An Update!

Kaaru: Hi there everyone!

Mitsuki: Long time no see!

Kaaru: Anyway, we just wanted to drop by and show you a preview of TPO's sequel, Restart my Heart!

Mitsuki: Lights, cameras, ACTION!

How far would you go...

How much will you give...

How many times wouldyoudie...

...fortheone you love?

Everything gone in the blink of an eye...

How determined are you to fight against fate?

"U-um, welcome back N-naruto-kun." Hinata stuttered nervously, she inwardly cursed herself for stuttering, she had long grown out of it, but she couldn't do anything. This was Naruto she was talking to, the one she loved and still loves. Naruto smiled at her, making Hinata's heart skip a beat. "Thanks Hinata-chan!", Hinata's chest clenched, Hinata-chan. She missed hearing Naruto's old nickname for him, Hina-chan. She also wanted to be able to call him Naru-kun again, but she knew she couldn't until she accomplished her mission.

How willing are you to push back the hands of time and slow things down?

"Cherry Blossom Bridge..." Ino said, gripping onto the bridge ropes, "We used to come here all the time when we were kids." she reminisced.

"Yeah..." Shikamaru said with a small smile on his lips. Both of them stared at the perfect sunset in front of them. The sky was was simply breathtaking. Red, orange, violet and yellow painted the sky, it was like they were in a masterpiece. They felt as though they could stay there for eternity.



Are you willing to risk hurting your precious person?

"Run away with me." Neji whispered in Tenten's ear, sending shivers up her spine.

"W-what?" Tenten asked, shocked at Neji's request.

"Run away with me." he repeated, "The clan won't accept our relationship."

"We can't..."

"We need to." Neji said pleadingly.

"No. You need to, not me." Tenten said coldly.


Neji's eyes shot open, a deep gash on his chest was made. "...T-tenten..."

Are all the things you do worth it?

"I don't care!" Sakura shouted angrily, "I'm going to work, train and study harder. Even if it kills me."

She got up shakily and stared at Kaaru straight in the eye. "Again sensei!"

Kaaru sighed and closed his eyes, when he opened them again, they were purple. A silver moon appeared on the side of Kaaru's forehead. "Seishingan, Seer stage."

Kaaru prepared to enter Sakura's mind but she stopped him, "Don't just use the Seer stage sensei! Use the Rose stage, full power!" she told him stubbornly.

Kaaru pursed his lips, "No. You can barely even manage to throw me out of your mind in Seer stage, if I use the Rose stage on could destroy your mind." he said gravely, "And I'm sure you know what would happen if your mind is destroyed."

Right now, you'll have to battle the odds, and hopefully...conquer.

Restart my Heart.