She watched, dread shown on her face, as another shot was heard. It cracked as it split her last family member, sending her falling to the ground in another crumpled heap. She looked again from her hiding spot at her dad,mom, and now sister all spralled on the ground in the small clearing.

Then the man turned with his special gun to look straight at the tree she was standing at. She crouched behind the tree sqeezing her eyes shut. When she looked again he wasnt there. Then she felt him pull on her hair. He dragged her out from the brush into the clearing. As he put the gun to the back of her head a purple streak appeared in her hand changing to the form of a small knife. The man laughed and continued to get ready to pull the trigger when. She was free. A purple glow began to form around her cirlcling until it encased everything. She felt her fangs grow out and when she looked at the man again her eyes were the deep and petrifying color of crimson.

She ran over the river leaving the man there dead, drained, and in a crumpled heap next to her family.

She ran and ran until she dissapeared. She reappeared falling from the sky and fell on someone. she looked up to see a mangled looking woman, but only for a second...


"Gah! Nekaido-sensai..." Amu choked as she fell over from the impact of the book to her head. The class started laughing.

"Now, now you should be listening instead of dozing Himamori-san"

"Its Hinamori damnit!" she yelled as she unsteadily got back in her seat. Geeze, its been six years, he should at least know my name by now. The class was rolling with laughter by now. Then class ended and Amu set off home rubbing her sore head.

Amu was now 18 and in her last year of high school. Her and Utau had grown insepreable and Ikuto had left 3 years before. (dont worry this is an AMUTO story!) She was insanely popular and had grown to be the most beautiful person in school. Her pink hair had grown down to her waist and her eyes were now a piercing orange color. Her eyebrows were constantly pulled down, except sometimes when she was with Utau, and her curves were in all the right places. She was wonderful at sports and still in on her punk side. Usually she wore her hair half down half up with the ponytail on the side, and of course added her red cross. she wore a white ribbon which was tied around her neck several times before, and the longest loop held a small silver cross.

However, Amu had a secret that only the guardians, Utau, and her family knew about.

She got home and did her homework and went to go to sleep when

"Amu guess what!?" Amu sighed as Utau looked at the crack she had just made in the wall with the door.


"Ikuto is coming back! He called the house today! I told him last year that I had finally figured out he didnt love me and got a boyfriend, so now i get to show him around!"

"Wow... now that is so..." Amu paused and Utau frowned putting her hand on her hip. "Sorry I'm trying. but let me be honest for one second, k? WHY DO I CARE?"

Utau cheered up again. "No reason..." she still had a wierd grin on her face though. Amu got suspicious.

"What are you planning Utau?"

"nothing nothing," Utau whispered as she made her way to the balcony and character transformed. "Bye!" Amu got up.

"Utau!" but hse was gone. Damn, what the hell is she thinking of now?

Amu laid down on her bed ready to go to sleep. She fell asleep thinking about class, and her dream started where her previous one left off:

she awoke in a new house. She looked around there was a window and a balcony, she would go look around first, but that may come in handy. She heard talking and clanging. She slowly made her way down the stairs. Hiding behind a wall, she peeked her head around to see a toddler, man and a woman all sitting at a dining table. The woman looked up and smiled. She jumped and hid behind the corner. The woman got p and walked over to her slowly. She bent down and smiled at her sweetly, taking her hand and bringing her to the table. They asked questions, but the girl only shook her head yes or no. She never talked, instead she curled her fingers in the hair she had left from when she cut herself free from that man. They told her she could stay if she wanted, because their other daughter died, sh could have her old room.

She thought it over, there was no where else for her to go... but staying with them would put them in danger. Maybe I should scare them off. The little girl opened her mouth to reveal two teeth on each row unlevel from the rest: fangs. When she looked at them again they just stared then:

"kya! now we have our own daughter who is as unique as she deserves to be!" saying the man in a wierd fashion. She was conpletely baffled.

So it was settled then, she would transfer into the elemetary school in the fifth grade, and that is how we came to know Amu. However only Utau, the guardians and her foster family knew this.

There was a second part to the secret too. She wasnt an ordinary vampire. More human than most. She could go out in the sun and ate food, except when she needed to drink blood to stay alive. If she waited too long to do that, she would go into a frenzy. She was also stronger than normal vampires. She had supernatural powers galore while they only had one per vampire. She protected humans, although it got her made fun of, she didnt care. However, lately it seemed as if they were targeting Utau, but she didnt know why. She had to protect her closely and had come just in time many times. The first time for instance:

She had been sitting in class, out of boredom, rumaging through others' thoughts, when she heard a scream and thoughts of human blood. She quickly got up and ran out of the class. Trying to follow where the screaming was coming from was hard though because no one else was out, and it echoed all over. She finally arived just as the nasty thing was about to bite her. She ran and crouched between the two coming up and blocking Utau while grabbing the vampires head. She blasted it back and as her hand ceased glowing, and she started to turn, her eyes turning into crimson split pupiled fire and her fangs growing out sharp, she took out her scife. She twirled her fingers like she had a peton and soon a purple rod appeared. then, it developed a blade on the end and she stopped spinning. She quickly killed the vampire and tended to Utau, but Utau would not let her erase her memory.

This wasnt the first time she had been surprised by someones reaction to what she was and was certainly not the last either. Her foster family of course was the first hen Utau, then the Guardians. She had known them since fifth grade, so learning that a member was some kind of monster, well she thought it would freak them out at least a little bit. it didnt.... they acted as if it were nothing. WTF?

*Next Morning*: ( Amu's point of view)

I still dont know why I keep thinking and dreaming about my past, but I wish it would stop. I shook my head still walking slowly down the path in the park. And what the hell is Utau thinking of doing? I could have just read her mind, but then again, she knows I can read minds so she was probably making sure she was thinking of something else. Ugh!

"Amu-chan!" I looked up and she was right there... speak of the devil. Eru wasnt floating around like a random airhead as usual. Instead she was flying around all happy and such.

"Still happy about you brother i guess." Utau smiled.

"You bet! I'm going to make sure he comes to the dance tomarrow night!"


"Is there a problem?"




"I'll try my best to make sure he doesnt bother you, k? I just want him to have a little fun, hes such a frickin downer. All he does is sit by the window spacing out. its sooo BORING!"

"Hes already here?"

"mhm.." Utau said deep in thought: I wonder if he saw her if hed be happier?

"If you mean me then NO"

She just laughed. "Alright i got to go. Mr. black cat is probably more bored than usual right now. Maybe I can find some of his old friends to come over or something. Hey, You want to come over later?"

"Why dont I just come with you to get you emo brothers stupid friends and go back with you?" I said shrugging. She cheered up.

"k! itll be a lot funner now!"

We found a phone book and looked up some of his old friends and they all went out to eat together. Wow, Ikuto is already 21.

*Ikuto's point of view*

"Ikuto, I'm tired, Nya, can we go home now?"

"Sure Yoru, I'll see you guys later."

"K, see ya!"

I sighed. "Whats wrong, Ikuto, Nya?" I just shook my head. I dont know why im here in the first place. Its not like theres anything here for me, but then again, i think I was even more misrable there than I am now, at least. Utau is trying her best... she said that Amu and her are friends now. Amu, huh? Shes 18 now. Utau said shes pretty, but with the valley-girl sister I have everything is pretty. She also said she is funny and is almost as tall as her. Just short by a few inches. Maybe I should go see her. I have been bored, and I've almost forgotten how fun it is to sneak up on her. Of course, it will be ever funner now that shes older. Ow!

The stupid door interrupted my thoughts. I hope nobody just saw me run into a door like that, my whole grace thing would be ruined. I looked up to see Yoru trying not to laugh. I flicked his nose and walked inside. I approached Utaus room. "Yo, Utau, I was thinking. Can I talk to you about Amu for a sec?"


I opened the door. Sure enough. There was Hinamori, Amu laying on Utau's bed, her phone in her hand while Utau was messing with her hair. She looked pretty pissed. She swung her legs around and got off the bed. "Where are you going?" Utau asked.

"Well if I'm going to be talked about I'd rather not be present" she spat, glaring my way. My face burned. Wait I was BLUSHING? wtf? Then I took a good look at her. Attomatically her glare turned to worry as I fell to the floor. She had GROWN a lot. I mean A LOT. She was almost as tall as Utau, and she had one fricking body! She ran over to me, while I was still in shock laying on the ground. Utau came too. They both knelt down one of each side. Amu put her hand on my head. She gasped, "GAh! What the hell, is he sick? his head feels like a flat iron!" I smiled. "You jerk!" She got up and stomped off, meanwhile i had started laughing. Utau got all worked up too. SHe got up and ran after Amu screaming for her to wait up. I just sat up still laughing partly in shock. She was pretty, but i barely got a good look at her, however she did look good in pigtails. Is that Utau knows how to do?

I made it look like a trick, but to be honest, when I saw her my knees gave out. Which is weird. I mean this is Amu, but - but what? She is older now, her last year of high school. However, I havnt seen her in six years and I like her already? Geeze, i must be really shallow.

*Amu's point of view*

Geeze that guy is such a jerk! This is why i didnt want him coming back! He is so fricking agrivating! ugh! I better stop so Utau can catch up now.

I sat on a bench. Soon Utau came huffing and puffing up the trail and sat down next to me. She looked at me.

"I wonder..." I gave her a quizical glance.


"Why he does that..."

"Hello! He's a perverted bastard!"

"No, i mean why he does that around YOU." I just looked at her.

"Hes no peverted, he probably does that to every girl he sees." She just looked up: Not from what i see, and, as his sister, thats a lot.

"Anyways, i have to get to work." She sighed.

"Alright, but try your best not to get raped."

"Hey i can defend myself, you better not get into trouble while im gone young lady!" i said waving my finger like and old woman.

"Yes ma'am!" she shouted and we laughed, we are so weird...

I got to work and put on my outfit - which i hated- and grabbed the notebook and heavy platter of water. The out fit was pink-which i hated. The hat I wore was white and tight fitted and i had to tie two pink bows in my bangs on each side. It had a white tight-fitting polo underneath and was layered with an even tighter red vest-like shirt which tied in a bow in the back. There was a pink tie and pink skirt. There were red ribbons that wrapped around my wrists and sleeves and white gloves on my hands. there were white socks that stretched from my shoes to an inch above my knee. It all ended in white roller skates. (picture in profile.)

I waited by the door for her next customers. "Yo," came a voice from behind me. I flipped around, my next table was... Ikuto and his friends.

I really hate my job.