The End Where I Begin

Brooke Davis stood there on stage, with a red dress that hugged her curves perfectly. I showed off her long tan legs and slender body. Her warm brunette hair hit right before her perky chest, that the deep V-line of the neck showed off well.

The spot light was directed straight at her as she showed off her glamorous smile and sweet charm. Her charm and beauty along with the burst of fame was the reason she was asked to this event.

"We are going to start the bidding off at $5,000" the warm announcer's voice came over the microphone as numbers started sounding from through the room.

"5,000" a voice from the back shouted.

"8,000" another voice followed.

"10,000" shouted the handsome brunette man in the front row with a warm smile.

The numbers were expected to reach the higher numbers, it was charity after all and everyone in the room came expecting to spend lots of money.

"15,000" a voice in the back called out again.

"Come on gentlemen, this is the talented Brooke Davis, famous fashion designer who has graced the covers of some of the hottest magazines including her own."

Brooke was slightly distracted by the attractive man in the front row who she'd been sharing glances with since she'd walked on stage.

Nathan Scott is a successful NBA player, who'd exploded onto the scene more than a year ago now and was making a name or himself.

He'd grown up in a rich southern family just like Brooke, in a town not that far away from Brooke's hometown Tree Hill, North Carolina. They shared a common history, which was something she hadn't come across since her brush with fame.

"20,000" Nathan said raising his paddle as the grin on his face grew, his eyes completely locked on Brooke.

"Come on B… It's one date and it's for a good cause." The tall slender redhead pleaded with her.

"I don't know Rach." Brooke said looking at her reluctant to agree to such terms when she and Nathan had just started dating.

"What is holding you back? You're the only one I know that would truly rack in the big bucks if we auctioned off a date with you and if this is about Nathan Scott…" Rachel sat up in her massage chair staring at Brooke, wondering if she was right about the reason.

"Rachel.. Me and Nate just started dating, if even that. He's the first guy in 3 years that I have had any sort of connection and emotion feelings with. I don't want to risk that for a few thousand dollars" Brooke pleaded with Rachel, hoping she would just drop it. "I swear I will donate 30,000 on something.."

Rolling her eyes, Rachel sat back in her chair and exhaled a large sigh.

"Brooke just trust me. Once you're up there and looking sexy as hell and other guys start throwing out crazy money to go on a date with you… You'll get to see how much he really wants you. Plus you keep saying you want to know if he is serious about the two of you and you'll get that answer."

"But what if there is some creepy old guy there or a pervert who happens to be loaded.. What if I get stuck on a date with that guy?!?!" Brooke asked very seriously.

"You won't… I swear if the guy is freaky looking or something I will just pull the bid." Rachel reassured her. "Come on it's going to be fun."

Looking over at her Brooke let the idea sink in before relaxing and letting it go.

"Sure why not. Besides what's the worst that could happen?"

"30,000" an implacable familiar voice called out from the back.

Brooke's thoughts were shattered as she tried to scan the crowd to see who was out bidding Nathan but the spot light forbid her from seeing further than the 5th row of tables.

Brooke's eyes focused back on Nathan who had too just finished searching the crowd for the suspect.

Reconnecting the gaze with Brooke, Nathan's eyes questioned what he should do. Keep bidding or give up?

Sitting across the table from the buff athlete, Brooke couldn't help but be physically attracted to him. His body was perfect in everyway and the sleeves of his polo hugged his biceps perfectly.

The one down side was his body often distracted her from the conversation at hand.

"So what is this event thing for?" he asked nudging her arm to get her attention again.

A smile slid onto her lips as she came out of her day dreaming.

"It's all for these children's activities type things. Giving kids something to do after school and providing them with the chances to follow their dreams while learning about tones of careers and paths along the way." Brooke explained what she was told about the Charity event.

"That actually sounds like a great charity. So what do I do to help?" he asked leaning in as his curiosity grew.

"Actually my friend who is the coordinator, asked me if I would be willing to let them auction off a date with me." Brooke's eyes glanced up, trying to read his reaction. "I was just wondering if maybe you want to come place a bid.."

As the words came out Brooke was worried that she had just made a complete fool of herself but she didn't want to end up with someone else.

"Oh so you need me to come and save you?" Nathan asked with a large grin on his face, realizing what she was getting at.

Covering her face with her hands, giggles escaped from behind them as she felt her face get red. "Yes" she finally admitted as she let her hands fall back to the table.

Brooke had never been the giddy, fall head over heals for a guy type of girl. Nathan was only the second guy that had ever caused these types of reactions. Which, slightly scared her, it was happening so quickly and maybe he didn't feel the same way.

Feeling Nathan's hand take Brooke's into his, she glanced up locking eyes with him. She suddenly felt like she wasn't the only one who catching feelings.

"I promise there isn't any amount of money I wouldn't pay to keep you to myself. Don't worry I will make sure you come home with me." He said finishing with a smile on his face as leaded across the table and placing a soft kiss on her lips.

"35,000" Nathan counter offered, trying to hold up on the promise he'd had to Brooke just a few days before.

"45,000" the voice from the back of the room called out again.

"Do I hear 50,000?" the announcer asked looking toward Nathan.

Nathan paused looking up at Brooke and not sure if he should just keep going. Giving it another shot he raised his paddle.

"50,000" he said aloud making his final offer.

"80,000" the voice again called out, this time exceeding everyone's expected limit.

Oh's and Ah's poured out from the crowd as it jumped so high.

Brooke motioned for Nathan to no bid anymore, she was getting the idea that money was not object to this bidder and no amount of money would stop him.

"80,000 going once" the announcer called out, "twice" he said with another pause. "SOLD for 80,000 to the luck man in the back. Step to the table at the left to claim your date."

As Brooke moved off to the side and made her way down the stage stairs she came to a complete stop as Lucas Scott appeared in front of her.