Being happy.

It was never something possible for me. My parents died when I was young, killed by a vampire hunter. Or so I thought, my father had had the power of illusions. Luckily, my mother and sister survived. I was reunited with them, and left my foster parents for a little while in order to go back to my real family. And for a while I was happy. Then, I was sent to Earth to protect those who couldn't use such powers. I stayed with the Hinamori family once again, but every day I saw the danger aimed at them intensify. I had so many enemies…and they had no other defense besides me. But, I was happy.

Then I found out my sister had been tricked. She was deceived by the Forsaken, and took over the army of monsters, freeing them, and allowing them to crawl out of their cursed hole. They wreaked havoc on our birth place, destroyed almost all of our people. In the end I had to kill my sister. She was the Forsaken's puppet…filled with the evil of their loathing spirits.

I still had my mother, who was safe inside the castle during the battle. For that I was very glad. I continued my life on the Earth plain. I had so many friends, a family, and a wonderful boyfriend who I would be with forever. I was happy.

And that happiness was laced in my own selfishness.

I should have known this would happen. The Forsaken can't die; they are only spirits after all. Their corruption lives on forever, tainting the innocent. Deceiving them. The world is now in shambles, and why is this? Why are they here?

Because they want me. They've always wanted me. And this time, I am ready to die to protect the ones I love.

I walk on an empty overpass. Cars lined up on my sides, broken and abandoned. I have to get to the portal without being noticed. They'll take me to the headquarters if I'm noticed, I can't have that. I doubt I can kill Tadase, even if he is crazy – and I'm no good to anyone dead.

I jump over the side, landing softly in the street below, and ducking behind a building as a patrolling Bat flies by. I run into the trees, and continue on my way to the portal. I need to see my mother. I need to know why she hasn't done anything.

In front of me, I finally see it. To humans it looks like a large rock, but to me it looks like a doorway. Standing on either side of the frame are two huge Bats with large spears. I sneak around to the back, and jump on top of the door silently. Two glowing energy-sickles appear in my hands, and in a moment they are through the guards heads. I warily walk through the portal. On the other side is complete silence. I don't see a single person or creature from the good or evil. I quickly make my way to the castle.

There is no one here either. Entering my mother's room, I look around for clues. Still nothing. There is a picture facing down on her dresser, I picked it up and smiled sadly. It's Umae, my mother, father, and I. I had always been kind of jealous of Umae, she got to have our mothers beautiful deep purple hair. My dad's hair was white, and somehow I ended up with pink. It made me look adopted…

I walked through all the corridors, still not finding anything. No guards, servants, other vampires, Bats…nothing.

But when I walked outside, I heard screaming. It was slight, eerie and mournful. I followed the sound, and found a star-shaped seal on the back of one of the buildings. I looked in and around, but there was nothing special about this house. I went back to the castle records to see who lived in that house, but according to the book, that house had been empty. Which didn't make sense at all. I walked back again, putting my hands on the seal, suddenly a huge red streak ran in-between my feet. I could see similar ones to my left and right. I climbed up on the building and instantly rushed to the castle. Certainly this wasn't what I thought.

I climbed to the top of the tower and from there I could see everything. Placed over the entire city was a huge five pointed star. This was a spell, a very malevolent one at that. The center of the star surrounded the castle, and as I went back inside I could hear the screaming much louder than before. I followed it to my mother's room. Inside her jewelry box had fallen on the floor, the mirror reflecting one of the lights from the seal onto the wall, but even without looking I could read it. The mirror showed me that horrific writing on the wall.

Mors Omnibus

Death to All. The horrific curse that leaves the mark of the Devil on the land, and sends his demons to kill all in the curse's seal, and it is written in my mother's handwriting.

Everyone except those in this room was killed, and it was my mother's doing. What is the meaning of this…


I turn to find Tadase, or what remains of him. Two Bats hover behind him, and a wicked grin is spread across his face.

"What is going on here? What happened to you?" He gave an obnoxious laugh as he flew into the window to stand in front of me. I could hear the Bats screeching and howling in reply, and I knew there were far more of them than what I could see.

"Shouldn't it be obvious by now, stupid girl?" he grinned at me, waiting for a reply, but when I made no sound he continued, "And as for me, I was reborn. Now I'm powerful and I have an army beside me. Oh, don't look so mad, Amu. Just face it, I've surpassed you. And now, you'll die." He lunged at me, his fangs barred, claws outstretched. I dodged him easily, his wings flying out from his back as he glided back around at me. Enough.

I ran toward him, faster than the bastard could even see, and grabbed his face in my hand. With the other I gripped onto his wing, and ripped it out of his back, throwing it to the other side of the room. He fell to the ground, flapping and clawing at his wounded shoulder, blood splattering all over the floor.

"Surpassed me?" I asked walking closer to him, "Don't make me laugh. The only thing that changed about you is that you're a hell of a lot uglier now." I planted my foot firmly on his head, pushing his face into the carpet. "But, I've always tried my best to be a good person, so I'll give you a choice. Would you like to tell me what is going on or die?" I took a step back far enough to see his face.

"What?" He said horrorstruck.

"It's very simple, stupid boy. If you want to live, tell me everything you know."

"You wouldn't do anything to me." His voice was defiant, but his eyes told me he was terrified. His face changed suddenly, looking slightly more confident. "You couldn't do anything to me." I could hear a violent screeching from outside, and the flapping of wings about our heads. "They won't let you."

Suddenly, Bats came crashing in through the ceiling. Snarling, their eyes glowing red, they were much different than the docile beasts I remembered. As they came closer to me I looked over to Tadase, but he was gone.

There were so many I could barely see in front of me. Bats are not too strong for me to beat, but they were unending. I ran forward, not stopping as they swooped and clawed at me, straight out the window. It was a long fall; even my inhuman legs could feel the pressure of the hit. I didn't have time to dwell on it though, as soon as my feet hit, I was running.

My mind was thinking a thousand miles a minute. Bats were creatures native to the underworld. They had been domesticated by the vampires, and lived peacefully with us. They were nocturnal, vegetarian, and extremely docile. These ones were the exact opposite.

They had to be under some type of spell. Maybe something to do with the curse? No, couldn't be. Tadase would know. He has to know. He was blended with their DNA. He's a humanoid Bat…and I broke one of his wings off. He can't be far from here.

I looked for any sign of him as I ran, but nothing came. However, as I approached the portal, weakened by the beating I'd been taking, I noticed a small trail of blood leading to the outside. As I passed through, I found him, limping his way through the trees. Even in the shade of the canopy I could see his light hair. I ran as fast as I could and tackled him to the ground. He was pale and weak, but not willing to give up.

"Tell me, Tadase!" I shook him by his shoulders, the sounds of the Bats getting closer. He just stared at me with a cold expression. Those eyes. Those black eyes intruding on the face of a boy who I used to care so much about…who used to care so much about me. "What did she do to you?" I could barely stop my voice from shaking. Knowing I had brought him into this – this monster in front of me was my creation. Something that came to being because of my own selfishness.

If I had just erased his memory…no, if I had just kept my existence a secret…none of this would have happened.

And now, it's my responsibility to make it right.

As I lifted him from the ground, I couldn't stop tears from streaming down my face. And after my hand had traveled through his torso, after the blood he coughed splattered all over my face, and he fell onto me…I had stopped crying.

I slid my hand back through the hole I left in his chest. I didn't kill Tadase. That thing was not him. I would not let his death go unavenged. The death of my friend lost in the depths of insanity in his futile search for power.

I stared at his heart in my hand and wondered if this had been anyone else, if I would have had the strength to set things straight like this.