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The studio was completely empty. The only ones there were Alex and Marty

Alex: Hey, it's m turn! Where are the audience and Haez!!!

Marty: Calm down... They probably forgot...

Alex: What!?

Marty: That's a stupid thing to say *slap self*

Alex: I can't believe they've forgot about me. ME! Alex the Lion!

Suddenly, Haez walked in the studio.

Haez: What are you guys doing here?

Alex: Haez! Did you forgot about my interview!

Haez: No... (Yes)

Alex: So, why ain't there people cheering for the questionnaire?

Haez: Uhh... B'cuz we moved to another studio... DUH!

Alex: Huh? You guys moved?

Haez: Marty! Didn't you give Alex the massage?

Marty: Ooops! It slips out of my mind...

Alex: Marty! How could you forget!

Haez: C'mon, lets start the questionnaire already... *clicked a button*

Marty, Alex and Haez were transported to a more luxurious studio. The walls were painted in a jungle scenery. The roof was replace with a sky light, and there were a restaurant for the free lunches. The animals were enjoying the indoor pool while the audience were relaxing in their massage chair.

Alex: Wow, this is paradise!

Marty: Hoe could you afford this?

Haez: The producers give us this in exchange to not beat Julien to a pulp.

Alex: Ahah- *drools*

Haez: I knew, you would like it. Consider this a be-lated birthday present...

Alex: I think I'll go for a soak in the hot tub.

Haez: Not so fast eager-McBeaver *tugged Alex's tail* We have a questionnaire to start.

Alex: Awh! Fine! MUSIC!

The Central Park Zoo theme song was played. The animals were in place and the audience turned off their chairs. Alex got redied in his new hut.

Haez: Ehem--- Welcome to the Madagascar Questionnaire!

Audience: Raaaah! Woooh! Yeaaah!

Gloria: Finally, words that I can relate.

Audience: Zaaaah!

Gloria: I had to open my big mouth! *slaps face*

Alex's hut descends from the sky via a tractor beam.

Haez: C'mon in Alex the Lion!

Alex: Rooooaaarr! *smash the hut's door and jump acrobatically to his sit*

Haez: That's some kind of performance!

Alex: Thanks.

Haez: Where are we now, Skipper?

Skipper: We're at New York!

Alex: What! COOL!

Haez: Yes but we're not staying here for long.

Alex: Owh!

Haez: You'll just have to wait for Madagascar 3. Are you ready for the leathel questions...?

Alex: I was born ready.

Haez: Alright then, new improved L.D.M! Question beg please!

A small hovering sphere orbitted around Alex and handed out a sack full of questions.

Alex: Woah! Are those all for me?

Haez: Yup! Our first reviewer is Im-On-A-Roll!

Hey Alex, is your name still Alex or is it now officially Alakay? Or do you let people call you either one? Alex: *drools for paradise*

Haez: Ehem!

Alex: Oh- right! Mom and Dad still calls me Alakay, and I think Makunga calls me that too. Only Gloria, Marty, Melman,The lemurs and the penguins calls me Alex.

Julien: No, I call you MR. ALEX

Alex: Right *continues drooling*

Hey Alex, got another one for ya. So how are things goin' with you and your parents?

Alex: Mom and dad are cool. But they can be embarrassing sumtimes...

Florrie: C'mon Alakay, we're not that boring?

Zuba: Yeah, we're hip!

Alex: Agh! That's what I mean...

What's it like to share the title of alpha lion with your dad?

Alex: It's awesome. But dad give me a role in cub duty.

Haez: Cub duty? You're taking care of baby kitties!! Awwhh!

Alex: Don't get too excited. They're a menace.

Cubs: Hehehehehe.. *holding a bomb*


Mason: I kissed a penguin and I like it!


Mason: So what! I'm still a rock star!

Haez: L.D.M Help!

L.D.M: Rock Mountain!

Mason was crushed under a boulder...

Haez: Thank goodness...

(Sarcastically) And thank you so much, Julien, for not being there to answer my question about you dressing up like women.

Julien: I was dead! Can't you comprehend that? Besides, I only dressed like that on special occasion. Besides, it felt breezy wearing a skirt... I like

Anyway, Alex my man, Happy Birthday! How was your party?

Alex: It was fine. The party was wild though.

Haez: Tell me about it! My ears almost exploded hearing the band playing.

Melman: I puked 35 times!

Audience: Yeah, our heads still aches.

Alex: What can I say, it was the party of the century...

What did everyone give you?

Alex: Marty gave me a rock, Melman gave me antiseptics, Gloria gave me an i-Pod and mom and dad gave me love.

Haez: Wait! An i-Pod! *drools*

Gloria: Of coures, you'll have to share it with Marty. Since you broke his.

Alex: Humph!

How old are you?

Alex: I'm still young...

Haez: ??? That wasn't the answer we expect.

Alex: I really don't want to brag about my age.

Haez and Everyone: -_-"

OH SNAP! I didn't get you anything...Wait, I know what I'll give you. I'll upload the next chappie in "Second Thoughts". I'll have it up before I go to bed tonight, it's almost finished. Hope ya like it. And let me know if ya did. Once again, happy b-day.

Alex: Thanks! You're story is sooo coool! Hope you will update soon.

Haez: ... *jealousy*

Also, how did you feel about Zuba dancing with you in the movie? Would you say he did pretty good for a first timer?

Florrie: Be soft on you father,Alakay.

Zuba: Don't worry honey. I'ma big cat.

Alex: In that case, dad your coordination were horrible! I almost died of embarrassement after our act. But your rythm is good. Need to work on the finale though...

Zuba: -_-" Critics!

Alex: *giggles in joy*

This next question's for you, Haez. Do you really hate Alex? BUM BUM BUM.

Haez: Where did that come from!?

Alex: Haez? Do you really hate me?

Haez: Of course not!

Alex: Really?

Haez: Really! L.D.M, test me!

L.D.M: *Analyzing* TRUE

Haez: See!

Alex: Sorry that I doubt you ^_^

Haez: Next DXmaryoOD

wicked cool questionare

Question for Alex: Did you ever think you had parents somewhere in the world while in the zoo, and how did you feel when you found out Zuba and Florrie were you're parents?

i love that ask mort keep doing a great job.

Alex: Well, the zookeepers completely brainwashed me about my parents. I was so caught up with my acts that I forgot that I even had a family...

Haez: How do you feel when you found them?

Alex: I'ts like a jolt of lightning struck my head and my eyes began to leak when I saw their faces.

Florrie: Wuuuuuhhh... Alakay! *cries ob Zuba's shoulder*

Zuba: Calm down, woman. My fur is gettin' damp!

Haez: Let us go on to Sweet Possum!

have something personal for Alex. well uhh..i think you're really cool. and umm...what was your like as a little cub?

Alex: What was I like? I can't remember actually...

Florrie: I remember! My Alakay wa the cutest lion cub in the world! He has this small paws...

Alex: -mom

Florrie: He loves dancing and chasing butterflies...

Alex: -mom

Florrie: And he usually wets the-

Alex: -MOM!

Florrie: Ooops, I think I got carried too far, didn't I?

Zuba: You think?

Haez: Ooookay... NEXT!

L.D.M: Nausicaa of the Spirits

Haez: Ooohh...

Julien: The chick who made my OC! I love her!

Maurice: Not for long...

Julien: Did you say something?

Maurice: Nope

Wow, Alex is up next, huh? Well, that's good, cause during the second movie, there was one part that I had a little question about. Right before Marty showed up and you and him got into that argument, where did you find that other zebra

Alex: I dunno, that random zebra just came on the broken plane and I suspected that he was Marty...

Random Zebra: I just wanted to be friends with you all.

Marty: *puncehed random zebra* Nobody steals my best friend!

Random Zebra: Hey! *punched back*

The whole zebra herd went on a rampage.

Haez: I have no attention span to even stop them

and, right after the argument, did you ever go after Marty to apologize after he left, like right before the waterhole dried up?

Alex: I was gonna but...

Marty: *eyes blacked* but what?

Alex: I thought that it would be better to practise punching Makunga rather than hearing Marty complaining after I apologize to him...

Haez: Or maybe you were just worried about your pride...

Random Zebra: That could be right...

Marty: You do have a bif ego...

Alex: Hmph!

Haez: captainleo your up next!

Alex my mane man eh? well i have got a few questions to ask you?

1. after madagascar 2 did you find any cute girls a.k.a Lionesses that you may want to spend any time with.

Alex: Well yeah I did found this cute lioness...

Haez: Did you asked her out?

Alex: Yeah and then she slapped me and called her boyfriend...

Audience: Hahahahahaha... Zazazazzazazaza

Gloria: That's it! I'll kill you all! *throws a grenade*

Audience: Zaaargghhh!

The grenade exploded and all the audience spew blood all over the place...

Haez: Gloria!

Gloria: I can't help it! They were annoying!

Haez: *slapped face*

The audience was replaced by another

2. if you ever had played starfox adventures do you think that krystal was cute?

Alex: Yeah, she's hot!

Haez: Don't get carried away...

3. have you ever watched Alex and the beanstalk on youtube if you had want did you think of it?

Alex: It was kinda funny! But dude try to make me more handsome and dramatic...

Julien: Hah! Like he's gonna listen to that crap!

Alex: Julien, I'm gonna eat you alive!

Haez: Cool down tiger- er- lion...

Julien: Let us go to our next reviewer! Prinzzez-kitten!

Haez: Julien, I swear...

Julien: *smirk*

Hooza! I got Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa! I hate to admit but Julien is so funny! But anyway, Alex? Cool. Ok so here is question that has been probing my brain for a while, In hate first movie were was your birth-mark?

Alex: I covered with make-up since it would ruin my performance. People would think that I had a skin disease or something.

Zuba: You shouldn't be ashame of your birth mark son...

Alex: Sorry dad...

How is it that you and Marty are friends? I mean nature does not really let that happen. Hey if you get a chance Alex go to my profile and take my poll! Yeah that is about it so bye!


Alex: Friendship defies the laws of nature and the United Nation.

Haez: Please don't endure politics...

Alex: Oh, oookay! As I was saying, me and Marty go way beack when we were kids. We played all the games that we've invented and snuck around the zoo a couple of times.... Ahhh... Those were the days...

Haez: Stop dreamin' and start focusin'!

Julien: *eats grapes* Now for Aurora- *chew* andRosalie *chew* Wanna *swallow* Be

Haez: Don't talk with your mouth full!

Curse the producers! I don't like Julien... So, Alex the Lion is next...

Julien: Who cares... I got the producers behind my back...

Haez: (That means I have to kill'em)

Marty, I got an idea for a story...Haez can not steal it!

Haez: ARWB! I MUsT KNOW THE SECRET! *turned into giga Haez*

Do you have a love interest in the second movie(STILL NEED TO WATCH IT! DAMN ME TO HELL!)? Because if you do...TOO BAD FOR HER! How about a Marty/OC?(OC being me?)

Alex: Is that for me or for Marty...?

Haez: Either way the answer is just one

Alex and Marty: No...

Alex, do you want to go back to New York? I know that's where your fan base is, but what about your family? Don't you want to stay there with them?

Alex: Yeah... I know that. It's a hard decision that I have to make... But we're in NY now. Lets just stay here... All of us!

Haez: Sorry Alex, Moto Moto is getting cranky and some of the animals can't stand the air here...

Alex: T.T (But I wanna stay!)

And Marty...I LOVE YOU TOO!

Marty: I love you ARWB!

L.D.M: I fell as I am not needed...

Haez: That's b'cuz all these questions aren't drilling the personal info barrier. Be patient... Next is PerrythePlatypusFan!

Julien: Hey! I want to introduce him! I mean her!

Haez: Too late suckah!

Me: Aw, Kowalski! Don't worry! I make you feel better. *kisses him*
GO-4: BEP! . (What about me)
Me: Go date Auto or sumthing.

Melman: Is she talking to herself...

Haez: Let's back away slowly...

Melman: Uhh... Okayy

So...Alex...kehkehkeh...XD Are you gonna date Skipper or what?! AHAHA!
I know you love the penguins!

New audience: *GASP*

Zuba: Alex! What's the meaning of this!

Florrie: I'm ashamed of my self!

Alex: Mon, dad! No it's not what it's sounds like!


Skipper: L.D.M scan this question

L.D.M: *nodded and scanned* This question is completely untrue!

Alex: *sigh of relief* Thanks L.D.M...

What's their best quality?

Alex: Their spy skills are kinda cool... But for birds... they can't fly

Skipper: We're penguins!

Alex: What's the difference?

Okay! ^.^ One last question!
*pause for suspence*


Is Private cute or WHAT?! And. Do. You. Like. It. When. Rico. Blows. Stuff. Up?

Haez: That's a short pause...

Alex: Private is kinda cute- I think...

Private: *blushed*

Alex: As for Rico... He kinda scares me...

Rico: Bwahahahahaha! BooM!

Haez: He has a dinamite! Run!

L.D.M: Not on my watch! Freeze Wave!

Rico was submerge in cold water and froze.

Haez: Wow, for a sec there,I almost-

Crowd stare at Haez...

Haez: Never mind

GO-4: Beep! Bep! (Honestly, did the poor guy deserve that)
Me: Look at the size of his ego and you'll know he did.

Wall-E Quote: *scans Wall-E* *double take* BEP?! - GO-4

Alex: What just happened?

Haez: Something that we all will never understand... Stripethecat go for it!

I'm Back and I have some questions for the king of new york!*holds up alex plushie*

Alright down to come in the first movie you didn't have a brith mark?Make up prehaps?

Alex: Already answered that... *blew on claws with ego*

Haez:(How big is his ego?)

Next what happened to your friend Spalding?(the coccanut with the face when you tried to do the statue of liberty)

Alex: He went to a better place...

The presence of silence was there...

Marty: Actually he got drifted by the sea

Alex: Marty! You're ruinin' the moment!

Also when you first saw your parents what were you feeling?(even though I'm a tomboy I'd be crying my eyes out)

Florrie: Ooooh, he was crying all day until the party started-

Alex: Mom-

Zuba: My shoulder was soaking in his tears-

Alex: Dad!

Haez: I guess we got the answer...

Alex: Haez! Stop ignoring me!

My cat doesn't want to kill you anymore since my other cat had kittens at the farm(my mom's friend owns)so he hangs around his grankids all the time now until we take him back home.

Finally my freind might be going to live in New York soon do you have any shout outs to go to the animals there?

Alex: Don't forget to buy Alex plushies and Alex key chains! Oooh, don't forget Alex Snow Globes

Marty, Melman and Gloria: Hey what about us!

Alex: What about you?

Everyone: -_-"

Well I didn't feel mean today so no insults since i missed my bus and got to stay home*similes evily*but I'm going to use my voodoo dolls.(It's either the four zoosters or Julian)You choose please!

Haez: I choose Julien!

Everyone: Yup!

Julien: Hmph! At least she did a doll of me...

disclamier:angus's line (last review) was from a book called warriors except it's 'pack,pack, kill,kill' by a pack of belongs to Erin hunter.

Haez: Good thing you put a disclaimer... On with Goddes on a Highway

Nice interview! This is really cool, Haez!

Weren't you traumatised after they took you away from your parents? Poor thing!

Alex: I don't remember actually...

Zuba: Humans has brain-washed his mind!

Haez: Hey, I'm human!

Zuba: Cursed be upon you!

Haez: L.D.M! Shut him up!

L.D.M: Acknowledge...

Zuba's muzzle was sealed with extreme super glue

Did you already met some cute lionesses in Africa?

Alex: Haven't we gone thru this...

Haez: You got beat up by her boyfriend! Hahahahahahaha!

Audience: Hahahahahaha! Zzz...

Alex: Hmph!

Gloria: *glared at audiences*

Audience: ------ Hahahahahaha! *sweating nervously*

How does it feel like to be the alpha lion?

Alex: It feels great! My status has really gone from adored to obeyed...

Haez: Same with your ego...

Alex: Yup! ^^

Do you think you can handle being the only alpha lion if your father should pass away? (Sorry Zuba...)

Alex: I never thought about that... Dad?

Zuba: MmmmMmMmMm! (Don't worry Alakay, I know you can do it) *mouth still glued*

Florrie: Hold still! *try to jack Zuba's mouth* Hyah!

Zuba: Argggghhh!!!

How does it feel to meet your parents again after all those years?

Alex: I felt something empty in my heart had been filled with love...

Haez: ... (Where did he ripped that out)

Alex: From a Kung Fu Panda fanfic

Haez: What? How did you hear that?

Alex: It's still a mystery...

Haez: ????

Did you remember your parents very well cause you were very young when they took you away?

Alex: I told you! It was all a blurr! I was young

Haez: Young and cute! *turned girly*

Everyone stares at Haez again...

Haez: I mean- *back to being manly* He's a good kid

Don't you miss the steaks from the zoo?

Haez: O-oh...

Alex: Steak? Err... Rooooarr!

Alex went on a rampage and eats one of the zebra...

Haez: *pushed the "spit out the prey" button

Alex: Warrrggghhh! *puked*

Haez: Yuck!

Are you hunting now or do you still eat raw fish? *Goddess on a Highway pukes*

Alex: Eww... Vomit! I still eat fish right now.

L.D.M: Negative Blade!

Alex was struck by four blades of negative energy

Alex: What was that for!

Haez: You lied! You just ate a zebra just now

Alex: Oh.... Anyways, my dad encouraged me to eat meat.

Zuba: *Traumatized with glued lips*

Alex: Poor dad...

Wow, so many questions but you're my favourite baby!

Florrie: He's my baby!

Haez, can you tell me the name of that episode with Doris? There are so many videos of the penguins on youtube.

Haez: Its on you tube... The penguis of Madagascar sneak peak...

Julien: On with Liloexp626

Haez: -_-" *redies rocket launcher*

Aww,, I just read the other chapters you added to the Questionnaire these last weeks T.T Too bad I wasn't here in time to ask the chimps a few things, or Kowalski (I didn't know he's in love with a dolphin!) XD

Oh well, but next we have Alex! I love you Alex! *blows a Julien-proof kiss for Alex and Marty*

Julien: Hey! I want that kiss!

Alex: Sux for you

Uhm, sorry I didn't blow one for you, Melman, but you already got a girl and well, for Gloria... *gives her a cute lion pup* I thought you'd like this, ever since you thought Alex was cute when he was a pup ^^

Gloria: Owh! There so cute! Can we keep him? ... It's a her!

Melmen: I don't know! She might eat us when she's older...

Gloria: C'mon Mel! Please!

Melman: Maybe for just a few days and then off to the shelter!

Gloria: You can be very mean sometimes

Oh, but well, here's my question for Alex: Mention something you really, REALLY hate but have to stand it because Marty likes it and viceversa. There MUST be something that one of you doesn't like, but the other loves it, right? What is it?

Haez: Something fun to hear! ^_^

Alex: Well, Marty likes the wild but I don't! He likes spitting and grass but I don't!

Marty: And Alex like to be cooped up in the zoo and EATING HIS FRIENDS but I don't!

Hahah, great job with the questionnaire, Haez! The chimps interviews made me laugh a lot! And I liked to see Mort back with his section! ^^

Update soon!

Haez: Madahooha19 your the last one..

Zahh!! This fic is totally awesome. I couldn't stop laughing! Now for Alex the Lion's questions.

Gloria: Not again!

1. Would you rather have a never-ending pack of your favorite steak or be with your loved ones without steak forever?

Alex: My love ones of course... *looks at L.D.M*

L.D.M: X-Buster!

A colorful blinding light drived thru Alex

Alex: *breathed heavily* ... Steak...

2. What do you find interesting in a lioness?? rawr!

Lioness: Hehehehehehehe

Alex: Eyes and tails...

Haez: You're straight forward.

Alex: Well, I really hate people asking about m personal life

Haez: Cuz people could already read your face without even asking you...

Alex: ... Uh... no *sweats*

3. Are you going back to New York City sometime or staying in Africa forever?

Alex: New York of course

Zuba and Florrie: Ehem!

Alex: C'mon guys. We're already in New York. Let's just stay here! ^^

Haez: NO! We have to travel to Europe next week!

Alex: (Not if I escape)

Haez: No you won't... *glares*

The End. Hope you all having fun!! :)

Now for a new segment! Guess Who!?

Makunga: Guess who?

Haez: Yes, a game show on guessing who's behind these curtains!

Two curtains appeared on stage.

Haez: Alex, since your our interviewee right now, your our first (and maybe last) contestant!

Alex: Cool!

Haez: First curtain go...

???: I'm big, plumpy and kinda motherly...

Alex: Oooh! Mom!

Florrie: I'm not fat!

Alex: Oh, uhh... Moto-Moto...

Moto-Moto: Nope

Alex: This is harder than I thought... *thinks* Glo!

???: Your right! ^^

Haez: Here's your prize... A life time supply of fish!

Alex: Really!?

Haez: No... Next curtain...

Alex: #$%!

???: I'm beautiful, divine and everybody love me...

Alex: What?

Haez: ??? (That was suppose to be Marty!)

Marty was tied up, mouthed glued in a closet.

Alex: Melman?

???: Nope... who likes Melman...

Melman: HEY!

Alex: Mort?

???: Ergh! That annoying rat! He's better of dead.

Mort: *cried*

Alex: I give up....

Haez presse a button to raise the curtains.

???: It's me JULIEN! Hahahahahahahaha!

Haez: Julien, perished! *spawn a laser out of remote*

Julien dodged Haez's laser.

Julien: Producers! Help me!

Haez: No! *Haez was cuffed and bought to court*

Alex: Does that means the show is over?

Audience: NO!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DON'T!


A blazing serpent burned the producers and let Haez free. It then charged to Julien and roasted him to bits.

Julien: .... SsSsSsSs

Audience: Hahahahahaha

Haez: My... question... *pant*

Alex: Are you ok?

Haez: Yeah... I'm fi...ne

Maurice: Need some water?

Haez: No...

If Marty would find a mate would you help him with his dating problems or break them up?

Alex: Uhh...

Haez: Ryte... Sound proof windows on! *click*

Alex: I'll probably break them up so he would be single until I get a date

L.D.M: You're evil

Alex: At least I'm honest

L.D.M: -_-"

Haez: Next the animals... Crack_A_LackinZebra...

For your birthday, who gave you the best present?

Alex: Oh, uh... Haez! Of course! ^^

Haez: Thanks!

Other animals: Grrr....

Haez: Fufufufufufufu, ElvisCat your next

If your going to New York, who are you going to give our title to? I suggest Makunga...

Alex: Nice try Makunga! Dad will be the charge of that

Makunga: Rats!

Mort: Yes?

Makunga: I don't mean you!

Haez: Last LeCaptainPenguin...

Which of the prnguin you dislike?

Alex: Frankly, all of them.

Penguins: *martial art stance*

Haez: No fightin! Ok that's all... Our next interviewee or interviewees are...

Animals and Audince: *eye opened*

Haez: Rico and Private!

Private: Us both?

Haez: Yup... Rico need a translater...

Rica: Bwahahahahahahahahaha

Haez: Yeah... Now let's eat the Julien roast!

Everyone: Yeah! *charged at Julien's body and ripped him to shreds*

Everyone eat Julien and Haez ate his heart and Makunga got his brain.

Makunga: Why did I get the small piece!?

Hope you enjoy that! Please try to visit my Love at Third Sight since that's my only fic that I enjoyed doing! ^^

PM me if you have an idea for the special segments! I'm having blocks