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23. walk this way

we have been set free

set me free

Shinsuke. And Mom. Together. Rutting on the couch like two animals in heat, like two fucking teenagers. Yura doesn't think that she has ever felt this betrayed before. Sure, her mom is a bitch, but that wasn't new, that wasn't personal. Not like this. She knew I liked him and she didn't even care.

She feels a sinking sensation in the pit of her stomach when they turn to look at her; Yukari, her mother, with her smug look of self-satisfaction and Shinsuke's look of shame . Like a boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar, she thinks before dismissing the thought as unfair. Yukari Shiraki was a beautiful woman, every man's wet dream. Shinsuke would've been an idiot if he rejected her. Yura gets it and maybe that's part of the reason why it hurts so goddamn much.

Something is cracking―really cracking this time. That something that kept her up and functioning is slowly starting to unravel, to break into a thousand or more irreparable little pieces and Yura can't do anything but passively watch from the sidelines of her own self as she walks away from her mother and the only person that she could ever truly count on and never would again.

"It would be better if people like them just burned in hell."

Her voice breaks when she speaks to the reporters in front of her house. Her voice breaks and she cries and she says the sort of things a teenage girl in her situation is expected to say―she disowns them publicly. Yura spits the words out with all the venom that had been building up inside of her and it feels great. For that one moment it almost doesn't matter that she's saying it on national television, that her life is falling apart at a dizzying pace. Everyone is looking at her, listening to her and what she feels is now center stage.

Yura is still shaky when she walks away from the reporters, so it's a godsend when they're too dumbfounded to do a follow up question. Their confusion doesn't last for long, though, and Yura is relieved when the man with the glasses comes to take her away. Her very own knight in shining armor, wasn't that funny? She never really cared for fantasy, but at that moment anything felt possible. It is like the whole world is at her fingertips and at that moment she has never felt so complete.

Yura looks back at her old house from the car. She watches it grow ant-sized and wonders if a paparazzi managed to go inside and catch her mother in the act.

She hopes they do.

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