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--Eyes underneath the blindfold--

Chapter 1 (As if it will have a 2nd chapter! Lolz.)

It was already eleven in the evening but Dorothy can't sleep. She kept thinking about her now dead sister, Diana, whom she herself killed. It was painful for her.....add the fact that she was her sister, and she had no other choice but to do it. She went to the balcony and stared at the stars. She closed her eyes, inhaled then exhaled. When she opened her eyes, she saw a certain long-haired man standing beside her, also looking at the stars.

"The stars are pretty, isn't it?" The cute, adorable and lovable Nanashi spoke.

"Yeah.....oh look! The stars' formation looks like a.....bird?" Dorothy pointed to the formation of stars. It indeed looked like a bird, and was shining beautifully in the night sky.

Nanashi smiled and replied, "Cool."

Dorothy put her hands on her waist and stared suspiciously at Nanashi, then asked. "Are you sure you can see anything? Look, your blindfold is blocking your eyes again."

Nanashi just muttered an 'Oh' in reply and took the blindfold off and he also tied the hair blocking his eyes. He looked at her and smiled, "There."

Dorothy was surprised by his sudden actions. Never once did she saw Nanashi's right eye. He looked great, more mature-looking than the fool he was. (:P) Dorothy wasn't aware that she was actually staring at Nanashi for 3 minutes now.

'Wow. He.....changed? He's....more handsome than before.' Dorothy thought. But after realizing it, she hit her head repeatedly with both hands and didn't noticed that Nanashi was staring weirdly at her.

"Uhh....what are you doing?" He asked.

"Nothing....I....I just felt like it. Ehehehe." She laughed nervously and blushed. He walked up to her and patted her head. "You know, I had a sister and she's like you. I mean.....she's also cute as you." He smiled.

"Really? Where is she now?"

She noticed the sad look in his eyes. "She got sick and died. At first I was really sad, I wasn't able to do anything at that moment. But soon, I got used to it.....but I still miss her hugs."

There was silence between the two for a moment and he was the one to break it. "Uhh, Dorothy-chan? Can.....I get a hug? Puleesh??" He gave her his oh-so-cute-and-adorable kitty pout together with some cute-teary-eyed puppy eyes.

'I had a sister and she's like you. She got sick and died. I still miss her hugs.' Dorothy recalled the things he said. She smiled at him then......


Dorothy had punched our cute Nanashi. "NO HUGS!" She stuck out her tongue at him then walked out.

"You really punch hard, Dorothy-chan......." He said in a small voice. 'I really don't have a sister, it was just a trick to see if I can get you to hug me.' He thought to himself.

--The End--

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