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CH.1-Unplanned Emotions

She just stood there. She couldn't move. Couldn't breathe, it seemed. If only for a brief moment, Blair was lost in the very surreal atmosphere of the situation. There was Chuck Bass, in the room before her, looking desperately into the eyes of Vanessa Abrams. Ugh. Vanessa. She could hardly stand the girl, much more than she could stand Cabbage Patch. It had all been part of a game. Blair had had enough of her. First, she messes with Nate and then she lures in Chuck? Who does this filthy brooklynite think she is?! Attempting to blackmail the queen of the upper east sideor at least of the most prestigious private school in the vicinity.

She shook her head, trying to erase the images that play in front her. Vanessa now sat in the chair opposite Chuck, their hands still intact. Blair could feel her eyes watering, hardly believing that jealousy could go this far. After all, this was a game…she repeated over and over in her head. A game. A game. That's all it was! But of course, it didn't matter how much she told that to herself, screamed it in her mind, until she was developing a migraine, the facts were clear. Had been clear for the last few days.

It was easy to tell herself she hated Chuck, and even to believe it, when she had a boyfriend to cling to, however boring or royal the guy was. Was it just coincidence that almost every guy a Waldorf found themselves romantically attached to ended up cheating on them? She would blame her mother for this, she decided. It was easy, since Eleanor was never around to explain these things to her hormonal teenage daughter.

But the fact of the matter was…Blair was feeling things again. Feeling things she should not be feeling. Feeling things she had spent all summer in France trying to forget. The fact that Marcus had refused physical relations didn't really help her achy, hot, sweaty dreams to escape her. She had tossed and turned so many times, muttering Chuck's name in her sleep, because he was ALWAYS in her dreams. And to add to it, Marcus had cheated on her with his own stepmother. Ew! Talk about gross. She had cried when Vanessa told her….ugh, Vanessa.

Blair turned to look back into the room. Somehow in the midst of her getting lost in her thoughts, the two of them had gotten up and left. Oh, God! She panicked. What if they—What if they—NO! They couldn't have. She wouldn't go that easy. Would she? Maybe I'm giving her too much credit. But why? Where would they go? Surely not Chuck's room. Not with a party going on, though…that never stopped him before, I'm sure…I just…I….her thoughts silenced, as she noticed the pair walking into the main room. She sighed in relief. She had never been so panicked in her whole life, when it had concerned a boy at least. Then again, Nate had never—she stopped herself. The two had gone separate ways. There hands were finally free of each other. Thank God. She cleared her throat softly, and smoothed out the nonexistant wrinkles in her dress, the dress Chuck had bought for her for their trip to Tuscany, the dress that he hadn't even taken a second glance at. He usually paid so much attention to her, but tonight? Hardly a second look. She brushed her thoughts away again, it was the only way she was going to get through the night.

She stalked right towards Chuck. She had something to tell him, and he was NOT going to ignore her, or dismiss her or any of that. He was going to listen and she would have ALL the right answers to his many questions, she was sure of that.


"Bet's off," she said, simply. A fake smile plastered across her pristine face.

Chuck immediately lowered his glass filled with scotch, and shot her a paranoid, confuse look. "But the game's not over." He seemed needy, she smirked internally. Maybe she hadn't lost him completely.

"I'm calling it on account of boredom," she said matter-of-factly, "You were right, Vanessa's not worth playing with." Her smirk grew. Throwing his own words back in his face, eat it up, Bass.

But he retorted FAR too fast. "Maybe she is, maybe she isn't," he looked at her suspiciously.

Oh crap. Does this mean he has feelings for her? DOES IT?! She nearly hyperventilated, but composed herself in order to maintain readiness for the next battle of wits.

"Why the sudden change of heart?" he asked, still eyeing her with that ever so curious stare of his.

She nearly stuttered. "Like I said, the whole thing is dull…" Ha! As if, man I hope he doesn't see me lying through my teeth, because if this 'whole thing' was dull then I certainly would not be perspirating at the sight of the two of them together. "pursuing Vanessa's beneath us both," she said, reassuredly. Yes, maybe that'll get him, make sure he DOESN'T seduce her. DOESN'T go through with…what I told him to do? Ah, I am ridiculous.

He nodded along, and for a moment she thought she had him. She breathed a little easier, and he noticed. "You think I'm going in for the kill…you're worried you're going to have to go through with what you promised…"

Her eyebrows knotted in the ridiculous assumption he had just made. All she WANTED to do was go through with what she had promised. Ever since Serena had noticed her smiling at the mention of his name, Blair knew that she had lost herself to that Chuck Basstard all over again. Maybe this bet had a rocky start, but that was the new intent of 'destroying Vanessa'. She just…couldn't let him know that though…couldn't…

She had paused for far too long, and the expression on his face made him think he had discovered her reasonings for sure, but then she spoke. "I'm not worried…about…that."

His face completely lost its composure, clearly believing every sly word that slipped between those ruby lips. "Well then what?"

She panicked. Again. Except this time, she wasn't just thinking about Chuck and panicking, she was standing in front of him, talking to him, listening to him, and panicking. Oh God. This was SO not a good idea. "Well then….nothing…"

His confusion grew. The beads of sweat on her forehead multiplied. She HAD to get out of there.

"Just…" she stuttered. "Forget it."


She stalked off, clearly frustrated with the both of them. She didn't even care about destroying Vanessa anymore. I mean, she did…but what was bothering her the most was the fact that she couldn't remain sane around Chuck. Her body did odd things to her, things she hadn't felt in awhile and she hated it. Though she probably would've loved it, if the situation was different. She wanted to just sit down and think of the two of them, their past and their could-be future, but of course she was too busy mentally cursing herself, some of it audibly heard by passers by.

She crumbled on a nearby couch. Couldn't even force herself to turn her head back to look at Chuck. Had his eyes followed her as she walked away? Was he going to question her further? The fact that he had looked on after her and found no solution but the alchohol in his hand to consume himself with. When she finally turned back to look at him several minutes later, the exhaustive turn of her neck had seemed useless, and she was convinced he really didn't care.

She debated what she should do. Obviously speaking to him again was a shot in the dark, and with the way she was lisping and stuttering constantly, was so un-Blair like, it was ridiculous. Since she had come for a reason…okay, so the only reason was to be around Chuck and show off the dress he had given her. Ugh. She sulked in the stupidity of it all. He had seemed so intrigued early that afternoon, when she had offered her body up to him as a prize, and now he just seemed…so…so…NOT.

But she HAD to get rid of that picture. That picture could ruin her, and she had already been ruined enough for one night. She lifted herself up from the couch and made her way to the closet, sneakily rummaging through the 'lower class items' until she found the purse Vanessa came in with. There was none other like it, at least not on this side of town, and the camera labeled 'ABRAMS' was kind of a tip off.

She quickly turned it on, fingered through the most recent pictures, until she found that scary, scarring picture of Marcus and his stepmom. She shuddered again at having to see that wretched imagery. She pressed delete. A silly smirk spread across her face. She should really humiliate this girl. Tell her just HOW LITTLE Chuck felt for her and how much of a GAME his buying the Brooklyn bar really was. She yawned. Too tired for destruction. Too close to tears too. She simply slid her finger over to the button to delete ALL THE PICTURES on the camera. A fire danced in her eyes. So it was really low key for Blair Waldorf, SO WHAT. She just wanted to go home, and crawl into bed. She wasn't going to get any Chuck loving tonight, and rapid beating of her heart knew it would kill him if she hurt Vanessa beyond reason. Ugh. Fine. Keep the stupid bar.

She slipped the camera back into the purse and placed it amongst the other things in the closet, though far enough away from her own belongings. These things really did not need to share physical contact.

She smoothed out her dress and turned to see Vanessa and Chuck chatting away like they were the best of friends. Gah! I think I'm gonna puke. She turned to the closet again and fished out her jacket. There was no way she was going to stay and watch this.


As she was heading towards the door, she took out her cellphone and texted him a message. This was at least one for sure way she could speak to him, without completely losing all vocabulary.

Leaving. Have fun doing whatever you do, with whoever the hell you do it with. I'm out.


She brought a hand up to rub her damp, chilled forhead. This was far too much for her to be getting into anyways. She placed her phone back inside her purse, and slid it over her shoulder. She did not feel much better about leaving, but staying and watching their sick game of smile, nod and drink was not the most friendly of environments. And since Serena had left, she could not really find entertainment in much less. She took a few steps and found herself unwilling to move any further. The wetness in her eyes that had receded during her feisty conversation with Chuck returned, and several tears threatened to fall. She cursed herself again for falling so hard, over such a ridiculous agreement. She breathed in deeply, breathed out…and forced herself to walk…walk at a steady, normal pace, and she would not look back, not once she got to the elevator. There would be no looking back, no going back. Chuck had fallen into the same trap idiotic Nate had swiftly fallen into. Vanessa Abrams. Stupid. Brooklyn. Bitch.


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