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Drabble 100 word shot, give or take and Season four spoilers sadly- sorry for those whose resisted I'm not helping eh.

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"What Dean? You wanna' take another punch at me, C'mon I'm all here...just hit me...C'mon man HIT ME!"

"I wanna' know what the hell that stunt was lastnight...I told you after everything not to, you promised Sam..."

A finger harshly jammed into Sam's chest.

"You saw the knife, he knocked it...what else could I have done Dean!"

Sam shoved his large hand forward into Dean's own chest and pushed.

"He could've killed you Sam! You almost killed you! Why'd you get off being so god damned stubborn!"

"Where do you think! Well dad's not here to tell you to end me anymore, you're just mad because you have to think for yoursel-"

Sam should've expected the hit. Dean's fist swung and clocked Sam on his cheek, catching his lip.

Sam stumbled, spitting out a mouthful of blood and harshly breathing, chest moving too fast, eyes too moist.

That's how things were these days. The fights were...combustible.