WARNING: READ THIS. I wrote this story a VERY long time ago, and stopped due to a lot of personal issues in my life. I will be rewriting it soon. Please, with caution, if you want, read this version, but just know that it will completely change within the next few weeks.

Hidden Beneath the Floor Boards

Chapter 1

My new home of Chicago


"Come on kiddo, you'll love it here," Charlie said to me. He seemed generally happy about the move and I didn't blame him. Any place was almost better then Forks in my opinion.

"I know and I'm really am excited for the move. It will be nice to see you." Charlie and me were talking over the phone. He had just arrived to Chicago and I was still in Phoenix Arizona, finishing packing the little stuff I needed for the move.

I held my cell phone to my ear as I reached to grab the last of my clothes hanging on there hooks. I put them into my bag and collapsed onto my bed. "Alright there. Bella, just give me a call in the morning before your flight, okay?"

"Alright, see you soon Char- Dad."

"Yeah I'll you soon." I hung up the phone and put back in my pocket. Still laying on my bed I sighed and thought about this past month. I was moving to Chicago with Charlie to give Mom and Phil their own time.

I had no life to miss here and I certainly knew Mom and Phil needed their space for the time being. At least I wasn't going to have to life and visit Forks anymore. No, because Charlie got a new job at a local police station down in Chicago and was going to be doing more serious work then giving every speeder a ticket.

There were two knocks on my door, interrupting my thoughts, "Come in." My mother and Phil both walked in and by the looks of it Mom had just finished crying. "Mom what's wrong?" I asked.

A tear cascaded down her cheek and she came forward and engulfed me in a hug mumbling something inaudible into my shoulder. "Mom. Mom! I can't understand you, your going to have to stop crying." She lifted her head from my shoulder.

"Bella, your leaving me tomorrow. I don't think I can take this," she tried to walk out my door but Phil simply took hold of her shoulders and walked off in my direction. "Are you sure you want to move all the way to Chicago. We never were trying to kick you out." Here we go again.

I looked my Mom over and she looked torn apart but I knew this was the right thing to do. These two needed their space and I needed to give it to them. Besides Charlie wants me to live with him for some time and It's only fair.

"Mom," I sighed, "I have to go. Not for just you and Phil, but for Charlie too. I just got off the phone with him and he sounded really happy."

"I know but what about all your friends here and your school work. You were doing so well in school," My mother continued. I could tell her eyes were pleading me to stay but I couldn't and I wouldn't give in to her wants. This was my choice and mine alone.

"Just because I'm moving does not mean I'm not going to do well in class and plus my friends understand. Their encouraging the move." They had all said I needed a new adventure in my life, I knew they'd miss me but I was never that important to any social group.

Mom sighed defeated, "You know your always welcome to come back and live with us, right?" Phil let go of my mother's shoulders. "I know mom. You've been telling me for the past month now." She laughed quietly and reached out to hug me.

"I'm going to miss you," Mom whispered into my ear.

"I'll miss you too."

"Flight 309 to Chicago now boarding," The loud speaker announced. My mother had me in a death grip hug and Phil was trying his best to pry her off me. "Mom I really have to go that was my flight," I said breathlessly. My mother was squeezing the breath from my lungs.

"Renée, really Bella has to go," Phil insisted. Mom let go and I took in a big breath of Phoenix air. I turned to walk away after saying a near tearful goodbye and walked aboard and took my seat.

The flight was boring and the airline movie they played, I had no attention span to focus on. I walked out to the airport lobby looking for Charlie. "Bella over here!" I turned my head to the direction of the familiar voice and saw Charlie standing a few feet away.

I walked over to him and gave him an awkward hug. "It's great to see you Bells," he smiled at me. "You too dad." A few seconds of awkward silence passed between us before Charlie studied me. "Your looking good. Look the same, maybe a bit taller then last time."

I smiled up at him and said nothing as he lead me to the baggage department to pick up my three bags. I didn't really need to bring anything seeing as Charlie had moved all my stuff to the new place. We walked through the airports parking lot and walked to his new prize and beauty, a brand new Police Cruiser.

"So this house is pretty old. I think you might really like it," Charlie said while pulling down a suburban neighborhood. Most the houses here looked to be about a hundred years old. It was cute, but very old fashioned. "How old?" I ask.

Charlie thinks about it for a second and answers me, "About 109, 110 years old and no ones lived there for fifty years. It's been abandoned for some time and I don't know why. It's a good house."

"Maybe it's haunted," I suggested

Charlie took a another turn and the theme of the neighborhood was till focused on old fashion. He ignored my comment. As the drive passed we each traded an occasional comment on the weather, or school. Charlie talked about his new job and when he starts. He seemed excited to be starting something new.

Finally, we arrived to a new destination. The house was a simple brick made, two story house. There were five windows looking out to the street and the giant oak door. There was no garden in the front but I caught a glimpse of a grassed backyard. Once I stepped inside I felt suddenly comfortable and at home. "Just go on up those stairs and turn right that's your new room," Charlie directed me and I rushed up to the room to the right, my bags in hand.

The door was closed when I came to it and the handle seemed to be just as old as the house, but it was the inside of the room that became a shock to me. The walls still had there original wall paper, it was torn and ripped in some places. The design of it was an elegant creep of flowers, the years wore it out so it was now only brown and sun soaked.

Dust rested on the window sill that over looked the yard and next door neighbor. The original hardwood floor was still in tact too. When I took a step in further the floor creaked and I was sure anyone in the house could it. This place was old and looked as if Charlie hadn't even step foot into it yet. My old stuff rested in the corner of my room. I guess Charlie wanted me to arrange that.

"How you liken it kiddo?" I turned to face the voice.

"It's old dad. I thought people would of at least tried to modernize it."

"Yeah, the whole house is like that. I was surprised you didn't say anything about the furniture downstairs. It's all the original stuff too."

"Yeah, I'm not sure if to think this place creepy or interesting." This place held an interest that no other place had held for me. Almost as if I had been here in a dream, I felt I knew it. It was either that or the history of this house and unknown memorys it held.

"Both," Charlie answered, "but you get use to it after a few nights." I nodded, and from all the summers of staying with Charlie he must known I want to be alone to pack and rearrange my new bedroom.

I put my desk under my under my window and my bed on the wall to the right of it. I placed my dresser in my closet and put my clothes away. I placed my brown comforter on my bed and took a step back to admire my quick work.

Now, I knew that walking backwards was not a good idea for someone as klutzy as me but I never expected one of my floorboards to give out. I wasn't hurt but I was defiantly going to have a bruised ankle from where my foot fell in.

The floorboard only slid out from underneath me and didn't break. I took my caught foot from underneath the floorboards and brought it out and got on my knees to put the board back but something in the darkness caught my eye. I reached my hand into the hole and felt around for the object. I patted my hand around on when my hand felt something... leather bound a few pieces of rough papers.

I pulled them out and noticed it was an old journal and the pages must of belonged to it! Obliviously some one wanted to hide this maybe I should put them back. I looked down at the journal and went against my self conscious. This person was dead, I was invading no ones privacy.

I opened the journal slowly not wanting to ruin the leather bound book. I took a quick glance inside. On the first page was an old outdated envelope the name Edward was nicely scrawled along the side. Gently putting down the journal, I opened the envelope slowly not wanting to tear at the perfectly delicate paper. I silently read the letter that was addressed to Edward

Dear Edward,

As your mother I have always known what is best for you, and I know that this journal will do you good. I want you to record your life in here. I want to you to cherish this journal as I know you will and keep close to always. It may just bring you the luck we all need in this time. I love you my son and I only wish you the happiest of years to come.

With love,

Your mother

The letter was obviously from a mother to a son as a nice gift and meant to be kept private. I placed the letter back into the envelope only before I heard the creaky floor of the hallway. My father knocked on my door, "Bella are you alright? I heard a thump earlier then it went dead silent, I came to make sure you didn't hurt yourself."

"No," I called out, "I'm fine I just- fell and I rather enjoy the floor, it's comfortable." I had never been a good lier. I was surprised when Charlie passed it off. Maybe he figured I didn't want him around and knew to walk off.

Suddenly the journal became very heavy in my hands. I looked down at Edwards journal. I was having second thoughts about reading it. He might not appreciate me reading his private business. What am I kidding myself? The mans dead or near death he'd never know I'd read his private thoughts.

Besides, this mysterious Edward would never know. There was nothing to worry about, but then why did I feel so sick? I felt as though reading this was going to have it's consequences and possibly change my life forever. This carried the secrets of man or young boy from a century ago, this carried my interest at heart.

Nothing was going to stop me from reading the journal I could assure myself of that.

As delicately as possible I opened up the journal to the second page.

I flipped to the next page and the next page but only found it completely empty. Edward never wrote in his journal. It didn't hold any of the secrets I so badly craved.

Dinner was quiet. I never told Charlie about the discovery of the empty journal or the Letter to Edward. "Dad do you know anything about the previous owners?"

Charlie looked up from his pizza. "Yeah," he looked at me curiously, "but not that much."

I looked up at Charlie, "Well, what do you know?" I asked quickly. I wanted to know anything, or everything about Edward.

"The first couple to live in here were the Masens and I believe they had one baby boy." Edward Masen good, strong name. "All three of them died," My heart sank at this. The boy probably never really had a life it record into his journal, "I think in 1918. Yeah, and the other couple after that no one really knows anything about them," Charlie continued.


After dinner I rushed to my room. Grabbing the journal I had hidden underneath that floorboard from earlier. I walked across my creaky floor and sat up in my bed. A pen in my hand and the journal in the other. Since the journal was never used I thought I would make good use of it and fill in my own life, as Mrs. Masen had requested her son.

Year 2008

Dear journal,

I have never had a journal in my life time and I can only fill the request of Edwards mother for him. He is as I figured dead and I thought since no one has written anything in this beautiful journal it would be the nicest thing to do. Falling into the floor has filled me with deep interest of this house and I only request to know more about this place, along with the people who where associated with it.

This place may not be as bad as I have thought before I had moved. I had not excepted all the original furniture to be intact still and my room is so old-fashioned. The room up the stairs and first door to the right. It's old walls actually match my theme of neutral earth tones. I think I might keep it at the originality, it's creepy, yet so gorgeous.

Anyways, I have no confessions to make. I only can wish that this move was a smart move and I don't get to caught up in this house and Edward.

-Isabella Swan

I placed the journal in my night stand drawer and covered it with various papers and newspaper articles. Feeling all the energy drained from my body, I laid down on my bed and fell into a deep and soundless sleep.

Thanks for reading this. I know it kind of sucks but I thought it be fun to write!