I'm so bored right now! So I made this fanfic/interview just to amuse myself!
I was inspired by Zefri's Keroro Gunso interview (sorry Zefri!) so I made into a Madagascar version with some twist in the process. Send your question via review and I'll answer it through logic and made-up ideas!
I will submit everyone's interview every 2 weeks! All question can be related both Madagascar and Madagascar 2 or even personal questions

I do not owned Madagascar and the sequel. But i do own this fic!

Put on the CD titled "I like to move it" and a spotlight at Haez

Haez: Welcome to the Madagascar Questionnaire! I'm Haez your dashing and stylish host!

Makunga: Show off!

Haez click a secret button on the floor. And a trap door opened under Makunga.

Makunga: What!? Arggggg.....gg..!

Audience: Why are we here again? . . . I dunno!?

A hypnotic screen came down...

Haez: You are in the Madagascar Questionnaire~ You all are my slave and will clapped for anything.

Audience: YES...

Haez: Okay! Since this is the first chapter and nobody hasn't send reviews yet. We'll start with a DEMO!

Audience: Yeah!

A hut containing Shirley in it came down...

Shirley: I'm Bobby!

Scratch that!

Bobby: Good

Haez: How are you Shir- Bobby?

Bobby: Fine, I'm very fine.

Haez: Are you ready for the questions?

Bobby: Yup

Haez: Okay first question from anonymous!

Hi Shirley! Your so cute! Where did you fly of to after being kicked by Mokunga?

Bobby: T.T I'm Bobby!!!!!!

Haez: Enough CRYIN'!

Shirle~ urgh.. Bobby hold his tears for a bit

Bobby: I think I fell onto a rock or was it a rhinno? I dunno... Everything was blurry

Haez: Good start next question from Anonymous2 and he has 2 questions!

Yo, Bobby..

1. Bobby, why people always called you Shirley?

Bobby: I dunno! That Makunga start it first! His a jerk! One time he called Betty!

Makunga: I believe I called you Barbra, Shirley. (apeared out of no-where?)

Bobby: SEE! SEE!

Haez: *Sigh*

Makunga was frozed and stored in a freezer for a short period of time.

Makunga: . . .

2. Do you think your a better actor than the important Madagascar casts!?

Bobby: Umm...

Haez: Dont worry all the huts will be covered with sound proof glass soon...

Bobby: O-okay, yes! I think I'm better than that wannabe Julien and that overbloated Gloria. Marty is just a cry baby and that Alakay dude always gets on my neck with his "King of NY" status! I was thinking on starring on a new show!

Gloria: What! Am i'm hearing what i think i'm hearing!!!

Alex: What status! He'll pay for that!

Marty: Cry baby! I'm no CRY BABY!

Bobby: Huh!? You said it was sound proof!

Haez: I said; "WILL BE" covered with sound proof glass "SOON!" (turn on my smirky smile)

Booby: NO!!!

Bobby was beaten up by almost all the character in Madagascar 2.

Bobby: He-lp (almost dead)

Haez: Lastly, my question...

Bobby: Oh bo-y...

Do you feel stupid that you're just in a demo interview?

Bobby: Ye...s.. (his heart chart ----------)

Bobby was brought into the emergency room

Haez: Okay that's all the time I have see you in the next 2 weeks for the real interview with.... (drum roll)
Ale- wait. (Haez answers his cell phone)

Note: the real interview we'll be more interesting than the this demo XD

Haez: Okay~ It's look likes Alex is busy teaching his dad how to play baseball. Clearly, Zuba don't know the differences between a bat (the stick type) and a "bat" (the flying type).

Audience: Yea- we mean Auuhhh T_T

Haez: So... it will be... Marty's interview next next week!

Audience: Yeah! Woooh!

Haez: Bye NOW! (climbed a ladder hanging above him)

Everyone left the studio and Makunga was still in the freezer....

Makunga: (I thought you say a SHORT period of time) *FROZE*