Naruto: Hi! This is Naruto dattebayo!

Hinata: H-hi..t-this is H-h-hinata..

Kaaru: And I'm Kaaru!

Naruto: Hey, who are you?

Kaaru: I am the almighty writer Kaaru!

Naruto: Ehh…you sound like ero-sennin…

Kaaru: (Falls down anime style)

Hinata: Kaaru-kun! Are you ok?

Kaaru: Yeah, don't worry about me…on with the story!

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To Prove Ourselves…Chapter One: The Meeting of Four!

A young blonde boy was running, to where, he didn't know. But he knew he had to run away from the mob that was chasing him. The poor boy didn't even know why they were chasing him. He was terrified, they started to throw things at him, he quickly picked up his pace.

'There!' he thought as he saw the gates leading out of Konoha. He took cover to the trees, the deeper he got into the forest, the quieter it became. No more shouts of anger like "Demon Brat!" "Get Naruto!" and "Kill the Demon!". He figured they finally gave up.

So there he was, alone in the dark forest but being the curious 8-year old he was, he explored the forest.


An indigo-haired girl sat in her father's study fidgeting profusely. Her father, Hiashi, was walking calmly looking at her with disdain. "Hinata, you are weak." He said bluntly. Hinata opened her mouth to talk but her father cut her off.

"You're a disgrace to the clan, a 6-year old branch house child could beat you." He continued coldly. He berated her again.

The poor 8-year old could do nothing but hang her head and play with her fingers.

"Please stop fidgeting Hinata, it is annoying." Hiashi snapped.

"Y-y-yes father…" Hinata stuttered. "Stop stuttering, it is also annoying." Hiashi snapped again.

"You may go."

Hinata hurriedly left the room, her eyes stung and tears threatened to fall. She ran, to where, she didn't know, she didn't care as long as it was far away from the manor. Tears invaded her vision and the next thing she knew, she was on the forest floor.


The blonde boy, Naruto, found a girl on the forest floor. 'Is she ok?' He thought.

He shook her gently and she began to stir. "Ugh….huh?" She looked around then her gaze went back to Naruto.

"Who are you?" She asked looking at him curiously.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto dattebayo!" Naruto said cheerfully. Hinata giggled at his antics.

"I-I'm Hyuuga Hinata." Hinata said. "What are you doing here?" Naruto asked her.

"I-I ran away from home." Hinata answered 'But it was never really a home to me when mother died.' Hinata thought sadly. "What about you?"

Naruto cleared his throat and said "I was chased out of the village." Before Hinata could say anything, exhaustioned overcame them and they fell asleep.


A black-haired youth about 18 years old was looking for some firewood but what he found surprised him, it was two children, about 8 years old, one girl, the other boy, asleep on the forest floor. He carefully scooped them up and carried them to his home, near the border of Fire country.


When Naruto and Hinata woke up, they were on a bed inside an unfamiliar room, plain white painted walls, a small study table in the corner, pictures hung up on the wall, a royal blue carpet and a large dresser. It was pretty well-furnished.

Suddenly the door opened and they saw an 18-year old boy with black hair, there were two locks of hair that framed his face, he wore black ninja sandals and leg wrappings on his right leg, standard jounin pants except it was black instead of the normal bluish-black color, a sleeveless black shirt and finally a white robe that was left open with blue trimmings and with a kanji for "moon" on the back, it ended near his mid-thigh, he had a blue headband sewn on the sleeve of his robe with a crescent moon insignia carved into it and necklace with a sliver moon on it and a gold rose inside the moon.

"Oh, I see you two are awake." He smiled at them warmly.

"Gee, who are you mister?" Naruto asked his head tilted to the side.

'KAWAII!!!' Mitsuki said

'Shhh…! I swear you bursting my eardrums!' Kaaru said to his alter ego.

'Well, aren't you going to introduce ourselves?' Mitsuki said ignoring him.

'Fine' Kaaru said.

"Ano…Naruto-kun, why is he t-talking to himself?" Hinata asked

"I have no idea Hinata-chan" Naruto said dumbfounded

Finally Kaaru snapped out of his reverie. "Ok, My name is Hyujiko Kaaru, former ninja of the Island of Crescent Moon!" Kaaru said. " Oh and meet my alter ego." He began forming handsigns then bit his finger and smeared the blood on his palm and slammed it on the ground. In a puff of smoke stood a female version of Kaaru.

She had long black hair that ended 2 inches below her shoulders, she also had 2 locks of hair that framed her face only it was longer. She had black ninja boots that ended near her knees, she wore cycling shorts that ended near her knees. She wore a sleeveless dress that stopped at her knees but the front and back continued to her knees, the dress was white and had red trimmings (think of Sakura's attire except change the colors and change the circles into moons)

She also wore a fishnet shirt underneath, she had her headband on her waist and she also wore the same necklace.

Naruto and Hinata stared in awe, amazed at the jutsu.

"Hello there, my name is Hyujiko Mitsuki! Kaaru's other half!" Mitsuki said happily.

"Wow! Cool! You guys are ninjas!?" Naruto exclaimed happily.

"Haha..ok, so what are your names?" Kaaru asked.

"Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata!" Naruto answered for both of them.

'A Hyuuga? But what is she doing here?' Mitsuki thought. Kaaru seemed to think the same thing.

"So what were you two doing in the forest?" Kaaru voiced out the unspoken question.

"W-we ran away from the village." Hinata answered

"What!?" Kaaru exclaimed, shocked at the revelation.

Naruto and Hinata recounted their stories to Kaaru and Mitsuki, after they told them Kaaru seemed to be in deep thought.

"Ok, I decided to take you in." Kaaru finally said.

"Really!? YATTA!" Naruto shouted. Hinata had tears of joy streaming down her face and she was beaming.

'A Hyuuga Heiress and from the looks of it, a jinchuuriki, boy…what an odd pair.' Kaaru thought wistfully.


Kaaru: Whew…the chapter's finally done.

Naruto: Hey, what'll happen next Kaaru?

Kaaru: That's gonna be a secret! ^_^

Naruto: Awww…Hey! Where's Hinata-chan and Mitsuki?

Kaaru: Oh there they are.

Naruto: Hey girls, watcha do-Aaaaah!!!!

Kaaru: What's up Naruto?...Aaaaaaaaah!!!

Hinata: What's up with them?

Mitsuki: I dunno…

(Hinata and Mitsuki continues looking at Kaaru and Naruto's baby albums)

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