The lyrics at the beginning and the end are from White Rabbit, which I believe is done by Jefferson Airplane, or some such like that. This was a spur of the moment SayuxMello pairing that didn't quite work out how I planned. Beware the heavy Wonderland crap that worked its way in there on its own.

Written for Namu, who just started talking to me again tonight after almost a year randomly not being online to talk to me. Surprise! O:

[And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you're going to fall]

If there was one thing Alice in Wonderland had taught Sayu when she was a small child, it was to never follow the white rabbit down a hole. Doing so only led to disaster for poor Alice, and who was Sayu to think the same did not apply to herself?

So it was no surprise when following Mello (the white rabbit, run little Alice, he's getting away!) had led to her own disaster. Perhaps her disaster was not quite on par with poor old Alice (almost beheaded by an angry queen only to wake and find it all a dream, poor, poor Alice!) but it was disaster enough in its own right.

Sheets stained with sin and a moment of insanity, and a chorus of soft pants and sweet nothings that meant absolutely nothing once the sun had risen and the sweat had dried, the sheets stripped and thrown away.

(Oh, Alice, Alice! What has become of poor sweet Alice? She sleeps, only to see a smile without a cat in her dreams and there is no remorse in the Cheshire Cat's eyes when the Queen cries "off with her head!" Oh, woe is my poor Alice!)

Oh, but the white rabbit was always wonderful when she spoke of him in her later years; though he was long dead by then, taken in by the Red Queen and her cry of "off with his head!", while the King of Hearts mourned the loss of a good friend before he too lost his head.

[And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said]