question mark

its been a while.. i know

so this is one of my dreams i guess??

So I'm sleeping right?? (of course) And in my dream/nightmare thinger I am all but suddenly in this room, with 2 men, asking me questions.

"Why were you last Friday night at 3 am?" one of them had asked.

"Uhh, sleeping?" I replied sacasticly.

And so the questions went on like that and ended up being thrown in this room... But of course i was wearing different clothes and what not, from the skinny jeans and band shirt i was wearing before to a baggy shirt and flood pants.

I found myself sleeping in what seemed to be a prison....I could hear someone screaming at all the inmates to "Get ur lazy asses out of bed!!".

So of course I am now awake and wondering what the hell is going on.

So I , being retarded, go up the man that is in the cell with me, and ask"Do you know why I'm here??".

And, unespectedly , he punches me in the jaw, and then stabs me repeatedly.

Yah...I'm sorta dead now...

But of course I have now found a way to get outside, even though I'm dead.

Now I'm wearing very sketchy clothes and I'm far from this prison. I am on the corner of the street , running from someone. I behind me in the empty space between to buildings is.I see the dark figure leaning against the one of the walls.

"Wanna buy some weed??" the figure asked in a deep voice.

Then I was awake again with the sound of my cell phone alarm clock playing loudly 'psyco social' by Slipknot.