Title: Sandaime's Sake

Fandom: Naruto

Summary: A collection of ObiKaka one-shots. Chapter 2: Obito and Kakashi are cleaning out Sandaime's house and find the old man's sake stash. So of course, they drank it all.

Pairing: ObitoxKakashi

Ratings: PG-13

Warnings: Boykisses, implied naughtiness,

Status: Active


"Stupid old man," Obito growled as he lifted a stack of heavy books onto a shelf. Some how Kakashi and himself had managed to get themselves stuck cleaning the Sandaime's house. Don't ask how they managed it; they don't even know. Minato-sensei had given them a misson scroll with a grin on his face. Rin had stood behind him, trying not to laugh. They had questioned their sensei when Rin didn't accompany them to the misson location. Minato-sensei had replied it was an easy misson, and only required the two of them. So they had marched off to the Sandaime's house, feeling as though it was an important misson. Until they were confronted with a large bucket full of gloves, cleaning supplies, and a note that said "Thanks for doing my spring cleaning boys!".

"Shut up Obito," Kakashi panted as he lifted a large vase onto a cherry-colored table. The Sandaime liked antiques, and sadly, he and Obito were stuck lifting everything off the shelves and tables so they could dust. "At least this is being counted as a A-rank misson," he said, wiping off his brow with his sleeve. Obito scowled at him once he had shoved the last book onto the shelf. He slumped down the wall, and sat his forehead on his knees.

"Obito, what are you doing? We still have to clean out the basement." Kakashi said, lifting the hem of his shirt to wipe the sweat off his face. Obito looked up at his silver-haired teammate with a look of pleading. Kakashi shrugged in what he considered a comforting gesture. Not waiting for Obito, Kakashi moved to the door down into the basement. Eventually, Obito followed.


It had been two hours since they entered the basement, and they had been through only a quarter of the junk stuffed into the dusty corners. Obito was currently pulling out a large crate from the closet. It took both of the boys to crack the old dusty wood, but when they did, Obito jumped for joy.

"Woohoo! We found his stash!" Obito exclaimed. Kakashi looked back at him for a moment like he had gone insane. He hadn't stayed to see what was in the crate, as he wanted to get this "misson" over with as soon as possible. Even if he did find Obito's company a little enjoyable when they were alone.

"See?" Obito said, lifting a large bottle of sake from the case, showing it off. Kakashi came closer to inspect the bottle, noticing that it was many years old. Kakashi wasn't surprised that the Sandaime had sake, more, he was surprised, that he knew the brand.

"Huh. I have a couple of those lying around my house...not that I drink or anything!" Kakashi snapped when he noticed Obito's raised brow. I mean, come on. Kakashi with sake? Now that was just a silly idea. But the thought was Obito's, so it was ok. "I just....y'know....my dad kept it around and..." he trailed off lamely, shrugging his shoulders. Stupid dobe.

"Have you ever had any?" Obito asked, the curiousity getting the best of him. Kakashi looked at him for a moment, as if he doubted Obito was truely asking that question. He nodded slowly.

"Well, yeah. Once." Kakashi said, not really comfortable discussing anything of his home life with Obito. That was just weird to tell the dobe-Uchiha about normal things instead of orders and misson information.

"So? What'd it taste like?" Obito persisted, now squinting at the bottle. Kakashi hesitated.

"Well, it tasted like...cherries...mixed with some weird taste. I don't know!" Kakashi said at Obito's still raised eyebrow. It wasn't like he was an expert on alcohol or anything. Especially not sake. He knew nothing of the normal sake, much less flavored sake.

"Well I'm opening it." Obito stated as he went for the top.

"Wait!" Kakashi clamped his hands around Obito's preventing them from twisting off the cap. He was thankful for his mask when he started to blush. "We can't just drink it! Sandaime-sama will know!"

"How?" Obito reasoned. "There are a ton of bottles in here. You think he's going to miss one?"

Kakashi thought on that a moment. Sure the sake wasnt' too bad. And the nice warm, tipsy feeling that it gave him wasn't that bad at all. It couldn't be too bad. And someone had to stay with Obito. Kakashi knew that Obito was stubborn; even if Kakashi left he'd drink the whole thing. At least if Kakashi was here he wouldn't be as drunk, and so he could keep an eye on Obito.

"Well, I guess. But only one bottle...."

Obito whooped again and proceeded to twist off the cap.


Several bottles later....

"S-stupid dobe!" Kakashi stuttered as he took another drink out of one of the many bottles scattered on the floor. He really had only meant to have one, but he was so warm after the first, he just decided that another wouldn't hurt. Then another, then another....well, thats how they ended up here. Sitting on the floor, arguing and swaying back and forth on their heels like a bunch of drunks (which they were not mind you!).

"S-stupid dobe," Kakashi said again. "You...you'll never understand my...(hic)....feelings..."

"No, see...you...your the stupid (hic)...one...'kashi..." Obito replied. Even while arguing, he managed to hold out his hand to offer his now empty cup. He muttered absently to Kakashi to pour another, which Kakashi did, spilling half of the glass onto the floor.

"See 'kashi...you...you don't even know...that I (hic) even....liek you...stupid.."

"I..I'm the s-s-stupid one? Who...who are you...calling (hic) stupid...d-dobe? If you...lik(hic)ed me so...so so much...why, why didn't you...you say?" Kakashi replied, grinning because he got the whole sentence without messing up once. Or at least he thought he did, and thats all that matters.

"You're always so (hic) mean! You...see, you don't...you don't never listen...to what (hic) no one says...just so mean..." Obito replied, laying on the ground, trying to force his eyes open enough to concentrate on Kakashi. He needed to tell him that he was mean. Very very mean.

"See? You..your a dobe...cuz, 'cuz guys are...alway...always mean to...to the one they...they like...right?" Kakashi countered, thoroughly pleased with himself. See? He could beat Obito. It wasn't that hard.

"Well...yeah...but...you should...you should be nicer....yeah, n-nice(hic)er...yeah.."

"What...what should I...should I do...?"

"Be...be nicer..."

"Oh...." Kakashi didn't notice that he was bent over Obito, looking straight into his face. Obito was staring up at him, panting slightly. All Kakashi's attention was focused on Obito's mouth. He never realised how shiny spit was before. 'Cuz it looked really pretty on Obito's lips.

"Y'know...I always d-did want to...to..." he trailed off, his mouth getting closer and closer to Obito's. Obito's eyes got heavy when Kakashi's face blurred. He thought Kakashi was too close, but to hell if he would say that.

"Wanna wha?" Obito muttered instead, blinking rapidly trying to bring Kakashi's face back into focus. He stopped trying when Kakashi leaned so close he could feel his breath on his face.

"K-kiss you...." Kakashi muttered before he did exactly that. He placed his lips over Obito's who laughed into the kiss when they spit on their mouths caused their lips to slide together awkwardly. Kakashi glared. "Don't...don't laugh dobe..."

"But...see, I wanted to...too...haha!" he giggled before he leaned up and kissed Kakashi back. They stayed like that for a few seconds before Obito got frustrated with their lips not staying together. He sat up and leaned closer to Kakashi, bringing his head down so he could kiss his neck instead.

"Now...now thats better..." Obito muttered when his lips stayed planted firmly to the side of Kakashi's neck. He let his lips dance over Kakashi neck some more, biting and sucking whenever he saw fit until he felt Kakashi pulling at his jacket.

"Hey..not fair...I wanna kiss you too..."


The next morning....

If there is one way that you do not want to wake up, its the way that Obito and Kakashi woke up the next morning: the Sandaime screaming at them, Minato-sensei looking completely mortified, and Rin poking at their necks asking where a bunch of tiny bruises that were scattered on their necks came from.