First off I would like to announce the winner of my character's name. And the winner is… can I get a drum roll please?


Well fine then! It's not like I needed one! Anyway it's Silenced Shadows who wins by default and the character's name is… Terin Akirai.

Secondly, I would like to thank Silenced Shadows for allowing me to make a very unnecessary remake to her story "A Wolf's Cry". Want to know how unnecessary? It is "Bio-Broly" unnecessary. Now basically everything stays the same, except my character, (which is now officially) Terin Akirai (who is from my other story "The Dark Hunter") is entered in the mix. Now on with the show or story. You get the idea.

Everyone was sitting around the campfire as Sokka stood up telling stories. "… But even if they were barricaded into the forest, they wouldn't be rid of them, because werewolves live forever."

Terin rolled his eyes, "Please, that wasn't even a bit scary and it's not even true. There's no such thing as werewolves." Sokka glared at Terin "There are too!"

"Right." Terin said, "Just like there's a brain in that hollow head of yours?" Toph just giggled. "Though I must admit, werewolves would make a great game. If they existed!" "You can't just kill werewolves with anything ya know." Sokka said matter-of-factly. "They can only be killed with silver"

Just then the full moon came out. Terin noticed this and took out a silver piece. He then tossed it to Sokka. "There" he said, "Now you won't have to worry about werewolves ya big baby." Sokka's eyes narrowed and threw the silver piece back at Terin "You'll need more than me. Because, after all I am the smartest in the group". Terin smirked as he put the silver piece back in his pocket. "Oh really, Terin said, let's put that to the test." He pondered for a moment until an idea struck him. "If you're so smart, spell it" "That's easy s-m-a-r-t. Smart." Sokka said triumphantly. Terin smirked again. "Wrong!" he said, "I said to spell it not smart, stupid." Sokka was glowing red now, "That's not fair, you tricked me!" "Yeah," Terin admitted, "but if you were smart you wouldn't have fallen for it."

They both started arguing until Zuko had had enough. "SHUT UP!!!" he roared. Sokka and Terin became quiet. "Good. Now, I'm going to go get firewood." Zuko said as he walked into the forest.

10 minutes later

Ahhh!" Zuko's screams were heard coming from the forest. "That was Zuko!" Katara yelled. "We've got bigger things to worry about," Toph said, "and there's eight of them!" All of a sudden, eight wolves emerged from the forest. One was standing on its two feet and immediately everyone knew what they were. Werewolves. Aang drew out his staff; Sokka drew out his sword, and Terin took out his combistick. The wolves lunged toward them. Aang sent out a wave of air with his staff, knocking a wolf down only for it to get back up. Another wolf jumped towards Terin, pinning him to the ground. Terin barely kept the wolf at bay with his combistic, separating the wolf only inches away from his managed to knock the wolf to the side and then remembered the silver piece in his pocket. He took it out and ran towards the wolf. "Say ahh!" he said before he shoved the silver piece down its throat. Terin backed away as the wolf started to smoke and suddenly burst into blue flames, then soon to ash. Terin looked around and noticed that the wolves were gone and so was the Gaang.

He ran around the campground until he finally saw everyone in a tree. Everyone except Toph and Zuko that is. "Where's Toph?!" Terin yelled. "We thought she was with you." Aang answered. "Well she's not! How could you just leave her?!" Sokka jumped down "Don't blame us!" he said, "If anyone's to blame it's you!" Terin was speechless. "Sokka!" Katara yelled. "No Katara it was my fault. If I wasn't wasting so much time on that wolf I could of saved her." He punched a tree with all his might making his knuckles bleed. "But don't worry guys I'll get them back. She'll be avenged."