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.Everyone sat at the boardroom table waiting for Jack to come. Ianto tried to teach Gwen how to make coffee she placed her hands on the handles and Ianto placed his own hands hers. He stood forward a little until he was directly behind her. She smiled. He told her little instructions. Until she burst out laughing and stepped away

"No I'm sorry I can't do it. God you're as bad as Jack." Owen laughed

"yeh, yeh when he was teaching you how to use a gun did he do that?"

"Yep, did he do that with you?" She nodded to Owen

"How 'bout you guys?" Owen asked Tosh and Ianto completely ignoring Gwen's question. Tosh laughed partly because she remembered when Jack had tried to teach her how to use a gun and also because she knew exactly how Jack had taught Owen how to use a gun, she had checked it on CCTV....was that stalkerish?

"Yep but I pushed him off." Owen looked at Ianto who simply raised an eyebrow

"What do you think?" at that point Jack walked in and saw Ianto now back in place with Gwen. Owen and Tosh sitting across from each other laughing

"Gwen, Ianto is there something I should know?"

"I'm leaving Rhys" Gwen wrapped her leg around Ianto's

"It's over Jack." Ianto replied shrugging a little as he walked over to Jack and passing him a coffee, Jack winked at him. He walked over to sit down with Gwen to his left and Ianto slid a coffee over to her

"For future reference you need a mug." He smiled.

"Shutup." She smirked.

"Onto business Owen I do believe you were attacked by a weevil." Jack smiled at his team a little

"Yep bit strange 'cause I'm king of the weevils."

"So what does this mean?"

"Nothing I did some tests it was like a mix of a weevil and something else."

"So they're mutating?"

"No actually it was just a mix breed, like a pony for a father and a donkey for a mother, it was just a random mix of breeds."

"So it was a dony." Jack laughed pretending he was funny. "Anyways, Tosh did we have a rift spike last night? I swear I felt something." Ianto chuckled a little and Jack looked back at him.

"Yes actually and brilliantly look what I can do now." She flicked a button and everyone's arms were comically hung in air.

"Ok Tosh what have you done?"

"I can play with gravity." She flicked the button again and clapped, Owen smiled at her wrinkling his nose a little.

"Have you two been on a date yet?" Ianto butted in noticing the looks passing between the two.

"Hello, dead." Owen pointed out still smiling a Tosh

"Yeh but that doesn't mean you can't have a life."

"No actually that's exactly when it means." Jack gasped

"You already have." He smiled at Ianto and Gwen chucked him a tenner.

"Have not." She protested, narrowing her eyes at Ianto.

"Have to." Jack smiled beamingly

"All who agree that we've not been out put your hands up" She flicked the switch; Jack growled and walked out of the room. Tosh flicked the switch again and Jack fell to the floor

"The forces of gravity have begun to apply." Owen let out a bounding laugh and Gwen giggled. Ianto leapt up and after regaining his composure went to help him up laughing until he sat down next to Jack and smiled kissing him lightly.

"ahh." Tosh, Owen and Gwen covered there eyes and fell to the ground.