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Why, Why Love

Chapter One

"Sam…you know this will never work, don't you?" Kerry asked, sitting in her formal room, watching her best friend pick up a pair of scissors with absolute determination.

"And why won't it?" Sam asked, carefully positioning a mirror close to her.

"Because from what you've described, this boy is supposed to be a genius. He'll see through you right away" Kat answered.

"How could he? I'm not stupid enough to give myself away" Sam answered, fingering the long dirty blonde hair that she had painstakingly grown out for three years..

"Sam, listen to me, is he even worth it?" Kerry asked. Sam turned around and faced her best friend of eight years.

"Of course it is. Artemis Fowl is the name I seem to come across over and over again whenever I try to look into fairies. If there is anybody who will help me fulfill grandma's wish, it is him" Sam answered, resolutely. She picked up the scissors and inhaled deeply.

"Samantha Allen Doroster, don't you dare bring those scissors anywhere near your hair!! We will find another way to talk to this boy!" Kerry cried. Samantha just looked at her friend.

"Kerry, I have told you before—Artemis Fowl is a recluse. He doesn't talk to anyone. The only way I have a chance of getting to speak to him is to enroll in his school. I mean, after all, we are in the same grade."

"Yes, I get the fact that you are going halfway across the world to be in the same school as this guy, but I don't get why you have to disguise yourself as a boy to do that" Kerry said.

"Well, the school he goes to is rather conservative" Sam said hurriedly "girls and boys have separate classes. The only time they see each other is at meals and club activities. That wouldn't give me nearly as much time to get to talk to him"

In truth, however, Sam was lying—one of many lies she knew she had to tell. The school that Artemis Fowl went to wasn't conservative. It was an all boys' school. Sam knew that Kerry would go insane if she knew that she was going to enroll in al all boys' school, so she decided to hide that fact.

"Do your parents know that you are going to be masquerading as a boy in your new school?" Kerry asked.

"Please, how would they let me go if I told them?" Sam answered "I just said that I wanted to study abroad in Ireland, I never told them about me pretending to be a guy"

"Then you admit what you are doing is wrong! Come on Sam, we can think of another way to talk to him. Don't do this!" Kerry cried. Sam turned back to the mirror resolutely.

"Too late" she said, taking the scissors and cutting on a length of her hair as Kerry started on in horrified awe.

Saint Bartlby's School for Young Gentlemen was not at all like Sam had pictured it to be. All of the research that she had done had said that Irish boarding schools were very strict institutions with austere, plain buildings. Saint Bartlby's however, looked more like a series of old castles than a school. The buildings were all made out of stone and grandly impressive, with spiraling turrets and ivy growing everywhere. They majesty of the place took Sam back a bit. They definitely didn't have any schools like this back in Boston.

Slowly, Sam made her way through the large, impressive gates that marked the front of the school. There was a long, neatly kept pathway leading up to the main building, which Sam guessed held the main office. She hurried down the path, pulling her large suitcase and checking her watch in the process. Her plane had only landed two hours ago, and since then she had hurriedly changed into the uniform that the school had provided for her and had rushed to catch a cab to take her to her new school, but even so, she was already going to be late, and on her first day of school at that.

Sam opened the door to the main building quickly and was immediately met by a sharp dressed man with a shag of the brightest red hair she had ever seen.

"Hello master Doroster" the man said "we were wondering when you were going to arrive. My name is Professor Dane. I am the vice president of the school and am in charge of aiding every student here"

"Nice to meet you, Professor Dane. Sorry, my plane landed late" Sam mumbled, immediately letting go of her suitcase to shake the man's hand.

"You may leave your luggage here—we will store it for you in the offices and you may retrieve it after your classes" he said. Sam thankfully smiled and gave the man her suitcase, taking her schoolbag out of it first.

"If you would follow me, I will show you to your classroom" the man said, leading Sam out the back of the building. Sam noted in amazement that the school became progressively more beautiful as she was exposed to more of it. The campus was set in a rolling, emerald field—even more beautiful than what was described in the typical Irish stereotype.

"Wow…it's so pretty here" Sam said in awe, looking around here.

"Really?" Professor Dane asked excitedly "The president of the school tries very hard to keep the school beautiful. I am very glad you think it looks nice"

"The president has a good eye then, every detail of this place is perfect" Sam said, noting with wonder how neatly trimmed even the ivy growing on the side of the buildings was.

"Well this school does have a reputation to keep. It is supposed to be a school of beauty" Professor Dame said.

"A school of beauty?" Sam asked, confused "what does that mean?"

"This school" Professor Dane continued "is the best school in Ireland in terms of education. We have the best staff and the best facilities. But that is not what makes the school so popular"

"What does?" Sam asked.

"This school accepts its students not based on grades…but on looks" Professor Dame answered, smiling brightly. Sam stopped in her tracks.

"On…on their looks?" she sputtered.

"Yes, like I said, the president of the school is obsessed with beauty. Therefore we accept our students based on their looks."

Sam looked down at herself. It was an exciting prospect to be attending a school full of good-looking boys; but on the other hand, that would mean that he herself could pass off as a good looking boy, and Sam didn't know if that was a good thing or not.

"Well that can't be true" Sam said, catching up with the professor "after all, I was accepted in here, and I wouldn't say that I am a very handsome boy"

"You are not handsome, true" Professor Dane said "but you are a very pretty boy, almost feminine, actually"

Sam blanched for a moment, but then put on her tough façade again.

"Who are you calling feminine?" she asked "I am a very tough man"

"Oh, I didn't mean to offend you, master Doroster" Professor Dane said quickly "I was only trying to say that you do fit in nicely with our student body. Oh, here we are. This is where all of the members of Form 11 have their classes"

Sam looked up and saw what looked like an large English cottage in front of her.

"There are three classrooms inside of there and the teachers rotate between them. You are assigned to a classroom based on the dormitory that you belong to," Professor Dane said.

"I do not know what Dormitory that I am a part of, though" Sam said.

"Well, each of the three dormitories have different traits and you will get to pick your own. For right now, you can go into classroom with the members of Dorm Two, seeing as how that is the smallest class. Later on today, when you decide which dorm you would like to join you may switch into the appropriate classroom" Professor Dane said, opening the door to the Form 11 building.

Sam stepped into the building and found herself in a grand room. There were three large doors at the furthest end of the room and another large door right next to them.

"This is the locker room," Professor Dane said, opening the door closet to them. "You may keep your bags and other belongings here"

"Does it matter which locker I use?" Sam asked.

"Not really. Just pick an empty locker and place your items there" Professor Dane said. "And please hurry, classes already started ten minutes ago and I am sure that you would not want to be too late"

"Oh yes" Sam said, hurriedly throwing her jacket into the first free locker space that she saw.

She followed Professor Dane to the end of the grand room. He opened the door in the middle and gently pushed her into the classroom. It was a small room, with about ten kids in it. The teacher was in the front of the room, writing something on the board. The students, however, seemed to be doing everything but paying attention to whatever the teacher was saying. There were two boys playing some kind of slapping game, a few boys doodling in their notebooks, even a boy dribbling a soccer ball in the back of the room.

Professor Dane cleared his throat and every member of the room turned lazily to him. Upon seeing Sam standing in the doorway, they immediately stopped whatever they were doing and cocked their heads in interest.

"Sorry to be bothering you" Professor Dane said hurriedly "but we have a new student with us. His name is Sam Doroster and he has just joined us from America"

The students looked over Sam and nodded slightly to themselves before resuming whatever they had been doing before.

"It is nice to have a new student here, I am Professor McGovern, the English master" the teacher in the front of the room said "please find an empty seat, anywhere will do"

Sam nodded, thanked Professor Dane, and went to a seat in the back of the class. She sat down and reached down to take out her notebook from her bag when she suddenly heard something fall on top of her desk. She immediately sat up and saw her jacket, which she had left in the locker room, laying on her desk.

Looking up, Sam saw the person who had threw the jacket on her desk. It was a boy her age, a good foot taller than her, with long, slightly messy black hair, pale skin, and the most piercing pair of blue eyes she had ever seen.

"Next time don't place your belongings in other people's lockers" he said, his cold voice accented with a crisp Irish lilt.

"Sorry, I didn't know that was your locker" Sam said quickly. The boy just looked down at her with a very odd mix of disgust and indifference. Sam felt her blood boil slightly. She was a new student—how was she supposed to know that was this boy's locker? He didn't have any right to get so upset over it.

"Master Fowl, I am glad that you decided to join us today!" Professor McGovern said today. Sam suddenly turned to the boy and gaped. This was him. This was Artemis Fowl.

Artemis didn't even acknowledge the teacher's words. He just sat down in the seat next to Sam and looked out the window, as though he was already bored. Sam just started at the boy, mouth open. This was the boy that she had traveled halfway across the world and dressed up like a guy to meet. This was the boy that she had obsessively researched for the past two years. This was Artemis Fowl, and he was sitting in the desk right next to her.

Sam turned back and looked at the front of the classroom, grinning widely. Finally, she was one step closer to fulfilling her goal. Two years ago, Sam's grandmother had passed away. Sam's parents had moved around quite a bit when she was younger, so her grandmother had brought her up and had been the most important figure in her life. For as long as she remembered, her grandmother had been obsessed with faeries. Not only did she like faeries, she actually believed them to be real. Sam remembered that her grandmother only had one wish in life, and that was to see a real faerie. Unfortunately, she died before she ever had the opportunity.

On her deathbed, Sam's grandmother had told her to fulfill her wish for her.

"Samantha" she had said "I never once got to see a faerie. Please, child, please help me live that goal. I need you to go and find a faerie. I know that they are real. Please, do it for me"

Sam, at that time, thought her grandmother to be mad. She had always thought that the faerie business was nonsense. But her grandmother had done so much for her, and she meant so much to her, she decided to look into faeries, and every turn and every lead that she received always led back to one person—Artemis Fowl. Now as cheesy as it sounded, Sam felt like she had an obligation to find Artemis Fowl and fulfill her grandmother's wish. But not only that, somewhere among the thousands of articles and pieces of information that she read about him and by him, Sam started feeling a little attached to the boy. He was as young as she was but so much more intelligent. His writings were beautiful, and as a person who always appreciated and loved great writing, Sam started to feel a little attracted to the image of Artemis Fowl that she had created in her mind.

Now that she was here, in the same classroom as him, she knew that she was one step closer to fulfilling her grandmother's wish, as well as her own wish to get to know the boy behind the writings better. If only she could get an opportunity to talk to him now…

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