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He prowled the dark street… decorations of skeletons, pumpkins, witches, wizards and vampires overflowed the windows of many houses, and sweet wrappers lay strewn across the street. Artificial cobwebs had plastered themselves to trees in the rain, and pumpkin candles were full to the brim with rainwater, long extinguished. Halloween. He drifted along under his dark cape, a great sense of anticipation rising in him. Tonight was the night. Many people eagerly awaited Halloween, but none more than he and or for such a specific reason. At last, he reached the small, cosy brick house on the main street of godric's hollow… The man of the Black household was sure to be out. The one they all suspected for betraying the dear sweet Potters. If only they knew. He found this cruelly humorous for some reason. As he approached the Black household, he laughed a silent mirthless laugh. No matter how hard the Blacks had tried to protect the Potters, their efforts were in vain. Just as he thought this, the front door of the house flew open, and out ran a tall blonde woman, her fierce expression concealing her likely fear.

"You!" she yelled, drawing her wand. She strode bravely over to face him, trembling, blocking his path. This amused him. "You'll never kill Lily and James. You won't touch a hair on their son's head, or anybody I love," the woman said shakily but determinedly, glaring with her wand pointed directly at him. So this was Black's wife.

"Move out of the way, you bold fool. This does not concern you," he said, delecting the power that this command brought him.

"Never," she hissed. "I won't let you harm my friends."

"I'll kill them whether you like it or not," he said silkily, keeping a steady hold on her own wand.

"Over my dead body!" she screamed, yielding her wand, ready to strike.

"As you wish," he said coldly, smirking. "Avada Kedavra," he uttered the curse in the blink of an eye, sweeping his arm back as he waved his wand. There was a scream, and a familiar flash of blinding green, and Louisa Black was gone, her eyes cold and lifeless like so many other of his victims. Her cold face brought him a thrill of supremacy. He peered inside fleetingly. Black's child lay within. But it would be pointless to kill her. She wasn't in his way, and she wasn't the one he sought. He swept away from the house, cloak billowing behind him. The Potter house was much further down the street. When he had nearly reached it, he heard very distant footsteps behind him, which stopped abruptly. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw the remote silhouette of a man, falling to his knees just outside the Black residence. The man was sobbing quietly now. But he, whoever Remy was in this bizarre world, didn't care. Let them think Black guilty. At least he, himself would have a servant if that particular servant kept well hidden.

His goal lay not far ahead now. The house drew nearer. The silhouette of a woman, her husband and child could be seen against the bright light of the house's second storey window. This was it. He felt as though a drum roll were silently conducting itself in his chest. He opened the front gate and walked along the path to the front door, lightning struck overhead. He kept his hood on, smiling a wicked, vindictive smile. The people in the window froze, and them man looked through the window into the dark, stormy obscurity that was outside. Remy suddenly grasped a fraction of consciousness. She saw her hand, the man's long, white hand, draw a wand, and-

CRASH. The door flew back, revealing the interior. She stepped into the hallway, and a voice of panic shouted out from above:

"LILY, IT'S HIM! I'll hold him off- TAKE HARRY AND RUN-"

Remy awoke, breathing heavily, tears prickling in her eyes. No, she told herself. She would not succumb to tears. She knew very well what happened next in the vision. Too well. So that's what had happened that fateful Halloween. Her mother's death flashed behind her eyelids, wrenching at her heart. Seeing things through Voldemort's eyes, though a traumatic experience in itself, could only be worsened by witnessing the death of a loved one. Remy felt a lump rise in her throat. She couldn't push the images out of her head. And Sirius had arrived at the house just minutes after she had been killed… Perhaps if he had come home a mere ten miutes earlier- No, she wasn't going to think about that. She couldn't. Besides, maybe if Sirius had arrived home earlier, he would have been killed too, along with Remy herself. There were too many 'what if 's rushing around in mad circles in her head. Too many to consider, even with a straight thinking head.

Remy rolled over to find it was seven-thirty on the morning. She still hadn't caught her breath- the shock had caused her heart to race. She was all in a daze. Everyone was still in bed, as it was a Saturday. Disorientedly, she rose and tiptoed down into the common room. Harry was there, sitting in an armchair.

"Hey," he said gently, turning around in his chair. His expression formed into one of alarm on seeing her. "What's the matter?" he asked.

Remy stood there silently, still trembling. She sat down in the chair beside him and told him everything, in a quiet, shaking, haunted voice. And that meant everything. Even that she had seen Lily once.

"Harry- it was so scary," she finished shakily, hugging her knees. Harry looked like he didn't know what to do. He took her hand and she continued to stare into the fire, ghastly pale.

"Hey- you never showed me that photo of your mum and dad," he said gently, trying to distract her. She looked up at him with her dark grey eyes and smiled sadly. She opened the locket with the key from her pocket (A/N- I should be a poet!), and handed him the tiny photograph of her parents. His eyes widened.

"They look so happy," he said quietly. Remy nodded. "You do know you look exactly like Sirius, right?" he laughed, examining the photo. "Especially your eyes. It's rather scary."

"Nice to know we frighten you so," said Remy, trying not to laugh. "I have a photo of your parents, you know," said Remy, "in a photo album at Uncle Remus's house. You look so much like your dad.".

"I know," he said quietly, a proud smile illuminating his face.

"But you have Lily's eyes."

"So I've been told," he said, grinning at her. Most people he met told him that.

There was a reminiscent silence, in which Remy placed the photo back in its home with trembling fingers.

"I didn't want to see any of it…" she said abruptly, being reminded of Lily Potter again. "I tried to wake up from the vision the time I saw your mum- Harry, I'm really sorry," she finished desperately, looking at him with wide eyes. He looked perplexed.

"Sorry?" he said furiously. She jumped in fright. "Why are you sorry? You couldn't help it! How is any of it your fault? If anyone's it's mine," he said dejectedly.

"Your fault? You're not the one seeing the visions of our families being killed, Harry!" she hissed, so nobody would overhear. He looked at her, still amazed.

"Remy, I'm the one who makes you see them! You heard Dumbledore. When I get close to you- when we are close- they're worse for you. I'm causing all this trouble for you. And when we're distant, you're fine. You're normal."

"Hey- I'm normal!" she cried in mock indignation. Harry's mouth twitched.

"Remy, be serious. When we're apart, there's no visions," he said forcefully. "I should probably stay away- I don't want to put you through all of that. But I can't. I can't stay away from you, or be mad at you," he said hopelessly, staring into her eyes. "I don't know what to do."

"When we're distant, it's only the Voldemort visions that go away. I can still predict things. But all of those horrible, disturbing ones- they're worth it, Harry, if I can be with you," she said honestly, staring back at him. "I can handle them," she assured him.

"It doesn't seem like you can," he said quietly. She continued to look at him fiercely.

"Harry, when we're not in the same place- in the same town, at least- I feel so lonely. Like my head's empty. Empty, Harry. I'm so used to your voice being there, it's eerie without it. Which do you think I would rather? Having you, or having my visions go away?" she asked him. He looked down.

"I feel the same way when you're not with me. When we met, it was like we'd never been apart. Like relief, when I first heard you in my head. And when we weren't speaking before- it was like someone had split me in half," he said, defeated, smiling at her crookedly. He knew there was no getting past her on this matter: she wouldn't allow him to sacrifice what they had just for her luxury. "The only way I'm really happy is with you."

Remy grinned lopsidedly and looked at him. "That's right. We're Black and Potter. Proud kids of the infamous marauders."

"You want one?" Harry laughed, "You've got to have the other."

"Never apart," said Remy, smiling at something Mr. Weasley had once said.



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