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A few weeks pass, and with the exception of a few phone calls to Jenny, he's had no contact with work. No one from his team has contacted him, and he thinks that, just maybe, they've gotten the hint that he wants to be left alone. Jenny mentioned the "opportunity" again a few times in their phone calls, and told him that he should come in to see her soon to get the details. It's now been over a month since that night and Tony finally feels ready to go back to work. He's scared the entire time that he's driving to NCIS. Scared that he'll have to face them again. Luckily he knows his way around the building and manages to make it to the back elevator that leads almost directly to Jenny's office. The last thing he wants to do is walk past the bullpen, but still as he crosses the catwalk, he can't help but risk a quick glance over to it. He doesn't stop walking, and it's just a quick, passing glance, but he sees his old team sitting at their desk, working, as if nothing had changed.

Tony smiles and greets Cynthia, who calls into Jenny that he's here and he enters her office. The two smile and greet each other like they would normally, like they did when Tony came up to see her while he was lead Agent.

"So what's this 'special opportunity' you told me about?" Tony says, wanting to get to the point so he can get out of there. He still hates being in this building, taking the risk that Gibbs will just walk in like he always does.

"Well, there is an opening on an NCIS team that I think would be good for you." She tells him. "I was about to offer it to you beforeā€¦., well, that doesn't matter now, what's important is that it's still available if you want it, that is."

"Where?" Tony asks, intrigued. Jenny was the only one to believe in him as a leader and if she held onto this opportunity for him even after all that's happened, it must be good.

"Rota, Spain" She replies, grabbing a folder on her desk and handing it to him. "Of course, for the first few months you would be in a similar position as you were here, a senior field Agent working under a lead Agent. But that would just be until you were comfortable enough to take over the team. Like I said, this opportunity came up about two months ago and I assigned a temporary lead Agent to the team until I could offer you the position."

"You really think I did that great of a job taking over my old team?" Tony asked meekly, avoiding using their names because he figured it would hurt more.

"Yes, I do. You did an amazing job with them." Jenny replied. "You held your team together through some of the toughest times you've ever had to face. Even if they didn't see it and even if they didn't appreciate it, you were a great leader."

Tony blushed listening to Jenny's praise. He never thought that anyone could think so highly of him, ever. A by product of his upbringings. He was used to never being good enough, so to hear Jenny tell him that he did a good job made him self conscious.

"You don't have to decide right now, I can give you a few days to think it over. If you feel like you aren't ready, we can work out another assignment until you are." Jenny told him.

"Um, yeah, I'm gonna think about it for a few days." Tony said, shyly. He suddenly wanted out of there, and it had nothing to do with his old team being only feet away in the bullpen. Somewhere in the back of Tony's brain he thought to himself that it was sad that he responded this way to any sort of praise.

"Ok." Jenny said, sensing his discomfort. "Get back to me by Monday."

She handed him a file containing the details of the assignment, shook his had and walked with him out to the elevator. On her way back to her office, she stopped at the balcony and looked out over the team. She made eye contact with Gibbs when he glanced up towards her. She wanted to yell, wanted to scream at him that he was an idiot. She only hoped the expression in her eyes conveyed her message to him, as she glared back at him. Jenny was very disappointed in him. Disappointed that he had let DiNozzo slip so far, disappointed that he could forget Tony, forget what he had meant to Tony before the explosion. He was the only person for a long time in Tony's life to show genuine interest in him, the only father-figure Tony knew. Gibbs broke eye contact as McGee announced he'd found something, and Jenny walked back to her office without a word between the two. She figured years of working with the man, who rarely spoke in the first place, had to have helped their silent communication. She hated the man for throwing away the bond he had built with DiNozzo.

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