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My hand slammed onto the alarm clock. How could it possibly be 6:30 already? It seemed like I went to sleep five minutes ago, but no matter how tired I felt, I forced myself out of my warm, comfortable bed, grabbed my toiletry bag and went to take a cold shower to wake myself up. Today was the day. The day I would start my first day of school at Forks High School, and I wanted to at least try to make a good first impression. I had just moved here from Phoenix to live with my dad, Charlie, Forks' police chief, and it was such a big difference.

Forks, a quiet, small town in the uppermost part of the Olympic Peninsula, was probably the wettest town in the continental U.S. and for that reason, and many others, I hated it. I hadn't been to Forks since I was five, when my parents divorced and my mom took off with me. Sure, I had gotten a couple of postcards, some birthday and Christmas presents, and an occasional phone call from Charlie, but overall we weren't very close. I hadn't actually seen the man since I was five years old, but everything changed six months ago.

After my shower, I quickly blow dried and straightened my hair, and put on a white eyelet top with a pair of dark skinny jeans and some silver flats. I threw on a little bit of eyeliner and mascara, and I was ready. I was usually a pretty low maintenance person; it only took me about thirty minutes to get ready, but I did like to look like I had at least put a little bit of effort into my appearance.

Heading out the door, I grabbed a granola bar, said goodbye to Charlie, and picked up my car keys on the counter. My car, a sixteenth birthday present from my step-dad, Phil, who plays baseball for the Jacksonville Suns, is my baby. It is a red 2008 VW Jetta and I love it more than anything else in this world. I brought it with me when I moved from Phoenix.

Forks High School didn't really look, or feel, like a school. There was no three story building, no big football field out back, no security cameras looking around. From the distance, it just looked like a collection of small houses hidden behind the trees, but once I got closer I noticed a small sign next to the entrance. I was a little early, but it didn't matter. At least I would be able to get a good parking spot.

I went into the small front office to pick up my schedule. The receptionist at the front smiled at me sympathetically. I knew what she was thinking, what they would all be thinking. So this is Chief Swan's long lost daughter, huh? Poor girl. She must be so miserable.

"You must be Isabella, right?" The lady smiled at me. I cringed slightly when she said Isabella. No one called me that, not even my mom when she was angry. It was just too proper, too…prim for me. I had a feeling that Charlie had been telling people that was my name.

"Bella," I corrected her at once, but then I added a smile to make myself seem a little more congenial.

"Well, I am Mrs. Cope and if you need anything do not hesitate to ask," She smiled. "Now, here's your schedule…"

She handed me my schedule and I looked to see all the classes I would be taking. Spanish, Trigonometry, English, Biology, the same classes I had taken in Phoenix. That was good. I wouldn't be behind hopefully.

"Take this slip to all of your teachers and get them to sign it, then bring it back here at the end of the day," Mrs. Cope kept talking.

"Thanks," I halfheartedly smiled and just walked away.

People had started to arrive now and before I knew it, I was being stared at. According to my dad, there were only three hundred and fifty-seven-- now fifty-eight including me-- students at Forks High School, and I knew that at a school where everyone knows everyone, I would be the new girl, the fresh meat, a freak. Some people were openly pointing while others were at least attempting to be polite by just occasionally glancing at me, but no one had come up to me yet until a blonde-haired, blue eyed boy started walking my way.

"Hi, I'm Mike Newton," He smiled. He probably thought he was being cool, coming to talk to the weird new girl and all. "You must be Isabella."

I groaned. Now, I was a hundred percent sure that Charlie had been calling me Isabella behind my back, " Bella, please. Call me Bella."

"Okay, Bella," He smiled. Mike seemed like a pretty nice guy. He showed me around the school, introduced me to a couple of his friends, and even promised to save me a seat at lunch, which if you've never been the new kid at school is a very good thing.

When the bell to go to first period rang, I went of with Jessica, one of Mike's friends, to my English class. Jessica was a short, kind of chubby girl with crazy brown curls that made her seem much taller than she actually was; what Jessica lacked in height, she made up for in hair. She seemed pretty sweet, just a little too talkative for my taste, but we did have three classes together and it was nice to at least know someone walking into a new classroom. I went into my English classroom and walked up to the teahers desk. My teacher, Mrs. Spencer, signed my slip, but not before making me stand up in front of the class and say a little something about myself.

"Um, Hi. My name is Bella Swan…I just moved here from Phoenix, and I like the color blue."

"Thank you, Bella," She said sweetly. "Now, if you will, go take a seat by Alice. Alice, raise your hand, sweetheart."

A pixie-like girl with short, spiky black hair in the third row raised her hand swiftly. She seemed excited that the teacher had decided to seat me next to her.

"Hi, I'm Alice Cullen," She said before I even got the chance to sit down. Her smile lit up her entire face and when she smiled, it would be hard for anyone not to do so also.

"I'm Bella," I smiled back. She seemed really friendly and for that I was extremely grateful. Most of the people I had met today only wanted to meet me because I was new, a new shiny toy for people to fawn over and play with until they got tired, but for some reason, I didn't get that vibe from Alice.

"It's nice to meet you, Bella," The strangest look came across Alice's face. It looked as if she knew something that I didn't. Then, she turned back to her work.

The rest of the class period I spent trying to decipher the look on Alice Cullen's pretty face. I wondered if she had heard stories about my childhood from Charlie, but he had never mentioned the name Cullen before. After a while, I decided that I was just over thinking things and that it probably didn't mean anything at all. The bell rang and I jumped up and grabbed my stuff.

"Bella, what class do you have next?" Alice asked me as she put a book away in her pink backpack.

"Oh, um, Spanish," I looked at my schedule.

"Me, too," She smiled happily. "I'll walk with you."

From that moment on, I knew I would be friends with Alice Cullen.

When I walked into the lunch room, I saw tiny Alice waving me over to a table far away in the back corner of the cafeteria. I quickly bought my lunch (a salad, an apple, and a bottle of water to drink) and went to sit down.

Also at the table with Alice was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and I had no doubt about that. She was a tall, statuesque blonde with hair that flowed down her back perfectly and facial features to die for. She looked like a walking, talking Barbie doll.

"Rosalie, this is Bella, the girl I was telling you about," Alice introduced us. "Bella, this is my sister, Rosalie."

Wow, sisters. They didn't look much a like, but somehow they both ended up in the deep end of the gene pool.

"It's nice to meet you," I said as I took a seat between her and Alice.

"Likewise," She smiled. If any doubts about her being the most beautiful women alive had been in my mind before, when she smiled they were completely gone.

"So, Bella, how's your first day?" Alice bubbled. Her personality was so bright and animated.

"It has been pretty good," I answered truthfully. I had my doubts when I first started, but now that I had met people that actually seemed like good friends it looked like I might have fun here in Forks after all.

"That's nice," Rosalie inputted. " Have you met any cute boys yet?"

"Oh, no. Not real-"

"Well, I did hear that she was talking to Mike Newton this morning and he does look pretty upset that you aren't sitting with him at lunch," Alice giggled.

"Word travels around here fast," Rosalie laughed. "You should come to our house this afternoon, Bella. I am sure our family would love to meet you."

"Well, I wouldn't want to impose."

"Nonsense, Carlisle and Esme will love you," Alice said as she played around with her food. " I am sure the boys will, too."

"The boys?"

"Oh, just our brothers," Rosalie explained. "Emmett, Jasper, and Edward. Emmett's home on break from college, and Jasper just got back from touring Asia."

"And Edward, he's an intern at the hospital where our father works," Alice chimed in.

"Wow, you have a big family," I was kind of jealous. I had always wanted a little brother or a sister to play with as I grew up.

"Yeah, Carlisle and Esme were so good to take us in," Alice sighed. "We're adopted you know."

"Oh," I replied.

"Jasper and I are twins and Alice, Emmett, and Edward are brothers and sister, but Carlisle and Esme took us all in when we were young. They're both really young, but Esme cant have children," Rosalie cleared things up as she got all of her trash together.

"That's really sweet of them," I said.

"Well, it's all settled, then," Alice smiled as we went to throw away our trash at the end of lunch. "We'll meet you in the parking lot when school's out."

The rest of the day went by relatively quickly with only two classes, Biology and Gym. Neither of them I especially cared for, but I didn't hate them. I turned my slip in to the office after school got out.

Alice and Rosalie met me in the parking lot and we agreed that we would all ride in Rosalie's car so that I wouldn't get lost on my way home because apparently they lived pretty far out. Rosalie drove the nicest car in the parking lot a Forks High School, a red BMW M3 convertible. It was really nice, but she couldn't ride with the top down much because it was Forks, the rainiest place in the U.S.

The ride to the Cullen's house mostly consisted of us talking about me and how well I was adjusting to the move from Phoenix to Forks. Alice and Rosalie asked a few questions about my life in Phoenix, but when I answered the questions as vaguely as possible, they got the hint and stopped asking about my life before Forks.

"So, what do you do for fun?" Alice me asked as we drove deeper and deeper into the woods.

"Well, I like to read," Alice and Rosalie just looked at each other.

"No boys? Shopping?" Rosalie looked at me through the rearview mirror.

"Not really," I replied meekly. I hadn't had much fun since, well, six months ago.

"You know what, Bella? We are going to start having some fun," Alice bounced as she went into a long, detailed plan about how we were going to go spend the day in Seattle and get manicures and pedicures.

"Whoa, calm down, Alice," I laughed as Rosalie turned off onto a dirt road that I wouldn't have even noticed if I had been driving.

"We're almost here!" Alice got even more excited, if that was possible. "I can't wait for you to meet everyone."

The Cullen house was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was like one of those houses you see in old black and white movies only so much better. It was timeless, with a certain charm about it. I didn't get to completely look at because Rosalie pulled her car into a garage somewhere near the back of the house.

As we walked in the house, I could smell something delicious coming probably from the kitchen. Alice and Rosalie led me through a couple of neatly decorated, spacious rooms and finally stopped what I assumed was the living room. It was, to say the least, gorgeous. With high ceilings, a beautiful chandelier, and antique furniture, it was beautiful, but it also had a homey feel to it. I could imagine Alice and Rosalie sitting in here and watching TV or doing whatever they did while at home.

"We're home," Alice called sweetly as she sat her backpack down next to where Rosalie had just sat hers.

Then, a beautiful, dark haired woman walked into the room, smiling and holding her arms open to the two girls. I could only assume that this woman was Esme, their mother.

"Esme, I would like to introduce you to, Bella," Rosalie smiled as she introduced us. "Bella, this is Esme."

"It's wonderful to meet you, Bella," She held out her hand to me. I shook it, but was caught by surprise when her cold hand met mine. It was freezing. "Alice has told me so much about you."

"She has?" I was surprised. How could Alice have told her mother about me if I had only met her that morning?

Alice sensed my confusion, "I called her this afternoon, Bella, before we left to tell her you would be coming."

"Oh," I replied as Esme continued to smile at me with wonderment on her face. I tried to imagine why she was looking at me like that but I couldn't really come up with anything.

"Where are the boys?" Rosalie asked as she gracefully sat down in a nearby chair.

"Emmett and Jasper went out for a bit," Esme replied. "But Edward is upstairs."

Before I knew what was happening, Alice had grabbed me by the arm and was dragging me upstairs quickly to, I assume, meet her brother, Edward. Rosalie stayed downstairs.

"Oh, you're just going to love Edward, Bella. He plays the piano and he loves music, but he also likes being a doctor. He went to school at Dartmouth…" Alice kept talking incessantly about Edward as we continued on our way to Edward's room with me still being dragged by the hand.

Finally, we stopped by the last door in the hallway where Alice knocked promptly on the door. There was no reply to come in, but Alice opened the door anyway. When I walked in, the room first seemed a little plain looking. It was just white. White walls, white bed, sheets, everything, but upon further notice there were things that gave the room life like the hundreds of CDs that lined one of the walls or the wall that was completely made of glass. It was very nice, and on the small couch in the corner laid a beautiful, bronze haired boy immersed in a thick, ancient-looking book.

This bronze haired boy, more like man, was undoubtedly the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. His hair was in a casual disarray and his pale skin was perfect in every way. There was no way to describe just how beautiful he was. Apparently, there was something in the water at the Cullen house.

"Go away, Alice," He said clearly, not even looking up from his book. His voice was the best thing I had ever heard. It was like smooth velvet, and I just wanted to sit and listen to him talk all day long.

"Oh, Edward, we have a visitor," Alice said in a sing song voice.

All of a sudden, he jumped up of the couch and looked up. Then, our eyes connected. His were a strange color--topaz-- but they were beautiful. I didn't want to ever look away.

"Edward, this is my new friend, Bella. She just moved here from Phoenix."

"So, I've heard," He replied not breaking our eye contact. "It's nice to meet you, Bella."

"Same here," I replied, looking away. I could feel a blush rising in my cheeks and I hated it. Alice just giggled before dragging me off to her room.

There was just something about Edward Cullen that I couldn't put my finger on.