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Why, Why Love

Chapter 21

What should have been a 30-minute trip for Sam and Killian turned out to take three days. Neither one of them had any money on them, and without any connections they both found themselves having to walk, hitchhike, bike, and use any other form of transportation in order to reach SB. Added with the time that it took Killian to revive Sam, the two of them arrived at the school a little more than a week after the incident in Taiwan.

"What good is it to even come back this late?" Sam moaned as they walked the long road that led to SB, "it would give Artemis too much of a shock if we both showed up from the dead after this long".

"You're right," Killian mussed, "let's just head back then, there is no point in going anymore". Sam immediately frowned.

"Then, on the other hand, it's better later then never, right?" she amended quickly. Killian just smiled to himself. Even after all of this, the girl was just as easy to read as ever. And in a way he was glad that the near death experience hadn't changed her. Life without her oddly cheerful character was quite dull.

"Look!" Sam cried suddenly, "I can see the front gates of SB!"

"Why are you so surprised?" Killian asked, "Where did you think that this road led to?"

"It's just comforting to see them," Sam said quietly, looking at the gates with a smile on her face. She was back at SB. She was back to the room with the rickety bunk beds and the highlighter yellow blanket that Artemis hated so much. Back to the track, the stale dining hall food, the familiar classrooms. Back to Jin, Patrick, Liam… and Artemis.

"It feels like I am back where I belong," Sam said happily.

"Don't be so cheesy," Killian scoffed, looking down at her, "do you think we are in some kind of sentimental love novel or something?"

The two of them reached the gates and Sam walked through them, happiness building up inside of her like a balloon. She remembered all the times that she had walked through here. The first time when she came to school, overwhelmed with how large and grand everything was and filled with fire to meet Artemis. The second time when Jin and her went to SC, and the third when Artemis dragged her back. The fourth and fifth when they went to and from meeting Holly for the first time. The sixth when they left for Taiwan. And the seventh… the last time…

"The seventh I am coming back to you," Sam whispered to herself, extra softly in case Killian picked up on it and accused her of being cheesy. So what if she was cheesy? She had just essentially been raised from the dead and, after quite a lot of effort, was now back home. If anything, she deserved a cheesy moment or two.

"So, now that we're back what do you want to do first?" Killian asked. Sam turned to him, confused.

"There are so many things that we could do," Killian continued, "Do you fancy a run on the track? Or we could get some food from the dining hall. Maybe it actually became edible during our absence. Or if none of those things sound right then we could just take a walk around the grounds…"

"Or maybe we can go visit Artemis and tell him that I am alive," Sam cut in.

"Ah…" Killian said with a smile, "I am sure I would have thought about that some time or another".

"I swear, I think you just saved me so that you could continue to play with me all of the time," Sam grumbled, walking towards the dorms.

"Of course," Killian answered, "no one else is quite as much fun to vex." Sam just looked over at the vamp. He had lied to her and caused so many troubles. But in the end, he chose her over his own sister and had somehow traveled all the way to Ireland in order to save her.

"You are not too bad of a person, Killian" Sam said to him. Killian looked over at the girl in surprise, a bit taken aback by her statement. He had never expected any sort of thanks out of her for his actions. Sure he had saved her, but after all that he had done to her and Artemis it was only a small thing.

"You forgive people way too easily," Killian said, shaking his head. But then again, that was just Sam.

"Some people do things that make it easier to forgive them," Sam said simply as they reached Dorm 2. Sam smiled to herself, remembering the countless things that had happened within the dorm walls. She moved over to the doors and opened them, stepping once again into the place that she had lived for the past months.

"Sam? Killian?"

Both Sam and Killian turned around when they heard the voice. A very familiar figure stood near the stairs, messy golden hair sticking out in crazy angles around his handsome face.

"Jin!" Sam cried, the balloon of happiness inside of her inflating even more. Jin rushed up to them.

"How was America?" Jin asked. Sam looked up at him, confused.

"America?" she asked. Jin nodded.

"That's why you left Taiwan early. You said your parents wanted you to come and visit them".

Killian walked up next to Sam.

"His memory has been wiped," he mouthed to the girl. Sam's eyes grew wide and she nodded quickly.

"Oh, of course. Sorry, I am just a bit tired from my flight. America was great. It was nice to visit home and my parents are both doing very well." Sam said.

"Ah, well maybe now that you're back Artemis might actually come out of the room," Jin said. Sam frowned.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Artemis hasn't left the room once since he came back from winter break," Jin said, "he's not attending classes and nobody has seen him come to eat even. He just sits in the room all day, it's really strange" Jin said casually. Sam bit her lip hard. She knew that Artemis wouldn't be happy about her "death", but she never expected him to take it this badly. After all, Artemis was always the master of controlling his emotions and staying aloof all of the time.

"But you've always managed to convince him to do things," Jin continued, not noticing Sam's distress, "so I am sure you will be able to coax him out of the room".

"So he's in there right now?" Sam asked. Jin nodded.

"Like I said, he doesn't leave anymore".

"Let's go up there then," Killian said, pushing Sam forward. Sam nodded and started to walk up the stairs.

"I'm about to grab lunch—so you can just meet me in the dining hall whenever you get done talking to Artemis," Jin said happily.

"Okay, I'll do that," Sam said. Jin nodded and walked away while Sam and Killian continued up the stairs. They reached the third floor and started to walk down the hall. Suddenly Sam stopped, a few feet away from the door to her room.

"What's the matter?" Killian asked, confused by the girl's actions.

"Why am I so nervous all of the sudden?" Sam asked, clutching onto her chest, "I should be overjoyed to see Artemis again, but I just feel nervous".

"Well, you are going to see him after coming back from the dead," Killian said, "I guess it's not that strange to feel nervous".

"What if he doesn't want to see me?" Sam asked. Killian scoffed.

"Sam, according to Jin Artemis has been in an isolated depression for the past week, why would he not want to see you?" the vamp asked.

"What if he is mad at me for trying to kill myself?" the girl fretted.

"I am sure that he'll find it in his heart to forgive you," Killian responded dryly. Seriously, what was this girl so worried over? Sam nodded and took a deep breath.

"Go on," Killian said, motioning to the door. Sam slowly walked up to it. She grasped the doorknob and slowly felt her nervousness leave her. She exhaled deeply once more and then threw open the door, walking inside.

The lights in the room were turned off, so it took Sam a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the dim lighting. Finally, when she was able to see, she scanned the room. Artemis was sitting at his desk, back turned to the door, staring at the window—which had been covered with what seemed to be a heavy drape.

Sam slowly walked closer and saw that Artemis was lovingly holding something in his hands. Suddenly, with a pained heart, Sam realized that it was her bright yellow blanket that Artemis has always made fun of. She also noticed that the boy had lost a great deal of weight (apparently Jin wasn't lying when he said that no one saw Artemis come out for meals) and there were large dark circles below his eyes. The loss of weight just made his eyes look bigger and more innocent and with the addition of the blanket he was clutching, Sam thought that he looked like a lost five year old.

"Holly, I am not going to try to kill myself again," Artemis said, voice hoarse, "you don't need to keep watch on me all the time"

"Again?" Sam said aloud, "you tried to kill yourself?" Artemis' expression changed when he heard Sam's voice, but he didn't turn around to look at her.

"Ah, so you've decided to come again," Artemis said, his hold on the blanket becoming even tighter. Sam moved even closer to him and saw in horror that the boy had closed his eyes tightly.

"Artemis, it is really me, open your eyes!" Sam cried out. A wild smile crossed the boy's gaunt face.

"I know it's you," Artemis said softly, "even if everybody else says I am crazy, I know it is you. Just keep talking. It doesn't matter what everybody else says, just keep talking to me".

"Artemis…" Sam started, not knowing how to handle the situation.

"Can you tell her," Artemis said, eyes still closed, "tell her that I didn't mean to break my promise to her. Tell her that I should have never left her out of my sight". Sam reeled back a bit, taken aback by the show of emotions from the boy. She hadn't known that he would feel so much guilt over her actions.

"It wasn't your fault," Sam said softly, "none of it was your fault. I did everything myself"

"Tell her that I never knew" Artemis said bitterly, "I never knew about Killian or the trap. I never knew about it".

"Of course you didn't," Sam said, "how could you have?"

"And tell her that I'm sorry that I can't find her now. I am not smart enough to find her now"

"You don't need to find her this time," Sam said quickly, "for once she actually found you. Open your eyes". Artemis didn't move, eyes still remaining shut.

"Open your eyes," Sam said once more, a bit louder this time. Artemis opened his eyes and looked at her with a gazed expression, as though he could see right through her. He thinks I'm a ghost, Sam realized, this is what I was afraid of. The girl's mind reeled.

"Artemis, look at me," she said, grabbing the boy's shoulders and shaking them, "look—I'm real. I'm not a ghost. See?" Artemis just nodded blankly, his grip on the blanket so hard that his knuckles where turning white. This isn't working, Sam thought frantically. Maybe if there was more light in here, he would be able to see me properly.

She quickly moved towards the window, throwing open the drape and letting in a stream of light. She then moved over to the door and turned on the room light. Turning around, she turned on both of the desk lights and then headed over to the bedside table to turn on the lamp as well.

She reached out to flip the lamp switch when she felt somebody grab her shoulder. Sam spun around and saw Artemis standing beside her, looking down at her with a very curious expression.

"I never died," Sam started, "Killian ended up…"

She was cut short, however by Artemis pulling her forward and embracing her tightly. Sam smiled widely, feeling completely secure. Artemis just held on to her for a few moments, not knowing what to do. Finally he let her go and looked at her—her smiling face, those sparkling emerald eyes.

"It's really you," he said finally.

"Yes," Sam answered.

"You really came back from the dead?" Artemis continued.

"Technically I was never dead, but I guess it does sound more dramatic to say that I did," Sam answered. Artemis just smiled at the girl's ridiculous statement. Just a few days ago, he thought that he would never smile again. But then again, Sam was the only one who could make him ever show that much emotion.

"Killian saved me," Sam continued, "when the bomb went off he…"

Artemis interrupted her once more by holding up his hand.

"I don't want to know," he said, "I don't want to hear about that time again. It's enough that you're here right now".

"I am," Sam said. Though it was obvious, she still felt like it needed to be stated, "and I'll stay here, if that's okay with you".

"I don't know," Artemis answered, "this past week without you has been pretty wonderful. No girlfriend to nag me all the time."

"Ah, is that the case?" Sam asked, wondering if was possible for her smile to grow even larger, "what should I do to convince you to let me stay?"

"Hmm," Artemis said, "how about you make me a promise?"

"What sort of promise?" Sam asked, eyes twinkling.

"Promise me that you won't ever leave me again," Artemis said. Sam looked up at him, completely serious.

"I don't think that will be a problem," she said, "I plan on sticking to you like glue from now on".

"Then I suppose you can stay," Artemis said. Sam smiled up at him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She pulled herself up to give him a kiss when the door opened. Killian stuck his head into the room.

"Are the reintroductions done yet?" he asked, "I've been waiting out here for too long"

Sam sighed at the vamp.

"Way to ruin a good moment," she said, shaking her head.

"Well I'm hungry," Killian said, "let's go get food".

"Oh!" Sam cried, "I completely forgot that I told Jin that I would meet him in the dining hall". She turned and quickly went towards the door.

"Are you leaving me to go to Jin?" Artemis asked. Sam turned around and smiled wickedly at Artemis, shrugging her shoulders.

"Jin! Here I come!" she yelled.

"What happened to all that stuff about sticking to me like glue?' the boy asked.

"You should know by now that lying is one of my best skills," Sam said, turning towards the door. Artemis scoffed and looked away.

"Artemis," Sam said. The boy frowned and looked back at her.

"I love you," she said, turning and running out into the hallway.

Artemis stood where he was, a smile creeping onto his face. That was the first time that Sam had said it out loud and it reminded him once again of how right everything was. Their situation wasn't ideal. Neither of them knew how long Sam could keep up her charade as a boy in order to stay at SB, they still couldn't have a public relationship, and the future was still foggy. But at that moment, Artemis felt as though everything was perfectly as it was supposed to be. Sam had come back to him. Anything that happened from there could be taken one step at a time.

Their relationship had been defined by "why's". Why did a girl come to SB? Why did the faeries need their help? Why did Jin always have to get in the middle of everything? Why did Killian betray them both? Why did Sam have to sacrifice herself? And the most important… why love? Out of all the emotions that the two teens had felt for each other throughout these past few months, why had they both ended up on love?

"Are you not even going to follow me?" Sam cried out from the hallway. Artemis just laughed.

"That girl is going to be the death of me," he muttered before running out of the room after her. He didn't know why love had chosen them. All he knew was that it had, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

The End

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