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In the wake of a morning well waited for, Jenny is walking past school on her way to Eleanor's. She notices the intense make-out session of Chuck and Blair on a far off table—hard to miss, quite honestly, but she also notices Nate talking on his phone a little to the left. She knows he's talking to Vanessa. Because when she left home this morning, Vanessa was over and she cut their conversation short by saying Nate was on the phone.


It wasn't that she was heartbroken over losing Nate, really. It wasn't like she ever really had him to begin with. And they were still good friends, so that was something. It just seemed like he would've been the perfect boyfriend to start out with—hardly though. Instead, he was just another name to add to her list of guys she'd liked, who hadn't returned the favor.

It probably wasn't the healthiest thing to do…slumping against the school gates and prolonging her journey to the fashion depot. But everyone looked so happy here. There was at least a possibility that it would rub off on her, after her grumblings and complaints about how no guy will ever really like her.

"J-Jenny?" the boy gasped, scaring her out of her wits. In her defense, he had poked her lightly on the shoulder while saying nothing.

"W-who are you?" she asked, recovering herself after a scream escaped itself. She looked at him skeptically.

The boy cleared his throat, and looked up sheepishly at her. "I…am the note writer, Miss Humphrey."

Her brows were still fused together when realization hit her. She inhaled a huge breath. "Oh my god! You're Kevin Jensen??" The thought was mind blowing.

He was taken back a bit by her tone. "Is that so hard to believe?"

"No!" she shook her head fiercely in an attempt to erase what she had created. "No, not at all. I just…I—I wasn't expecting…you." She smirked slightly, letting out a chuckle.

He nodded slowly. "I see."

"Here, walk with me," she commanded cheerily, "Aren't you like out of a home now?"

"Way to start casual…." He muttered to himself.

"Hmm?" she asked, clearly having not heard anything he just said.

"Nothing," he said, his smile frozen in place. She seemed to be waiting for him to talk though, so he inclined his head and continued. "I was supposed to be put in a spontaneous foster home since I'm still a minor and my brother is nowhere near capable for caring for me. I only wish they'd figured this out years ago, ya know?"

Jenny nodded sympathetically.

"Anyways, since I don't have any other living relatives, a foster home is technically the most sensible choice, but…Mr. Bass seems to have developed a soft spot for me."

"Ugh, Chuck," she scoffed.

Kevin looked amused. "Both of them actually."

She looked shocked and embarrassed. "Oh."

"Yeah. Chuck really took to me, and after I informed him about losing almost everything again, he made a point of discussing the situation with his father."

"And?" she asked.

"And I'm staying with the Van der Basses until further notice."

"Wow," she breathed.

"Yeah," he nodded, laughing airily.

"I'm so happy for you, Kevin," she smiled in his direction. "Really."

His eyes zoned in on her friendly face. She really was so beautiful. Vanessa had been charming and beautiful and he was enraptured by her, but he couldn't have her. She was already happy with someone else, and the instant he saw Jenny in the hospital he was okay with it.

"Thanks Jenny."

Her smile did not fade, it only lingered. "That was sweet of you, ya know," she said, after a few moments of silence. "Writing that note for me."

"Ah," He chuckled, nodding along. "Well, it was the least I could do."

Jenny gave him a knowing look and passed him down the remainder of the block. He skipped after her just moments later, clearly unaware of the schemes she had in her mind…or the speed at which she could walk in heels.

"Jenny, wait!—"


"Oh God, Chuck…" Blair moaned against her boyfriend's neck, pushing herself up closer against him. His stifled breathing was quite in agreeance with her own, and the only thing she could quite complain about was the lack of room and the obvious indecency of the situation.

"Waldorf," he mumbled huskily, "I do believe you are being a little impatient."

She giggled.

Everything was going so well. It had been going so well this whole time. There were hardly any more jealousy spouts. Chuck had found a proper representative for Bass Industries to take on the broken down Brooklyn bar, which Vanessa could've not been more ecstatic about. And it pleased Blair that Chuck would not be personally working with Vanessa on a daily basis, though the two had come to some sort of an understanding, whether they would admit to it or not. Bart Bass was still alive and in good health. The Snowflake Ball had taken place the previous Friday, and it was a fact that everyone lived to tell the tale. As for our little moaning buddies at present, they are doing fabulously and are completely smitten with each other.

Blair nipped her teeth along Chuck's neck and lost her fingers in his messy hair. He sucked in a gasp when she licked along her earlier bites beneath his ear, and he carefully brought her mouth back to his full lips where he could control them a little better.

She giggled louder, only being silenced when his roving hands lost her self-control too. "Chuck…" she cried out, causing the scattering of several students across the courtyard. It was a miracle the Headmistress hadn't come out and caused them both extended suspension for their 'physical harassment' of each other.

"Speaking of," he whispered into her ear, extremely proud of his cocky response, "Are you ever going to tell me what was in that Gossip Girl post or text or whatever you were suddenly so crestfallen about before this all happened?"

Blair snapped back instantly, horrified that he had remembered such a minor detail. So much had happened. They were over all the big humps in their relationship it seemed, so why this? Why now? She sighed. "It wasn't anything, Chuck."

"Hmm," he pondered, so obviously unconvinced.

She rolled her eyes. "It wasn't! It was just—" and the words were lost.

Chuck blinked his eyes slowly, waiting for her to continue.

She huffed a bit angrily, and was prepared to climb right off of him and storm away, but he held her legs in place, looking to almost enjoy how she suffered astride him. Her eyebrows narrowed in his direction, but he looked nothing but innocent and amused, so she could do nothing.

"It's always gonna be like this, isn't it?" she snapped.

"Oh, I do hope so," he gazed at her smarmily.

She rolled her eyes. "It was a text about Nate moving in with the Humphreys," she began, seeing not point to resisting any further.

"I'm aware of that," Chuck nodded casually.

"I was horrified because…" the words lost themselves in the silence. For the very life of her, she could not recall what she had gotten so upset over. The facts lay before her, but it must've been something in between the lines…and those lines had fallen apart over the last few months.

"Because?" he asked, slightly annoyed and nodding his head along to encourage her.

She chuckled softly at him. "I don't remember."

His head backed at that response and he felt this was the best cover-up she had ever come up with it. "Excuse me?"

"It's…it's gone." She talked so awed of the whole situation. Now he knew she wasn't trying to manipulate herself out of the situation. She was talking truthfully. Whatever had bothered her…was nonexistent now.

It was just them.

Chuck's bewildered expression slid into a smile and he relaxed his hands on her legs, bringing his arms around her instead. She was smiling at him as well and the butterflies inside his stomach beat wildly against him. He leaned dangerously close to her lips and breathed.

"Kiss me, Waldorf."

"Gladly," she smirked, pulling him in again. The kissing grew intense that Blair lost all resolve, and without even thinking slipped out with an… "I love you, Chuck Bass."

Chuck's head reared back. "Excuse me?"

"Uh…I…" this was not the way she wanted to tell her future children how she first confessed her love to their father. She gulped. Not in the middle of a heavy make-out session in front of school. No. She went for ignorance. "I've said it before, Bass, don't act like this is anything special," she shrugged, tossing some of her hair over the back of her shoulder.

"Ha! I don't think so, Waldorf. You've suggested," he said, using his words carefully, "to such a feeling…but as I recall, the closest you've gotten to a love confession was comparing my feeling towards Vanessa to your manipulations on my cell phone."

She gasped at him, hardly believing what he was insinuating. Even if it was true.

"Which, by the way, I have safely recovered to my possession. Though, not when you probably needed me to have it, at that moment of torture." He cringed, and she along with him. It wasn't exactly a moment she wanted to remember. There were several moments, actually, that she very strongly wanted to forget. She had been in counseling for it, especially when practically against her will she had had to testify against her torturer. Both Wyler and Jensen had to pay up to fifty years in prison for their activities in the criminal world. Kevin simply had six months of community service, reasonably.

But Chuck pulled her out of her dark thoughts with a passionate onslaught of his mouth. She lost herself in him again and thought only of him and not the nightmare those few days had caused her some months ago. But then he pulled away once more, and her lips formed a pout at the lost of contact. He smirked at her, and leaned in just a breath away. "Say it again," he whispered.

She giggled, and he was mesmerized by it. "I love you," she said, sweetly, almost a whisper.

He kissed her softly. "I love you too."

Blair bit her bottom lip in excitement, and that was all it took. Wild smile on his face, her perfect fingers in his hair, he pulled her in.

Things had finally gotten resolved between Nate and himself earlier that day, by way of the young Archibald apologizing. Chuck had come and apologized to Jenny for his unthinkable actions the year before at the Kiss on the Lips party, and he had also gone to Rufus to explain things and ask for forgiveness. His friendship was officially in line with curly-haired Vanessa from Brooklyn, and he had the most beautiful woman in the universe on his lap, kissing him and confessing her love to him. This was the best day of his life.

And all from initial unspoken jealousy.

God bless Blair Waldorf and all her insecurities.

May she never change.




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