It was the thirty-first of October 1981, and a man in a long billowing cloak was carrying a baby girl, nestled in a bundle of blankets, towards a tall, white, daunting London building. It stood out against the dark sky, which twinkled with stars. Artemis Ethelbert hoped it was the right building. The minister had given him explicit instructions of the location of the orphanage. The girl was just a year old, with dark grey-blue eyes and dark curls. He held her tight in his arms, walking up the white stone steps anxiously. Her mother, Louisa Black, had just been killed, and Sirius Black, her now infamous father, was a follower of Voldemort. He was a criminal, who had betrayed sweet Lily and James Potter, causing their deaths. Young Harry Potter, their son, had miraculously survived. The dark lord had fallen. But there was still so much death and tragedy for both the Blacks and the Potters. Now, this small child was being abandoned at an orphanage with nothing left of her life. Forgotten and alone. It killed him to think that he was the one to carry out this horrendous task of abandonment. But it wasn't Ethelbert's decision to take her here: he was only an auror, doing as the minister of Magic instructed. He was to take the child and meet Albus Dumbledore at the orphanage.

"Good Evening, Ethelbert," said a voice. He spun around and came face to face with none other than albus Dumbledore, peering at him over his half moon spectacles, his white beard trailing to the floor, dressed in eccentric purple robes.

"I have just returned from delivering Harry Potter to his relatives. It is such a sad business indeed, losing not just Lily and James Potter but Louisa Black, too," he said solemnly. "Young Remy is unharmed, I am presuming?"

"Terrible, indeed. Yes, she's ok. Is there no other option for her?" Ethelbert whispered, indicating the child in his arms.

"I am afraid not. She has no remaining relatives. If one does happen to reveal his or her self, they will be notified of young Remy's whereabouts. The minister will not allow her to be placed in the custody of Remus Lupin; he does not think that he will be suitable, being a 'half-breed'.

In the meantime, this is our only choice," he sighed, apparently not impressed with Cornelius Fudge's opinion.

Ethelbert felt a surge of hot anger.

"Imagine- Black, that traitor, doing all those terrible things- being a death eater, betraying his friends- when he had a child! Doesn't he care that she's going to be abandoned? That his wife is now dead, thanks to him?" he said furiously. He stared down at the child, still sleeping serenely, unaware of her fate.

"I know, Artemis, I know. It's awful."

"I hope we catch him. We'll give him straight to the dementors. He doesn't deserve a soul," spat Ethelbert.

"He has caused much tragedy tonight, in such a selfish way, I agree. And when he is found, justice will take its toll. Shall we go inside?"

"I suppose," sighed Ethelbert. They opened the doors to reveal a large reception room. The walls were all marble, and the floor was stone. One desk sat to the left, unoccupied, papers scattered everywhere.

Dumbledore took the baby from Ethelbert's arms and set her down in a basket beside the desk.

"You have the paperwork? The note? What do we need? Will they keep her safe?" asked Ethelbert sharply.

"I have everything here," said Dumbledore calmly, pulling some papers and a note out of his robes and tucking them in beside Remy. "These papers will explain everything. They will take good care of her, I am sure," he finished assuringly.

Ethelbert noticed that there was a dainty gold chain baring a locket around the girl's neck. It was small and oval shaped, with a dark blue sapphire imbedded in it. She looked angelic as she slept on, delicate, dark-lashed eyes closed, oblivious to the tragedy that had struck her world. She was truly a beautiful baby.

"Goodbye, young Remy, for now. I have a feeling that we will meet again in the not-so-distant future. Until then, take care," said Dumbledore, pulling the blanket further over the child. Ethelbert's throat felt constricted with emotion. With pity for the girl.

"Goodbye, Remy," he said softly, taking one last look at her, so peaceful and unspoiled, and then followed Dumbledore out into the dark night.