He held her close to his chest as he placed his hand on top of head. In his wildest dreams he would feel her like this, taking from him what he would soon take from her. But the pain still lingered.

He felt soft licks and kisses on the side of his neck, a sign of affection from the one that he loved with his every being.

But he did not deserve this love.

He was old. His body may not look it but in his heart, he felt old. He was much too old for his young fiancée.

He sighed when he felt her new fangs pierce the flesh of his throat. Even though his heart was breaking, he could not stop the reaction that she pulled from his body.

She was born for him, his Yuuki, the light to his darkness.

The pain that he endured for 10 years, at times, he felt like he would die at any minute. On many nights, he felt that he welcomed death. To see her every day and night, to only watch her from afar…

Kaname opened his reddening eyes and gripped her hair when he began to remember the way he felt as he saw that "boy" take what was his. As if sensing his anger, he closed his eyes and sighed when he felt Yuuki raise a gentle hand and place it on the side of his neck.

The wind howling outside made him glance to the window. Soon, it would happen again. He would awaken the demon that haunted her many years ago. But this time, he was much older and experienced then he was many years ago.

Like a skilled chess player – he moved his pieces and won his victories. He waited 10 years to have this woman as his own and no one would stand in his way.

A shift in the woman above him caused him to moan lightly. The things he was feeling would soon be given to Yuuki. She would experience the torture that he had endured for 10 years.

He would bring her to that place where she took him, unknowingly, for these long 10 years.

And when he brought her there, she would never return.

Author Note:

An tiny, interesting ficlet . I just read Chapter 45 .. I think that's what the manga is up to and wow! Just Wow! I hope that you like the story. Let me know what you think, maybe any ideas of a full-fledged story .. If you would like to see one : P