And here is the second part of this two-shot. It's mostly from Mikoto's view, though there is a bit in Fugaku's at the end. Enjoy!

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The last time they met, he had broken her heart. Actually, when she thought back on it, it seemed he broke her heart every time she saw him. To this day, Mikoto couldn't explain what it was that she saw in Uchiha Fugaku. He was too arrogant, too taciturn, too…

Too male.

It wasn't like he was the most handsome man in the Uchiha clan either, even if he was the heir. His face was too broad, his eyes too close together, the lines on his face too deep for a man of twenty-three. He was also frowning nearly all the time, which was off-putting to say the least.

He was, however, the man her grandfather had engaged her to when she was just a baby. She had known since she was five and eavesdropping on one of her parent's conversations, but she was positive that Fugaku was still oblivious. Honestly, she didn't know how the man had ever managed to graduate from the ninja academy.

And he was also someone that she had been drawn to her entire life, even though he persisted in ignoring or belittling her. Mikoto was not a person who took well to being ignored and her efforts to draw his attention had only seemed to make him hate her. So she had decided to accept a two year mission out of the Fire Country in order to avoid him and get a grip on feelings that would never be reciprocated.

Mikoto had flirted with quite a few Cloud ninjas, dated a handful of the best of the lot, and broken their hearts when she got bored. She had left Cloud feeling rather proud of herself. She hadn't thought of Fugaku in months…well, at least for weeks. But then she ran into Fugaku the very same day she arrived back in Konoha and all her unwanted feelings had come cascading back when she saw him gaping at her like she was an angel just arrived from heaven. After he recognized her, his expression had closed off. She hadn't been able to read him then, even after knowing him her entire life. Mikoto had responded in kind, bidding him farewell and stalking away.


The next day, the idiot showed up at the door of her parents' house. And her mother ushered him in with a wide grin on her face, not realizing that she was inviting the devil inside what had been Mikoto's sanctuary. Within minutes, the four of them—her parents, Mikoto, and Fugaku—were all seated around their table as Mikoto poured tea for everyone.

"It's such a surprise to see you here, Fugaku-san," her mother gushed.

The clan heir had the grace to look rather taken aback by her mother's exuberance. Mikoto smirked at him when he glanced toward her. He would get no help from the one he had scorned all this time.

"I was…ah…hoping to speak with Mikoto-chan," he said.

"Oh, you were, were you?" her mother said with a sly glance toward her father, who was also smiling now.

Mikoto resisted the urge to run and hide when Fugaku looked bewildered. He was going to ask her to explain her parents' behavior when he finally got her alone. Mikoto began plotting what excuse she would give him, tuning out the conversation.

"-wedding kimono. You are going to love it on her, Fugaku-san," her mother was saying when she started listening again.

Mikoto's dark eyes widened and she looked quickly toward the clan heir. Was it her imagination, or was he actually blushing? Maybe she would have to help him out, but only because she was helping herself in the process. She shot to her feet.

"Fugaku-san and I need to go talk about…ninja stuff," she blurted, heading for the door.

Fugaku drained his cup of tea and hurried after her. He caught up with ridiculous ease, since he was much taller than her petite figure. He looked down at her, completely composed while she now felt horribly embarrassed. It just wasn't fair.

"What was that about?" he asked.

"Nothing. My mother was just being…" she sighed, "Meddlesome. You know how it is."

Fugaku looked away from her.

"I do," he agreed quietly.

She actually stopped walking, so shocked that he knew how she felt. He stopped a few feet ahead of her, turning to face her with a raised eyebrow. She blushed and quickly got herself moving again. She stared at the ground, marshalling her weakened defenses. She was not going to let this man break her heart again!

"I was hoping we could train together sometime," Fugaku said.

There, her walls were back in place. He sounded so stuffy asking that! The man would fit in well with the clan elders. She snorted, not caring that it ruined her elegant exterior.

"Have you fixed that sloppy taijutsu stance yet?" she asked.

She sensed him stiffen beside her, even though his expression remained bland.

"It was fine," he stated.

"It was sloppy. I could beat you with both hands tied behind my back, unless you've improved it since I left. A weak stance is like a tree that's rotten inside. Even if its exterior is intimidating, a well-placed blow will make it topple," she said.

She had made him angry with that. A small smirk curved her lips. She was feeling completely in control again now.

"Let's spar then, Mikoto-chan," he said.

She sighed, but nodded before glancing up at him.

"Sure. Just don't waste too much of my time," she said.

His eyes burned with the brightness of the Sharingan even though he did not summon the clan doujutsu. Her smirk only widened as she led him out to one of the training fields. Stretching lazily, she glanced over at him. He was standing there with his arms crossed across his chest, that ever-present frown on his face.

Oh yes, she was going to enjoy this.

"Taijutsu only?" she asked.

He nodded stiffly.

Mikoto shifted suddenly from her stretch, lashing out with a kick that would have nailed him squarely on the chin if he hadn't fallen back. She continued with a furious onslaught. Her body was fluid grace as she moved, each move blending into the next and all designed to force him into making a target of himself. Fugaku relied more on the strength of his blows to win over his opponent, but Mikoto refused to stay still long enough for him to connect. She would be out of the game if he did land a blow, for she couldn't deny that he was powerful. But power wasn't everything.

Since she was watching for it, she easily saw the flaw in his stance. In two years, it seemed he had not made even one effort to correct it. She slid in close, feinted a strike toward his shoulder, then dropped low and swept her foot through both of his. He fell hard and she followed him down. Her fingertips put just enough pressure at his windpipe to warn him not to rise.

Their eyes locked. His chest was heaving, while she was not even panting yet. He would always be stronger than her and have a greater amount of chakra, but he was not invincible.

"And so the mighty oak falls," she said, taking her hand away.

His eyes lit with anger…anger mixed with something else. Before she could discern what it was, he tilted his head up and kissed her. She jerked her head away from his, dark eyes wide. Her breathing, so calm but a moment before, had now turned ragged. He dared smirk at her, his own expression bordering on triumphant. She might have won the battle, but he seemed to think he had won the war. Mikoto didn't hesitate when she drew back her hand and slapped him across the cheek. His head jerked to the side with the force of the blow. He turned his head back to her, expression turned carefully blank.

"Don't ever do that again," she hissed, rising to her feet.

She looked away from him, finally registering the presence of another ninja. Inuzuka Shikon, her friend and Fugaku's old teammate, was standing there gaping at them. Her face turned bright red with shame. She hurried away, heading back toward her home.

"That is no way to win a woman's heart," she heard Shikon say as she left the training field behind.

If she ever saw Uchiha Fugaku again, she would kill him. Or kiss him silly. But that would fall under her allowing him to break her heart and since she had sworn never to do that again, it seemed that she would just have to kill him.


Only, he was smart enough not to face her again immediately after the incident at the training field. Instead, her mother entered her bedroom the next day with an armload of roses. The older woman was smiling as she placed them in her daughter's lap.

"These just arrived for you," she said, "And there's a card too."

Mikoto removed the card from the fragrant bouquet, noting that it had already been opened. Her mother truly was a busybody, at least when it came to her (nonexistent) relationship with the clan heir.

'Sorry about yesterday. Shikon thought these might make you forgive me. –Fugaku'

She forced herself to put the card back in its envelope without crumpling it and smiled sweetly at her mother.

"Thank you for bringing these to me, kaasan," she said.

Needless to say, later that day Fugaku's gift was returned to him. The flowers were nothing but burned up stems and, on the other side of the crumpled card, Mikoto had written her own message.

'Shikon was wrong –Mikoto'

The next day it was chocolates.

These were not returned, but Fugaku did find a shuriken outside his home with a note requesting that he leave Mikoto alone, signed by the kunoichi herself.

The day after that it was a matching set of kunai.

Fugaku woke up the next morning with a kunai on either side of his head. The gift box was on his chest and the note it contained was less polite than the first two. It suggested that he would lose the capability of producing heirs if he continued his pursuit when the maiden in question was not interested.

He responded by sending a bag of diapers along with the obligatory note.

'Go ahead. You're the only one I would want to bear my heirs. –Fugaku'

When he awakened the next morning with all body parts intact, he dared to buy an engagement ring and go see her. Mikoto greeted him at the door—in full view of her parents—by hurling a handful of diapers in his face. He smiled. She scowled. It was a strange reversal of their habitual expressions.

"What kind of gift is that?" she hissed.

"It got your attention, didn't it?" he responded. He dropped to one knee as he continued, "But if it didn't, maybe this will. Mikoto, I want you to marry me."

He held out the engagement ring to her.

"You stupid man," she said.

He blinked, feeling suddenly quite deflated. That was not the reaction he had been hoping for from the beautiful woman.

"We're already engaged," she added.

"We're…what?" he said.

"We've been engaged since you were six and I was one," she explained.

So, that was what the meeting between Uchiha Yoshiro, her grandfather, and his own father concerning his future had been about. It also explained why her parents had been so thrilled when he came courting.

"Well, now I'm asking for myself. Marry me?" he asked.

Mikoto's dark eyes suddenly glistened with suspicious tears. He was actually asking her. She had never thought he would ask. Instead, she imagined their wedding as a grudging affair with him having no choice but to marry her.

"Are you going to break my heart, Fugaku?" she whispered.

He glanced awkwardly at her parents, who were watching the scene intently, and stepped closer. His own voice lowered as he took her hands in his.

"Never," he said simply, then kissed her.

He was such a man…such an arrogant, antisocial, idiotic male. But he was her man and that was all that mattered to Mikoto as she allowed him to slide the engagement ring onto her finger.

In the background, she could hear her mother sobbing tears of joy.

And there it is, the conclusion to this little two-shot. It's a bit weak, I feel, since I'm out of practice, but I hope everyone enjoys it.