minato-sensei had insisted that Obito go and check on Kakashi and report back. Rin had looked relieved, but Obito did not feel the same way.

The Uchiha marched up the front stairs to the Hatake Clan main house and with a strength he didn't know he had, pounded on the door until the frame shook. Uchiha Obito was about to unleash Hell on his good-for-nothing team-mate and he'd be damned if Rin or Minato-sensei were around to stop him. There was a surprised squeek heard from beyond the door, but Obito merely shook the sound away as if it were a pest. He knocked again, this time he was sure he heard the wood begin to splinter.

"Hatake Kakashi, so help me Kami, you had better open this door, or I'll tear you a new one!" Obito yelled at the door, ignoring the offended gasp of the two women behind him. There was a large clatter from inside the house, and Obito tensed.

"Obito? Obito is that you? Help me! Please!"

That was definately Kakashi's voice. Without hesitating, he pulled a kunai from his holster and eased the door open, slowly stepping in. His eyes were wide open and his ears were alert as his used his shinobi sills to dart unnoticed into the sitting area.

"Obito! I'm in the kitchen! Please, help me, I'm not kidding," came Kakashi's weak whimpering voice.

For a moment, Obito paused. Was Kakashi kidding? No. Kakashi wouldn't embarass himself like this just to get one over on Obito. Either way, Obito resolved, he had to save Kakashi from whoever was attacking him. The poor Jounin sounded terrified. Running as fast as he could through the house and over the furniture, Obito leapt into the kitchen, kunai poised in a throwing position, ready to be hurled at the one attacking him team-mate.

And what he saw shocked the hell out of him.

To start off, there was no one in the kitchen save for Kakashi. No one. No killer beetle-monster or dangerous shinobi. No, but there was Kakashi, up on the counter, his mask pulled down off his face, around his neck, and even then, Kakashi's hand held fast to it, pulling the fabric away from his neck as though he couldn't breath. A look of pure terror was on the boys face, his eyebrows were creased back, and his lips were pulled down in a scared sort of pout, and he was whimpering beyond all comprehension.

"K...Kakashi...what the hell?!" Obito yelled, not at all amused. Kakashi started to flail then, looking at Obito in complete panic.

"O-Obito! Please! It reacts to loud noises! Please, just make it go away!" His gaze turned back to something behind the counter that Obito couldn't see. Slouching out of his stance, Obito wandered to the otherside of the counter. This had better be a man-eating cockroach, that was all he had to say. Peering over the edge of the counter, Obito braced himself. He expected to see beady eyes, long, slick teeth, and a pool of slime on the floor. He saw none of those.

A small ball of fluff sat curled at the base of the counter, staring back at him with large round eyes. Obito pouted. He stepped around the counter and bent down to look closely at it. Kakashi whimpered as he got closer, as if he expected Obito to hurl the thing at him. Which now that he thought about it wasn't about idea.

It was a cat.

An Uchiha cat to be specific. In fact, he knew this particular cat. It belonged to his little cousin Itachi, it's name was Tenka. Looking doubtfully back up at the Hatake, Obito reached a hand out to the small ninja kitten. The cat gazed at him for a moment before sniffing his fingers. After it's kitty senses registered that he was an Uchiha, Tenka bound to him, practically knocking him over, and mewled happily. Kakashi let out a frightened scream, much to Obito's amusement.

"Oh my god! It's eating Obito! IT'S EATING-"

"Kakashi, you moron, he's not eating me!" Obito snapped, righting himself upward with Tenka in his arms. "This an Uchiha familiar. His name is Tenka, and he belongs to Itachi." said Obito, holding the small nin cat out for Kakashi's inspection. The usually dignified ninja, let out a strangled scream again when Tenka mewled at him. Obito wouldn't lie and say he wasn't amused (unless it was Rin asking) when Kakashi made to back-peddle away from the cat, and instead tumbled head first off the counter. Running around to check on his team-mate, Obito was slightly surprised when the dog-nin wouldn't allow the Uchiha anywhere near him.

"K-k-keep th-th-that thing a-a-away f-from m-me!" he stuttered uncontrollably, his back pressed against the wall. Obito looked at him as if he had gone insane. Well, I guess even Kakashi has to be afraid of something, Obito thought as Kakashi shied violently against him in an attempt to get away from them.

"Ok, calm down Kakashi. I won't let him hurt you," Obito really wanted to laugh right there. "Come on, we can just go give Tenka back to Itachi, and then we can go train. How does that sound eh?"

Kakashi looked at him for a moment, before slowly standing, staying glued to the wall the whole time. He looked warily at Tenka, then back at Obito, before taking a small step forward and then pausing.

"....you....you're not gonna let him go are you?" he asked timidly, looking at Tenka as though he were the gateway to hell in fur.

"No Kakashi," Obito responded, clearly annoyed. The silver hair Jounin nodded and took a few steps forward, but peddled backward faster then the speed of light when Tenka mewled at him, and swished his tail back and forth.

"Oh for Kami's sake, you've got to be joking." Obito glared at Kakashi, in no mood to play. "Kakashi, if you don't move it now, I swear to Kami, I will sic him on you!"

That got him moving. Kakashi knocked over three chairs getting to the door. Obito laughed quietly to himself as he followed. Lucky for the both of them, the Uchiha compound wasn't that far from the Hatake Clan main house. Even more lucky, a little boy with an even small ponytail was dashing back and forth between houses, looking between bushes, and calling up trees.

"Itachi-chan! Oi! Are you looking for this?" called Obito as he held up Tenka, ignoring Kakashi's flinch. Itachi ran up to them, his fleshy cheeks tinted red as he panted. "Tenka-chan!" The little boy stood on his tippy-toes to retrieve his cat from his elder cousin's hands.

"Itachi-chan, you should keep a closer eye on him, he got lost in Kakashi-san's house." Obito scolded, like he was told to do by Fugaku-sama. Itachi fought to look up at him over the bundle of fluff in his arms.

"I-I am sorry Obito-san, but, he-umph" Itachi muttered as he fought to situate the nin cat in his arms so it could not escape. "he-got away, a-and Tou-san, umph, sent me to, ouch! Get him," the boy finished, looking slightly proud of himself that he trapped Tenka under his arm. Obito just smiled down at the younger boy and patted his head. "Ok Itachi-chan. If Fugaku-sama asks," he said, "You caught Tenka-san all by yourself," Obito winked at Itachi, who ran off back to the compound, grinning harder than his face could handle. Obito turned and began to walk towards the training ground. Kakashi followed without saying a word.


The rest of the day was a blur. Rin had been over-excited that Kakashi was ok, and easily bought his 'I slept late' excuse, which had Obito rolling his eyes. However, Rin had sprained her foot during training, so Minato-sensei had called off the training session, and told Obito and Kakashi to head home while he took Rin to the hospital to get checked up on. As they were walking home, the dying rays of the sun cool on their backs, Kakashi had asked Obito a strange request.

"Please, Obito? Don't...Don't tell anyone about...you know..."

"The cat?" Obito supplied. Kakashi shuttered, but nodded never-the-less. Obito smiled and threw his arm around Kakashi's shoulders, and pressed his forehead to Kakashi's cheek. "Ah, fine, but it's fair game if I summon my nin cats to fight your nin dogs you know!" he laughed. Kakashi nodded, smiling slightly. "Just...just don't sic them on me," he joked nervously, earning him a good laugh from the Uchiha.

"But, no seriously Kakashi....you were kidding right?"

"Um...'fraid not."





"Oh, I am so gonna kick your ass! With nin-catsĀ­! Haha!"



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