Here is the first installment of my challenge against flowrite (the details are on my profile). I am sorry that this is so short and possibly incomprehensible, but it was the best I could do at the time. The song used was Stand by Rascal Flatts, and the pairing is Sessh/Kagu.

Niether the song nor the anime belong to me.

It was strange, Sesshoumaru thought, how seeing one injured woman could affect him so.

Kagura lay on the stone riverbank in front of him, face down, her crimson eyes closed. The top half of her kimono had been torn off, weather by the river or by whatever had punctured her chest. The puncture wound itself was about a hand's length in diameter, and strait through her torso.

He turned his head away, unable to bear looking at her. He tried to ignore the whispers that fluttered in the back of his mind, murmuring impossible things. Still, he couldn't avoid looking at the fallen kaze tsukai through the corner of his eye. What he saw made his eyes open by the slightest amount possible.

The wound grew smaller as the flesh and bone grew back. Within mere moments, there was no sign that her skin had ever been cut. Kagura's eyes blinked open, and she pushed herself to a sitting position.

He hadn't realized it before, but it was now that Sesshoumaru noticed that, no matter how many times she fell or was beaten to the ground, she would always get back up again. No matter how hard she was struck, she would always stand up once again.

Jaken must have said something, because Kagura whipped around and glared at him, her mouth working fast.

Again, he looked away, tightening his muscles against the thoughts, as if it would block their hushed words.

But there was one thought he could no thwart:

"When you decide you've had enough, you can always come with me."

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