Brom, Dragon Rider and mortal enemy of Morzan, First, and last, of the Foresworn, crouched in the garden, pulling weeds. He was, however, not focused on his task. In his heavily shielded mind, he was repetitively going over plans. He moved slightly, inching his way down the flower bed. The sun shone against his back as it slunk behind the horizon. He breathed in the cool night air, breathing deeply as he tried to calm himself. Oh, how much he wished Sapphire was there. She would know how to calm his nerves. Alas, she was dead, and Brom was left, Alone, to deal with his surging emotions. A muffled noise made Brom jump slightly, before he cautiously poked his head over the row of bushes he was perched behind. Two darkly clad people were hurrying towards him. Brom smiled as he saw them, and rocked back from his place beside the flower bed.

When the two finally reached him, Brom could see their features in the dim light still given by the sun. The first was a woman, beautiful in Brom's eyes. Her blond hair fell about her smiling face as she crouched beside Brom, their lips briefly meeting. The second figure was a small boy, dark haired, with a pale complexion, and a serious expression upon his young face. He clutched onto the woman's hand, his eyes fearful.

"Brom, I apologize for being late. It took longer than I expected to persuade the nurse to let us outside, alone." The woman said

"That is alright, we accounted for that. I have already packed the bags you hid in the garden onto the pack horse. All is in readiness."

"That is good. Murtagh, this is my friend, Brom. Brom, this is Murtagh, my son." Selena introduced them. Brom bowed his head respectively at the small child, who was barely three years old. Encouraged by his mother, Murtagh repeated the gesture.

"Greetings, Murtagh. Your mother has told me much about you. I have wanted to meet you for so long." Brom smiled, but Murtagh didn't smile impact. Instead, he spoke, in a tiny, quivering voice that betrayed how frightened he was.

"Hello Brom."

"We should leave quickly" Selena whispered, and Brom nodded. Murtagh looked between the two adults.

"Where are we going?" he asked his mother, who hushed him.

"I'll explain later, my darling," she whispered. Murtagh hesitated before nodding. Brom rose to his feet, and Selena got up too, gathering Murtagh into her arms and settling him onto her hip.

"You're getting to be a big boy," she joked with him, and Murtagh smiled, but sensed that it would be best if he said nothing. The two adults hurried, in silence, through the garden, until they reached the castle wall. Brom lead the way as they skirted it, before reaching one of the towers that were dotted along the wall. Murtagh was surprised to see the two guards that guarded the door at the foot of the tower lying on the floor, snoring.

"Mamma, why are the guards sleeping while they are on guard?' he asked, whispering.

"Maybe they were tired," Suggested Selena, avoiding looking at the guards as Brom pushed the door open, before closing it behind them. They were now within the small, circular, room that lay at the foot of the tower. It was lit by a single torch, which Brom took, lighting the way for Selena and Murtagh so they could walk to the other door, which Selena opened. Murtagh felt a thrill of excitement. He had never been allowed outside the castle walls before, and was rarely permitted to go to the garden with his nurse, let alone with his mother. Once they passed through the door, Brom closed it firmly behind them. He had left the torch behind, and now they relied upon the silvery moonlight to light their way as they scurried through the small town that encircled Morzan's castle. Once they were beyond the town, Brom led the way up behind a rocky outcrop, where three horses were tethered. Brom gently took Murtagh, who was becoming drowsy from Selena as she lifted herself into the saddle on one of the horses, before passing him back in to her arms so he could sit in front of her in the saddle. Selena draped her cloak around Murtagh as Brom mounted the other horse, before taking the lead rope of the third, which had the few belongings of the trio that could be taken without being noticed tied securely to its back. Brom led the way as the horses picked up speed, leading the way up into the line of mountains, collectively known in the spine. They only paused in their ride when they had climbed to the peak of the first hill, where Selena, Brom and Murtagh looked back, seeing the flaming torches of Morzan's castle, then, further in the distance, the shining blackness of Leona Lake. Brom's eyes narrowed for a second, before he relaxed once more, seeming to sag into his saddle.

"There, I have re woken the guards. They believe no time has passed."

"I could have done that; you know," Selena told him as he slowly recovered from his use of magic, "to save your strength."

"I can recover quickly enough while we ride. I am quite used to it."

"And I'm not?" Selena let a touch of anger seep into her voice, although inwardly she was touched by his gesture.

"Are you used to riding long distances with your son in front of you?"

"Alright, I'm not. Let's get out of here before we get found?"

"Okay." Brom kicked his horse into a canter, and led the way up into the mountains, with Selena close behind him


Two long months after they first left Mozan's castle, the trio where in hiding up in the spine, not far from the northern most reaches of Alagaesia. They moved regularly, but otherwise, they had settled. Brom had spent his spare time getting Murtagh to trust him, by telling him stories. Murtagh began to like Brom, but there were still some kinks in their relationship the day that Selena took Brom aside when Murtagh was having a nap.

"Brom, I'm pregnant."


"I'm pregnant, and I'm certain it's yours."

"But, when? We haven't done," Brom paused, blushing, "it since we left the castle."

"I know, but it must have happened before we left. I've skipped my last two cycles, and it feels the same as it did with Murtagh," Selena paused, letting the news sink in for Brom. Brom grinned, kissing her.

"This is going to be wonderful. You, me, Murtagh, and the baby, just like a little family."

"Brom, I'm scared. I haven't told you this, I didn't think it was important, but when I had Murtagh, I almost bled to death, and then I got an infection. Both of them nearly killed me. I don't want that to happen again."

Brom froze, "Selena, we could go to the elves, they could look after you."

"They wouldn't allow me to enter Ellesmera. They wouldn't trust me because of what I did as the Black Hand."

"What else do you propose?" He asked, hugging Selena close. She rested her head upon his chest, and he rested his head upon the top of hers.

"We could go to my brother, in Carvahall. We'd be welcome there. It would be less dangerous than being in the Spine, or on the road somewhere for the birth."

"What about Morzan?"

"He probably thinks I'm dead. I was supposed to leave on a mission the night we fled, and I was due back long ago. He probably thinks I died during the mission, not that he would care.

"What about Murtagh?"

"Morzan rarely asked to see Murtagh. The only way he would notice our deceit is if he asked Murtagh to be brought to him. Then he would know that the wraith being I made to look like Murtagh was not actually his son. It was quite a convincing wraith figure. It fooled the nurse quite well, did it not?"

Brom laughed, "It did. She was quite convinced by its story that you left it in the gardens by itself and ran away. Has that spell been broken yet?"

"I'd tell you instantly if it had."

"Good. If you want, I'll ride with Murtagh next time we move so you can ride alone. We'll travel shorter distances, to make it easier.

"Brom, I'm pregnant, not dying. Besides, it's still quite early."

"How far?"


"How many weeks?"

"Oh, at least eight, maybe nine." Selena replied, "That's about 31 or 32 to go, assuming I go to full term."

"Did you last time?"

"Yes, I went over actually. Murtagh was comfortable where he was."

Brom laughed, "Some things never change," he grinned, glancing over his shoulder at where Murtagh lay, sleeping. Selena giggled.

"You've been so great with him. Just imagine how great it will be to raise one together, from birth. Oh, the first smile, the first steps, the first word, all those things with Murtagh that I missed out on, I'll have a second chance at."

"And I'll be right beside you, I promise" Brom kissed Selena on the forehead, before they returned to where Murtagh lay.


The next few months passed in a blur for the trio. Murtagh had been quite excited at the prospect of getting a baby brother or sister, and had talked of little else. Brom grinned at Selena as they rode along. They had abandoned the spine, in favour of the flatter ground between The Spine, the Hadarac Desert, Du Weldenvarden, and the town of Bullridge. Murtagh now constantly rode in front of Brom, away from the now visible bump in Selena's stomach. They kept primarily to the roads, only shifting aside when the patrols of guards passed. They were all heavily disguised. Even Morzan would have difficulty recognizing Brom, Selena, and Murtagh now.

They had been riding in silence for a while, Murtagh had fallen asleep leaning against Brom's chest, when Selena reigned in her horse.

"Morzan just realized what I did. He just broke the spell."

"Did he trace it back to you?"

"Yes, but I shielded before he could locate us, but he still may know where we are." Her eyes were wide with Panic.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine," Brom reassured her, but within himself he was not so sure. He knew that, one day, he'd have to face Morzan and his dragon, and he looked forward to that day, when he could avenge Saphira's death, but he dreaded the thought when he thought about how helpless it would leave Selena, Murtagh, and the unborn baby if he died.

"Brom, what if he finds us, or if he tries to take Murtagh away from us? What if he kills you?"

"We'll be fine, Selena, I promise." Brom said, meaning every word. He moved his horse towards hers.

"We need to assume that Mozan knows where we are. I know this area reasonably well and there is a reasonably defensive position about ten miles north of here. If we make it there, I'll have a better chance of defeating Morzan than anywhere else around here. Selena nodded, and the two turned their horses northward.


Brom had no idea how he managed to defeat Mozan and his dragon. Maybe it was the knowledge that Selena and Murtagh were depending on him to protect them for Morzan, or maybe it wasn't. Anyway, somehow, Brom defeated Morzan, and took Za'roc from his body. Selena emerged, shaking, from where she and Murtagh had been hiding, and fell into Brom's arms, sobbing. Brom groaned in weariness, drained both physically and mentally by the fight. Selena had taken him by the hand and led him to where Murtagh and the horses were hidden. Then, she had lay him down and sung him and Murtagh to sleep.

When Brom had awoken, Selena was sweating, her eyes drooping in exhaustion.

"Selena, what's wrong."

"Morzan, he, he tried to kill the baby. It faded so much, I thought it was dead. I tried to help it by giving it energy, but I don't have enough. Oh, it's going to die." She sobbed, before collapsing, unconscious, into Brom's arms.

"Mama!" Murtagh had cried, jumping forward to clasp his mother's hand. Brom gently lowered her to the ground.

"Brom, what's wrong with Mama?" Murtagh asked, his eyes wide and tearful.

"Your Daddy tried to hurt your little brother or sister, and your Mama was helping it, but she got too tired." Brom carefully explained. Much to Selena's distress, Murtagh could still vividly remember what Mozan had done to him when they were still living at the castle, including when Morzan had thrown Za'roc at the toddler's back, scarring him for life. Murtagh was, therefore, terrified of Morzan, and Brom couldn't blame him for that.

Brom felt for Selena's presence, alarmed at how dim it was. Taking a deep breath, and closing his eyes, he merged his conscience with hers. Once he was in her mind, he tracked his way though to where the majority of Selena's own thoughts were centered, on the bond she shared with the baby. The bond was weak, as Brom knew it would be, and it had been damaged when Morzan had ripped his way through it trying to get to the unborn child. Following Morzan's path, healing the bond as he went, Brom's mind surged through the bond, until it reached the flickering light of the baby. Stopping before he entered the baby's own mind, Brom began to pour waves of his own energy into the child, which responded weakly. Brom kept sending the energy towards the tiny light, growing in confidence as the light of its mind grew steadily in brightness. Brom, however, could not keep up his energy supply, which wavered, and began to drop quickly. Brom pulled away from the baby's mind, before giving his remaining excess strength to Selena. Finally, he pulled away completely, back into his own mind. He sagged in weariness, and met Murtagh's gaze wearily.

"They should be alright now," he whispered, and Murtagh climbed into Brom's lap, hugging the former rider in earnest.

"Brom, are you going to keep looking after us now that daddy can't hurt us?" he asked.

"Of course not, I'm staying right here with you and your mother, and the baby."

"Thank-you Brom" Murtagh whispered, before falling asleep again.


Selena did get better, slowly, but the baby didn't. They stayed where they were for anther day, recovering their strength. Selena and Brom recovered swiftly form their energy lapse, but the baby was a different story. Either Brom or Selena had to keep their minds focused on its presence, allowing the unborn infant to feed off their mental offerings of energy. Brom cursed whichever spell it was that Morzan had placed upon the baby. This, combined with Selena's advancing pregnancy, meant that when they did leave the defensive outcrop, heading towards Carvahall, they were restricted to only a few hours travel per day, dragging out the journey.

A few weeks following the attack, late in the evening, they reached to small village of Fisherman's Rest, located on the northern shore of the Ninor River, about 50 miles west of Yazuac. Brom heaved a great sigh of relief when they reached the village. From their, he guessed it would take about a week to reach Carvahall. He led the way, with Murtagh in front of him in the saddle, followed by the faithful pack horse, and then Selena, her head bowed in weariness. They passed through the town center, turning down a dirt road that led towards the village outskirts on the opposite side to where the travelers had entered the town. They pulled up outside a small cottage. Brom let Murtagh climb down carefully, using Brom's leg as a ladder, before swinging himself down, and going to help Selena from her horse. The cottage door opened, and a middle aged woman stood in the doorway.

"Brom!" She exclaimed when she saw Brom's face, stepping forward and hugging Brom in welcome.

"Hello, Nissa. How are you?"

"Very well. Who are you companions?"

"Introductions can wait until we get inside. We don't know who might be listening."

"Alright then, fair enough. Do come in." Nissa curtseyed and led them into the hut. It was surprisingly large, lit by a fire burning at the stove. A young man, about twenty five years old, was sitting beside the fire, feeding it logs of wood. A young woman was chopping vegetables for the evening meal at the table.

"Still doing your job, Nissa?" Brom asked as a conversation starter.

"Yes, are you doing yours?"

"In a round about way, yes" Brom grinned sheepishly when the woman glared at him.

"Are you going to tell me who your companions are now?"

Brom looked behind him, searching for the minds of others who may be eavesdropping. Satisfied, he turned back to face Nissa

"This is Selena, formally known as the Black Hand, and this is her son, Murtagh."

"It is a Pleasure to meet you both. I am Nissa, a humble spell caster and fortune teller. The young man by the fire is Geryn, and the woman is his wife, Leila."

"Don't play yourself down, Nissa. You were the best Spell caster in the Varden."

"Behind you, of course."

"I don't count. I was a rider. I've been doing this for a long time."

"Whatever, Brom. Have you heard the rumors?"

"What rumors? I've been on the road for over six months."

"That Morzan is dead"

"Well, I should hope he's dead. I put my sword in him enough times." Brom snorted

"Oh, so it was you. Everyone thought it was."

"What other news is there?" Selena asked, her weariness forgotten at the prospect of fresh news.

"The Varden remain in hiding up in the Beor Mountains, and the elves remain in Ellesmera. Oh, there is news. Two of the dragon eggs where successfully seized."

"That's excellent. Where are they now?"

"Being ferried between the elves and the Varden, as per the agreement."

"That is good. What about on your front? Have there been any developments recently?"

"Not quite yet, it's a bit too soon at the moment" Nissa said, and the young couple she lived with blushed.

"That's good."

"Come, sit by the fire, you look quite chilled," Nissa offered, "How long do you wish to stay with us?"

"Only tonight and tomorrow. Selena has family up in Carvahall that we intend to reach soon." Nissa eyed Selena's protruding belly, nodding.

"Yes, I will organize some bedding for you. Congratulations by the way."

"Thank-you" Selena walked towards the fire, after Nissa gestured. Geryn fetched Selena a chair, and one for Brom. Nissa sat in an old rocking chair. Murtagh climbed up on to Brom's lap.

"Do the Varden know what you are doing?"

"No, I want them to think I'm dead."

"Why?" Nissa was shocked.

"Because if the Varden think I'm dead, then the empire is less likely to think I'm not and go looking for me. Besides, I really don't want a new mission at the moment."

"But you're a former leader of the Varden."

"Exactly. The key word there is 'former'. They're managing themselves quite well by themselves. They have two of the three eggs for goodness sake; they don't need me getting involved in their politics again." Brom grunted. Murtagh leaned against him, watching the fire with interest. Brom absent mindedly stroked the small boy's black hair."

"He isn't yours, is he?" Nissa asked. Brom frowned.

"No, he isn't, the baby is though. Murtagh is Morzan's son, but Morzan, well, he wasn't very parental"

"That's an understatement," Selena added. Nissa winced sympathetically.

"I can't imagine him being parental. I'm sorry; I should not have asked such a personal question."

"So, have you been busy?" Brom asked, changing the subject for Selena and Murtagh's sake.

"Brom, I'm the Varden's appointed protector of the Royal line. Of course I'm busy. Every time Guards pass this hut is a time for panic."

"So the royal line still exists?" Selena leant forward in her seat. Brom answered the query.

"Yes, but only the highest ranking officials in the Varden know about its existence."

"You can trust my silence."

"I know, I have heard of your helping us, Selena" Nissa smiled and Selena, "You information has helped us a great deal"

"I only wish I could have done more" Selena smiled. Leila chose that moment to clear her throat, announcing that dinner was prepared.

After dinner, Selena and Murtagh went to the bed laid out for them, but Brom stayed up.

"Will you tell the Varden that I am dead?" he whispered to Nissa. She sighed.

"Yes, I'll do it tomorrow."

"What will you say to convince them?"

"That I spoke to Selena, and that she saw you died from wounds you received during your fight with Morzan. I'll say that Selena died while she was here, from some sickness or injury she acquired during her journey."

"You're too good at lying, you know. It's scary."

"Well, you can talk. You're fairly convincing as well" Nissa laughed. Brom nodded, before bidding her good night and returning to Selena's side.


Well rested after their day at Nissa's, Brom, Selena, and Murtagh moved on again, reaching the village of Carvahall just over a week later. Selena led the way as they rode through the village, attracting quite a few stares. Many recognized Selena as she rode past, and waved cheerfully, Selena waved back, smiling happily. Brom moved his horse up to beside hers, and received even more curious looks than he had been before. Once they were out of the main village, they turned down the dirt lane that would lead to the home that Selena had ran away from to be with Morzan.

After they rode for a while, they rounded a bend, and the farmhouse finally came into view. Selena and Brom halted, taking into the sight. The little house the barn, the freshly plowed fields, the paddock with the two cart horses inside it, the awe inspiring backdrop of The Spine. Selena was the first to begin moving once more, and Brom followed her. Murtagh looked curiously at the house.

"Mama, where are we?" he asked.

"We're home, Murtagh, home." Selena turned in the saddle, smiling at her son, who smiled in response. It had been a long time since he'd seen his mama happy. Brom laughed, and tickled Murtagh lightly in the side. Murtagh giggled, and shrank away from Brom's hand, only to find the other one safely holding him in place.

"Brom, don't make him fall off. You to can have your play after we get off the horses." Selena laughed, before rolling her eyes.

"Men" she muttered under her breath.

"I heard that." Brom called from behind. Selena giggled and picked up the speed. She led the way as they rounded on the gate, finding it open. They went through, walking the horses towards the main house. The door swung open, and Garrow walked out of the house, his jaw dropping when he saw Selena's face.

"Selena, I thought I'd never see you again. It's been far too long."

"Garrow! I've missed you so much. It has been too long, you are right. I wish I had returned sooner, but things kept me where I was." Selena reigned in her horse, carefully sliding from her saddle. Her back ached from the week's hard travel, but they were there now. She let her mind brush the baby's, and let out a sigh of relief. It was fine, at the moment. She walked around the horse to meet Garrow, embracing him.

"Look at you, all dressed up like a lady." Garrow's gaze flickered to the bump, but he said nothing, returning his sister's embrace. Smiling, Brom let Murtagh climb down, before dismounting himself, taking the small boy's hand, before approaching the brother and sister.

"Garrow, I need to introduce my companions. This is Brom, and my son, Murtagh." Selena introduced them both, "Brom, Murtagh, this is my dear brother, Garrow."

"Greetings Brom and Murtagh. Welcome to my humble farm."

"The pleasure is ours. Long have I desired to meat you. Selena has told us much about you, all of it good." Brom formally replied, bowing. Garrow laughed, offering Brom his hand, which Brom shook.

"Come in, come in, so I can introduce you to my family." Garrow offered. Broom gently took Selena's hand, and followed Garrow into the hut. Inside, they met Garrow's wife, Marian, and their young son Roran, who was only a few months younger than Murtagh.


Another pair of months passed. Brom was introduced to the other villagers of Carvahall as Selena's husband, although no wedding had actually taken place between them, something Garrow knew, but did not comment on. Murtagh quickly formed a friendship with Roran, and the pair was rarely seen far from each others side. Every day, Brom worked out in the fields with Garrow, helping out with the running of the farm, and at night, they returned to the house, where Selena had been helping Marian out as much as her pregnancy allowed. One day, it was different. Selena had woken up early in the morning, feeling the familiar pain of muscles contracting, and Garrow had instantly gone to fetch the healer, Gertrude. They had quickly returned, to find Marian and Brom tending to Selena, who had sweat pouring down her face, and was breathing in painful gasps. Brom and Garrow, as well as Murtagh and Roran, were escorted outside. They sat there, sitting in a row, with Roran and Murtagh perched on Garrow and Brom's laps. Brom gnawed at his lip, worrying, while Garrow sat in silence, able to associate with the feelings Brom was experiencing, but finally he spoke.

"Where you there when Murtagh was born, Brom?"

"No, I did not meet Selena until Murtagh was about two months old."

"Then you are not the boy's father?"

"No, I'm not. Murtagh's father was an enemy of mine. He was a cruel man, and he beat both Selena and Murtagh frequently. The scar of Murtagh's back was made by his father's sword. She took Murtagh and fled with me about eight months ago."

"Are you the father of this child?"

"Yes, Selena and I were, er, intimate, at the appropriate time."

"Selena is strong, she will be able to give birth to the baby, don't fear."

"I don't only fear for Selena, but for the baby. It is too early for it to be coming, and there were several moments when we thought that it had died in her womb."

"Do not fear, brother, I've seen enough of your character, and of Selena's, to know that any child carrying your blood would be a strong one." Garrow smiled, and Brom repeated the gesture. That was the first time Garrow had called Brom 'brother.'

"You are right, I guess, brother" Brom replied.

"Oh, and Brom," Garrow looked at him as he set Roran on the ground so the little boy could play in the dirt at the two men's feet."


"Thank-you for rescuing Selena, and looking after her and Murtagh."

"It was no great thing; any honorable man would have done the same." Brom replied. The two men sat in silence then. Murtagh joined Roran on the ground, playing with the small rocks that were scattered around on the ground. By midday, however, Murtagh was back in Brom's lap, wrapped in Brom's cloak against the weather that was increasingly cold. Roran had dozed off, and was bundled up in Garrow's lap as the two men sat, waiting. At about half past 12, however, their waiting paid of, when the sound of an infants wailing was heard from the inside of the house. Brom smiled, exhaling, and Garrow pattered him on the back, grinning.

"Congratulations, brother."

"Thank-you, brother" Brom replied, a silly grin spreading across his face. Garrow laughed.

"Don't worry, you'll come to dread the sound of that baby's cry." He laughed, and Brom chuckled.

"Yes, I probably will" he admitted, hugging Murtagh close to him.

"What's that noise?" Murtagh asked.

"That's your little brother or sister, Murtagh"

"Its here?'

"Yes, Murtagh, congratulations you are a big brother." Garrow told the boy. Murtagh grinned.

"Can we go see it?' he asked.

"Soon" Brom told him. Murtagh giggled happily, snuggling closer to Brom's chest. They sat that way for a few more minutes, until the door to the house creaked open, and Marian stepped out, cradling something in her arms. Brom got up, lowering Murtagh to the ground and taking his hand as Marian approached them. Carefully, she passed Brom the little bundle of blankets she had been holding. Brom looked down at the bundle, smiling at the sleeping baby that lay in his arms.

"You have a son" Marian told him, "Selena suggested a name for him."

Brom tore his gaze away from the baby, looking up at Marian.

"She suggested the name Eragon"

Brom looked back down at the baby, smiling. He knelt carefully so Murtagh could see his new baby brother.

"Brom, what's his name? " Murtagh asked, smiling at his little brother.

"Eragon, his name is Eragon."


Fifteen years later

Brom leaned against his pitchfork, breathing deeply, reflecting on all that had happened since Eragon's birth. The long days of hard labour out in the fields had made him muscular, and had browned his skin. After Selena had recovered from Eragon's birth, Brom had bought a farm very close to Garrow's, so they could live independently, but still be close. Brom, with help from Garrow, and a few others from Carvahall, had built a house for his little family to call their own. Murtagh had celebrated his fourth birthday, and Little Eragon had grown bigger, no longer relying on the energy from his parents to survive. One day, about six months after Eragin had been born, and only a couple of weeks after the little family had moved into their own house, a lone horse and rider came to visit. Brom was surprised to recognize Nissa. Geryn and Leila were both dead, leaving behind their tiny, infant daughter, only one month old. Brom had wiped tears from his eyes as he looked down at the tiny baby in Nissa's arms. She was smaller than He remembered Eragon being at the same age. Selena had cried herself to sleep after Nissa told them about how she feared the baby would die of starvation. That night, Brom had awoken to find Selena tenderly nursing the baby girl. Nissa had cried and fallen at Selena's feet the next morning when she'd found out, almost kissing Selena's feet in gratitude. Nissa and the infant girl had stayed with Brom's family for the next six months, leaving a few weeks after Eragon's first birthday. Brom had not seen, nor heard, from Nissa since. Time had flown past. Eragon was fifteen now, and Murtagh was nearing his Nineteenth birthday. Eragon took after his mother, with curly blond hair and blue eyes. Murtagh, however, was the splitting image of his father, with shoulder length dark brown hair and dark eyes. Selena and Brom loved them equally, and the little family had lived in peace.

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