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They both took a seat at the table and with a great sigh, Brian started to speak.

"Wait." Mark interrupted him. "This is going to make me sound pretty dumb after all the hounding I did, but maybe i'm not the person you need to talk to. Maybe you're right and I can't help you."

Brian took Mark's hand in his and said to him, "Mark, you're the only one I want to help me."

Mark gave him a small smile and nodded, urging Brian to continue.

"Um, pretty much everything I said before was either BS or a cover. I know that you would never do anything like that; I know that you wouldn't hurt me like that. This thing, this stuff that's been hanging over me, hanging over both of us, is stuff going way back. When I first started training with Shawn." Brian took a moment to swallow his nerves down and then continued, "Uh, one day after training, some of us went out to dinner and Shawn showed up and decided to join us. I guess we got a little drunk and there was some flirting going on between us and of course everyone noticed and they teased me about it. I don't want to sound like i'm blaming Shawn for anything, because I'm not, but I think after some of the teasing, Shawn took notice of the guys who were taking everything seriously and those who weren't and he started focusing a little more on us who did take it seriously. And that didn't help the teasing, it got really bad. There were a few times when I said that I was injured and didn't go show up and more than a few times that I wanted to give up all together, thankfully though, I had Paul and Lance to talk me out of it." Sitting there, listening to Brian talk, Mark felt his heart ache for the kid. No wonder he was so damned terrified, he thought. "Some guy even tried hitting on me and stuff, thinking I was easy and that it would prove something to the others, then the next week Lance 'accidentally' broke his arm while they were in the ring," Brian smiled, and so did Mark, but Brian's quickly faded. "I hated being the butt of their jokes, and the jokes that they were making were pretty crude. I hated that I let it get to me and needed Paul and Lance to watch over me all the time. I hate that i'm here now, with a great opportunity in front of me and I still can't get over what happened, and most importantly, I hate that the fear I have is keeping me away from you. I know that it might not seem like this was worth all the drama I put you through, but you have to try and understand how hard it was for me."

Brian moved off of the chair, and knelt in front of Mark, "I'm so sorry that I didn't tell you before, but I thought that if I did, you'd think that maybe I was trying to use you like that. I'm so sorry. I don't want this to hurt anymore, but it does, all the time. I just want to let it go and be able to be with you without that feeling in my stomach. When we were together, it wasn't because I thought I could get a push out of it. I don't want the push. I want you, Mark."

"Brian, I do understand. I know that this must have been hard for you, and if I would have known, then I might have gone about things differently; easier. But Brian, I don't want you to hold on to those fears. You gotta forget about them."

Brian moved up and locked his lips with Mark's. He held Mark's face and continued to kiss him. Mark could feel Brian's velvety tongue glide across his lips and beg for entrance. As both tongues explored and again became familiar with eachother, Brian's hands reached Mark's forearms and they both stood up. Mark's hands roamed freely over Brian's sides and rested on his hips and Brian's mouth moved from Mark's mouth to his neck. He kissed, nipped and sucked on the flesh of Mark's throat, while Mark balled Brian's shirt in his fist. "Wait." he breathed. "I said wait, Brian." he whispered again. Brian looked at him, "Brian. Is this. What you want?" he asked breathlessly. Brian pulled back a little and looked up at Mark, "Mark, I want this. I want you. I need you." With that, Mark leaned down and caught Brian's lips, his mouth already open and waiting. Brian moved his hands from Mark's back to his shoulders, from his arms down his chest and finally rested at the hem of his shirt. After a couple of tugs, Mark broke the kiss only long enough to remove his shirt and then looked at Brian who had his goofy smile on his face. Mark tossed the shirt to chair and as he kissed Brian again, he pushed him into the bedroom.

Standing at the foot of the bed, Mark kicked off his shoes and Brian did the same, then he gently pushed Brian down and moved over him, never parting their lips. Needing air, Brian broke the kiss and scooted himself to the head of the bed and Mark crawled over to him. Brian wrapped his arms around Mark's neck and shoulders, while his lips made their way from his throat to the where his neck and shoulders met. He sucked gently on the skin, wanting to leave a mark. Mark hissed at the small bite Brian had taken, and then let out a soft moan as he soothed it with his tongue.

Mark took hold of Brian's hand which was snaking down the front of his body, and pinned it over his head. He moved so that one knee rested on either side of Brian. Brian sat up a little and pulled off his own shirt, tossing it to the side. Mark pushed him down again and this time it was his lips on Brian's throat. Mark chuckled as Brian's hips slowly starting bucking against him, ignoring his own growing erection, Mark moved to the spot where Brian had left a mark on him. He too slowly sucked on the flesh and nipped and bit, making Brian moan and hiss the way he had. He left a trail of kisses down to the middle of Brian's chest and placed hand there, feeling the beat under his hand, he moved back up to Brian's mouth and placed a soft kiss there. He pulled away and smiled, Brian had his eyes closed and had his hand over Mark's on his chest.

Mark moved down and continued to place kisses over Brian's chest while running the tips of his fingers over his ribs. Brian gasped when he felt Mark's warm mouth on his nipple. Mark ran his tongue over it as it hardened; Mark moved across, looking up and Brian who was watching him intently, and did the same to the other. Keeping his hands on Brian's hips, to keep him from bucking up into his own hardness, Mark trailed his tongue down Brian's sides and ribs, leaving small kisses and bite marks. Mark moved his roaming hands to the buckle of Brian's jeans. He undid the button and zipper, Brian arched his hips up so that Mark could slide them off, but Mark shook his head and traveled back up Brian's body. He placed several kisses along Brian's neck and jawline until he came to his ear and then whispered, "slow," making Brian shiver.

Brian turned his head and took Mark's lips with his, plunging his tongue into the warmth of Mark's mouth. When they parted, Mark went back to his previous position and just barely pulled down the jeans and the waist band of the boxers to reveal his pelvic area. Mark looked up and Brian was running his own hand across chest and abdomen, still watching Mark's every move. Brian threw his head back as Mark's mouth placed kisses on him and sucked on the sensitive area. Mark sucked and licked at the area until he was sure he had left his mark and then did the same to the other side, as he did so, all he could hear was Brian's wonderful moans and gasps for air.

"Mark, please." he heard Brian say. "Please." he heard him repeat. "Please what?" Mark asked before running his tongue under Brian's naval and then blowing his breathe across the area, making Brian chuckle. "Touch me." he said, moving his hands to Mark's hair. "I am." Mark teased, "where do you want me to touch you?" Brian smiled as Mark continued to leave kisses and bites across his lower abdomen. "Please." he said. "I will, but you gotta tell me where, Brian." Mark moved so the he was laying at Brian's side, still lavishing his abdomen and now running his hand across Brian's chest. Brian opened his eyes, and smiled, he grabbed Mark's hand and moved it down. "Here." he said. "Ooh. Here?" Mark said with a laugh, only just barely running his hand over Brian's stiff and pulsing erection, Brian nodded, eyes closed again.

Mark rubbed his palm across Brian's jean-clad member and heard Brian take a deep breathe, trying to steady his own hips. "This okay?" Mark asked, loving the soft sounds that came from Brian, who was on some totally new level of sensations. Brian groaned at Mark's teasing and then, before Mark could stop him, Brian was on top, straddling him, lazily grinding his hips into Mark, who was more than aroused, on the verge of painful arousal. When Brian started to undo Mark's jeans, with all his sanity, Mark grabbed his wrists and stopped him. As much as he would have loved to feel the same things on his body, Mark knew that this had to be about Brian. Brian was trusting him and handed himself over to Mark, in hopes that he wouldn't hurt him. And he wouldn't, but he wanted to make sure that Brian knew it.

"Take off your jeans, Brian." Mark said, a bit hazy from the sensations Brian was giving him with his gyrating hips. Brian grinned and moved off of the bed, hooking his fingers in the waist of his pants and making sure Mark was watching him. He took them off, balled them up and threw them onto the table in the corner of the room. Then he looked up at Mark, making sure his attention was still on him. He made a quick move and pulled his hair back from his face and then finally brought his hands down to the waist band of his boxer-briefs. He pulled them down slightly and looked up at Mark, who was struggling to keep his hands at his sides, and then he continued to pull them off completely, achingly slow for Mark. Suddenly embarrassed, Brian could feel his body grow red under Mark's green stare and felt himself start to fidget a little. Mark let out a chuckle, "come here, Rocketman."

Brian smiled and joined Mark on the bed, he laid down and let Mark take over. Mark, once again, straddled Brian's waist, causing him to gasp when he felt the rough texture touch his aching body. Mark smiled and moved his way down. Mark moved his hands across Brian's hips with feather-light touches and did the same to his thighs and the inside of his legs, just as his eyes had closed and began moaning, his body arched off the bed and his eyes were wide as he watched Mark sucked on just the very tip of his cock. Brian gasped for air again as Mark continued further down, apply pressure to his body. Brian entangled his hands in Mark's hair as he moaned and squirmed underneath him. Mark let out a small chuckle that sent vibrations through Brian and he knew that he wasn't going to last very long. Mark placed a hand at the very base to urge Brian on to completion as he moved his mouth back to the very tip and running his tongue over it before continuing to add pressure on it. He moved down lower and raked his teeth back up. That last sensation made Brian buck up against Mark's mouth, "Ooh. Mmm. So good." Brian moaned, "Maark...I'm...Ooh." was all that he managed to say before he came into Mark's mouth. Mark gave a few last pumps and then moved up his body, his own erection, starting to ache more and more. He willed himself not to touch it or to even think about it.

Brian opened his eyes, after letting his breathing return to normal, he looked at Mark and let his lips form into a huge grin; an open invitation to Mark, which he took. Brian looked at Mark with a wicked grin on his face and rubbed his leg up against Mark's crotch. "Shit." Mark moaned, the small movement causing him to involuntary buck his hips against Brian reminded him that he was going to need to feel his own release, soon. Mark moved so that he resting against the backboard of the bed and Brian snaked his hand across Mark's abdomen and then lower to cup the bulge of his jeans. Mark was already squirming underneath the touch. He could feel his hips wanting to thrust up into Brian's hand. This time, Brian let out a small laugh as it was his turn to tease. He rubbed his palm against the material and then looked up at Mark. "What do you want?" Brian asked, the answer more than obvious to him already. With his eyes closed, Mark smiled, understanding the game Brian was playing. "I'll take anything at this point." he said before moaning as he felt Brian straddle his waist. Brian did the same as before and lazily rolled his hips over Mark's. "Keep that up and this is going to be over really soon." he heard Mark say through the moans. He stopped, "well, wouldn't want that." he said. He reached down and undid Mark's button and zipper, Mark let out a sigh at the ease of pressure on his painfully hard cock.

Brian moved down Mark's body and removed the rest of his clothing. After taking notice of Mark's size, he grew a little nervous at what would happen next. He crawled back up Mark's legs and torso and sat with his hardening member pressed up against Mark's body and his lips on Mark. Mark moved his hand between them and lightly ran his fingers up and down Brian's cock, making him moan and wiggle on top of him. Brian started to roll his hips again, and Mark leaned over and whispered in his ear, "what do you want?" Brian looked at Mark, but Mark didn't see the glazed eyes of lust, only the trust and fear, with something more. Brian kissed Mark and then moved to his ear, "I want you to make me forget; make me let go. Make me stop hurting." He pulled back and saw into Mark's eyes. He knew that he could trust Mark with more than just his body, and that this would just make it certain. Mark nodded, "I don't want you to hurt, I want to make you forget and let go." he said with a kiss.

Mark moved his lips to Brian's shoulder and moved his hands to run across Brian's chest. "Wait, Mark. Do you have-" Brian said, before he was told to go over to Mark's bag. Brian came back and placed the items on the bed and resumed his position on top of Mark. "What do you carry these for?" Brian laughed. "No time for jokes now, Rocketman." Mark said as he opened the cap and spread the cool gel onto his fingers. He moved his arm around Brian and looked at him, "you ready?" Brian nodded. Mark placed one finger just at the entrance of Brian's body and then with a kiss, plunged it in, making Brian moan against his mouth. After letting his body become accustomed to the feel of his fingers, Mark added a second and third before Brian was moaning and begging for Mark to finish.

Mark removed his digits and then placed the condom on himself. He positioned it behind Brian and with a whisper and kiss, entered Brian's body. The new feeling took the breathe from both men and they stayed still for a minute. Finally, Brian couldn't take it and started to slowly rock his hips against Mark. "Oh, shit." he said, multiple sensations flowing through his body, "Ooh," he moaned as he felt Mark's member hit his spot. "Mm." Mark smiled, "so tight. Feels perfect." Brian started moving up and down on Mark's cock, feeling he wouldn't last much longer. Mark knew he wouldn't last long either, the feel of Brian's warm, tightness around him, along with Brian's moans and nails digging into his shoulders was enough to bring his to the brink, he was working on sheer willpower to keep from spoiling the moment. Mark leaned forward and sucked on his throat and grabbed onto Brian's hips, holding him steady. Feeling his release coming, Brian tore one hand out of Mark's shoulder and onto his throbbing cock. Brian leaned forward, pushing Mark against the headboard and urged for Mark to meet his thrusts, which he did. Mark was meeting Brian's body as he came crashing down on him. Mark reached up with one hand and pushed the sweat drenched hair out of Brian's face so that he could look into his eyes when he came. On the verge, Brian leaned in close to Mark, "please, Mark, make me forget. Love me and make me forget." With Brian's pleads and cries, Mark thrust harder and deeper and after another few moments, they both came, simultaneously crying eachother's name.

When they were able to regain their breathing and strength, Brian rolled off of Mark and curled up next to him. Mark scooted down and let Brian rest his head on his chest. "Mark?" "Hm?" "Thank you for not thinking the worst of me." Brian, looking up at Mark. Mark looked at him, "Why would I think that? I love everything about you." Mark said, making Brian blush and smile. "Especially that goofy little smile." "So, what's going to happen now?" Brian asked and then letting a yawn escape him. "We sleep. I'm exhausted and you sound like you are too." Mark replied looking down at an already sleeping Brian.

Mark woke up a couple of hours later and smiled when he saw Brian curled up next to him. He quietly moved so that he wouldn't wake Brian up. He moved around the bed and picked up his discarded boxer-briefs and put them on. He walked into the living room and turned out the lights. He walked back into the bedroom and made sure Brian was still asleep before he went into the bathroom. When he came out, he saw Brian, with his boxer-briefs on, standing by the table where he had tossed his pants. He turned around and gave Mark a smile, who gave him a small sad one back. Mark walked over to the bed and sat with his back to Brian. He's leaving, even after tonight, he can't stay with me. Mark thought to himself.

Sighing, he spoke up, "Do you want me to walk you back?"

"Why? Trying to get rid of me?" Brian asked, walking over to him.

Mark sat up straight and looked up at him, "I thought maybe you were going to want to leave."

"Not tonight, not anymore." Brian smiled.

Mark sighed out of relief and put his hands on Brian's hips and placed a kiss on his abdomen.

"Good, I don't want you to leave."

With that, Mark laid back and brought Brian down with him. Brian snuggled close to Mark, his head on Mark's chest and arm and leg wrapped around him. Mark brought the blanket over them and rested one arm around Brian's shoulders where he could play with a strand of hair and the other he laced with the one Brian was resting on his stomach.

"I think I love you, Mark." Brian said, biting his lip, afraid of what Mark might say.

Mark just chuckled and placed a kiss on Brian's lips.

"Well, I do love you, so let me know when you decide, Rocketman."

"Okay." Brian chuckled and paused for a moment.



"I love you."

Mark laughed, "Go to sleep, Rocketman."

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